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life, sleep, and matthew six.

life, sleep, and matthew six 

well folks, nowadays my days seem to run together :) i kind of miss a normal schedule but i know i won’t be on one for some time. i would love to say that every morning, i’m going to get up, read the good word, have some quiet time but i’m just tired sometimes. so i don’t have a schedule but that’s ok. i’m trying to remind my perfectionist self that not everything has to be so-so. i see other blogs of some people, some with their kids and sometimes i just don’t see how the pictures they portray can be real. how can they live such perfect little lives? and then i start comparing my life with theirs.  i mean, real life is not always perfect..rarely ever. it is messy, fun, spontaneous, and sometimes unorganized.

i’ve been thinking about that a lot lately…just, life and balance in general. a part of mereally enjoys having nice things from anthropolgie, getting excited over a gingerbread latte from starbucks, putting up christmas lights with jay, spending time doing this or that. i love life. i love the little things in life. however, it is hard for me to be focused on making this life look so pretty and all when i know that there is a world out there that is searching and looking for more. when Jesus said “seek first the kingdom, and all these things shall be added unto you” in matthew 6:33 he was talking about His kingdom, which really isn’t a part of this world. is it a sin to do the things i like to do and buy a thing every now and then? of course not. but where is my treasure? what am i seeking first? His kingdom, or my own little world?

…on a side note, leland has been sleeping almost 6 straight hours a night! this is BIG news for us here. it is so nice to sleep for more than 2-3 hours, get up and make a bottle, and repeat. now we are only having to get up about once maybe twice a night so i am quite excited! i am thankful that he is such a good, little baby. and i’m not even exaggerating, he really is. the good Lord has been very gracious to us this time around!

these are my thoughts for now…i have many more, but this will have to do. oh, and i’m going to post pictures soon and christmasy sort of things.  :)

much love,



So excited he is sleeping! Its nice when they get to that stage! Cant wait to see more pictures of Leland!

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