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our weekend.

this weekend the three of us went up to indianapolis a couple of times. we were planning to visit my grandma before she moves out to arizona and get some of her unwanted furniture so we took a huge truck. the first time, we were able to stop in a little town that i absolutely love. we drove around looking at all of the different building and shops and took some pictures. then, while we were about a half an hour from the city, our truck decided to die on the highway. we’re not so sure why because it was a brand new truck. but anywhoo, it was quite a long day waiting for a ride and a tow truck.

however, we tried going back up the next day and brought two vehicles (you know, just incase!) and we finally made it. the weekend flew by because of all of the driving and traveling and before we knew it, jay had to go back to work. leland was such a trooper in the car all those long hours, definitely a blessing while traveling!

here are some pictures from our little weekend…

…this building reminded me of our trips to new orleans with raven ministries :)


…and then our truck broke down!


and then we were rescued! the end.


Tommy Gausman

LOL! I love the lost,truck broken down with a baby in the car look.. GREAT STORY! LOVE YA

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