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samantha lamb

you compare me to you. i compare myself to you, to her, to her life, to her circumstances, to her looks.

comparing has been on my mind lately. how often do we go around the internet, around facebook, around our churches, etc. comparing ourselves to others? we compare our lives to another’s. we compare the way we look to another’s. “oh she is so beautiful. why don’t i have….” or “she has a husband, i mean..why don’t i have…” “she has such a nice car, why don’t i have….”

…see where this is going? we slowly start comparing until we begin our little journey of discontentment and soon, we are down spiraling into a pit of self pity, of disappointment, and sometimes even envy.

yes, she may be beautiful but you are not her, i am not her. you were created to be who you are. God has given us all certain qualities, gifts, and abilities that He might not have given her. she may have gorgeous hair, but you have beautiful eyes. she might be able to sew, but you can cook. i personally cannot, for the life of me, cook or sew but i can strum a guitar.

i think that’s why i never liked looking at magazines much. why spend all of my time looking at all of these celebrities with lovely clothes that i could never even afford. (plus those 5 tips to great hair leaves me wanting to buy some new hair product that i definitely don’t need anyway.) i would much rather spend my time elsewhere rather than comparing and wishing and wanting.

being 21 myself, it is so easy for me to start comparing. the good Lord gave me what i have and it may be different than what you have and what you have may be different than mine…but that’s the beauty of it. we are each able to glorify God in our own unique ways. through our different talents, gifts, words, and abilities. “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works…” ephesians 2:10      we are His workmanship. what a profound and beautiful truth!

so i can go strum my guitar now and you can go cook or sew and we will each glorify the Lord in what we were called to do, and who we were called to be.



this is perfect. no matter who you are or where you are in life, we all need reminding of this.


Thank you so much for this post…its exactly what I needed to hear right now!!
God Bless you!!

rachel mollozzi

I really enjoyed this, so often in life I find myself comparing…. thank you for the great reminder in that we are created in His workmanship!!! :))


thank you rachel! ♡

you are so right. it is so easy to find people to compare yourself to, instead of being thankful and amazing that we were created to be who we are by the God of the universe. And he delights in us, just as we are! Beautiful!

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