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little update.

i almost forgot what it was like here in the winter…but now, i remember. without beautiful snow winter is just plain…winter. pretty dreary and no sun for several days, maybe even weeks in a row. with all of this not so lovely weather, comes not so many pictures. unless you want to take pictures of some sticks and branches ;)

so here are a few very random pictures from my phone over the past few weeks. (don’t worry, i asked jay permission to use the one where he is in the hospital. hehe.) hope yall have a great weekend! we are heading up to indianapolis tomorrow. woohoo!

1. leland’s learning to sit up ;)   2.  think it’s time to grow out my hair again…

3. little baby in a reindeer suit  4. moby wrap jay got me for works!

5. poor jay in the hospital last weekend.  6. aw, what a tiny round face!

7. a lovely shirt i found for just $5.       8. jay, feeling much better now ;)

9. “mom, can you please stop taking pictures of me!” 10. jay and i.



So cute. :) I love the photos.
Rylie from

little leland is just the most precious thing. :) he has the sweetest face! that shirt is adorable, and i’m so glad your husband is okay!

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