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little update.

i know this is mainly a photo-related blog, and i have so many pictures i want to post up here from recent shoots….but i also wanted to post a little something from my day to day life from the past few weeks. the past month or so has gone by so fast, i can’t even believe it! little leland is almost a month old (and still so tiny!) the first week we brought him home was such a blur but now reality has set in a little bit. now i know what people meant when they said “oh..some days you will wonder where the day has gone!” i realize that now when i look at the clock and its 5 o clock and i’m not even ready or dressed for the day!

it has been so sweet, especially seeing jay with leland. he is so good with him and i’m so thankful for such a patient, gentle, and sweet-spirited husband. i know that i’ve had some rough moments the past few weeks, and i have seen how jay is much more patient than i am in many ways!

the other day i was driving by myself and listening to “my great reward” by shane & shane, just worshipping and i got so overwhelmed with thankfulness. it was one of those moments where you are in your car, with hands raised and singing loudly, hoping no other cars or trucks pass by and wonder what in the world you are doing. :) anyway, i was reflecting on His faithfulness…and then i got to thinking about my little newborn, my somewhat new marriage, and this season of life i’m in. i’m super content and very thankful. yet…  even though being married is great and having a new baby is precious, that is definitely not where my contentment lies. my satisfaction is to be found in Christ, my great reward. and i pray that remains the focus of my life.

here are a few pictures from my phone from the past few weeks:

1. such a sweet, round little face.  2. he absolutely loves his playmat.

3. my handsome husband, i love him.  4. two handsomes.

5. lovely flowers from friends.  6. me…with some sleep deprived bed head

7. i am currently: running on coffee  8. colder weather= time to wear moccasins

9. little sleeper.   10. doing LOTS of laundry!

11. the binky that saves the day!  12. jay made him a turban, poor thing

much love.


OOO, thanks for this update!! :) What an awesome season of life for you. You guys are just starting out and have so much to look forward to in your future. Much love, Mom

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