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our weekend in film.

more like a day in film…from a fisheye camera. but nonetheless, i tried it out on saturday and had the film developed. i didn’t think it would work but, it did! and here are the few pictures we got from it:

i’m a little ready for this snow and dreary weather to be gone. i really think it’s time for sun and dresses and flip flops and…warmer weather ;)

leland smilin’ away :)

happy monday!



Cute photos! (So thrilled to have won the giveaway!) Have a wonderful Monday!

LOL- I LOVE that pic of Leland!!! Cute pictures altogether. Love you! -Mom

LOVE these pictures! What kind of fisheye camera do you have? I’ve been wanting to get one ;)

I love these, Arielle! I’ve never heard of a fish-eye camera … only a lens … but, I’m still learning, *sigh*! Lol! I’m so ready for warm weather, too … although I know that when you look at those two special guys ya got there, it just has to bring enough sunshine into your heart to warm your day! Well, my guy warms my day, too, but I’m hearing we have a major ice storm, with possible power outages, on it’s way to Indy … thankfully, we’re ready for it! You stay warm, and safe, too! :)


i know i ask a million questions about your pictures, but was this taken with one of those lomography cameras? oh, and i just noticed that in your 3rd picture, the “514 building”…that was my grandfather’s bar, ‘the 514 club’ several decades ago! how funny! :) as always, these pictures are awesome! :)

These came out so well! The lomo fisheye is one of my favorites!


hey hope! i don’t mind at all :) yes, it sure was. i love it! wow…what a small world! that is so funny! in covington, right? too cool!
thanks so much! be blessed…

haha yep, covington it is! :)

Your blog/sweet life is absolutely darling. Truly. I’m a little late in the game, but I’m excited to start following along! Hope you three are having a wonderful Tuesday!

your blog is cuter than cute. i’m jealous… only in a nice way, of course. : )

your pictures are amazing. i want to take pictures like you you. jealous again.

you are such a beauty and so is your fam. i would say “jealous again” again but that would be too repetitive. and i learned in 10th grade english class not to say the same thing two too many times. anyway.

i like you already.

it should not say “like you you.” omit one you. thanks. oops.

I just found your blog, and I am in love! I love these photos from your weekend :) So pretty!

I have a fisheye for my Diana camera and I’ve never used it. this makes me want to give it a shot.

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