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finding new ways to use old things.

hello y’all. hope you had a lovely weekend. we didn’t do too much around here which was quite alright with me…it was nice to relax and spend time with jay and leland.  (and it got up to 25 degrees outside which i was pretty happy about!) anyway, i wanted to share some things around my home…i’m learning to decorate on a low budget and since i love vintage and old things, it is not as hard as i thought it would be. i’ve been finding new ways to use old things. so here are a few little findings of mine…

have a beautiful day…



i love your style so much! i’ve been redecorating my dorm room…full of thrift store and handmade things! i think it’s much more fun decorating on a budget and finding new uses for old things than it is to on an unlimited budget! lovely post! :)

Your house is so charming! My mother has always decorating in that thrifted, tastefully-rustic style! I did not fully appreciate it until I moved away to college, into a white-walled dorm room. It’s amazing how artfully placed, used treasures can brighten a space!

Tommy Gausman

Love it Arielle… know i love antiques….you do quite well with your displaying and decorating of vintage….Neat…….love Terra (MaGe) lol


thank you so much hope :) ! a lot of the stuff i decorated with in my dorm room i still have and use to decorate in our house- hee hee. blessings!

hmmmm, i see a couple of christmas presents in there too :))))))) Love you!

Paula Hafner

At Christmas, I like to put old Christmas balls in my antique canning jars. It looks really cute.


Thrift stores are my absolute favorite places to go. Anymore, I refuse to go anywhere else to buy not only decorations for my home, but for my clothing and other items as well. The prices are amazing and so is the history and character that goes along with them! I grew up in an old house and the vintage style has continued on into my adulthood! Your stuff looks so amazing!!! I’m glad to see that others are continuing this wonderful style :)

I love your vintage finds! I myself, am an old soul. I stumbled across your blog and I love it!

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