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a letter to leland.

dear leland,

you are now almost 12 weeks old. where has the time gone? you are growing like a little man and i am finding there is nothing more precious than waking up to your sweet smiles each morning. you are no longer your wobbly newborn self with your little blank stares. you have expressions that are too cute for words. i love you in this moment, right now, and sometimes wish you would stay so small. although i am most definitely looking forward to watching you grow.

i am so blessed to have you as my own. once upon a time, not too long ago, i had so many dreams about the adventures i would go on with the Lord. i still dream, but all of those dreams pale in comparison to the high calling of my present reality. if none of those dreams came to pass, but i lived a life where i loved you and your daddy well, i would have lived a rich and worthy life indeed.

there is still lots of adventure in my heart and i hope i can take you along for some. but do know this: your father and you (and maybe future brothers or sisters) will always be my greatest adventure, my highest calling, and the blessing of my life.


leland’s sweater: janie & jack.  hat: baby soy. brown cords: thrifted.  shoes: baby sperry topsiders.


Such a sweet baby. These pictures are incredible, Arielle. You are gifted. In many ways! I cannot believe 12 weeks have already passed. I am glad you are enjoying every moment. You won’t regret making him and Jay the priority. You have chosen well.


Thank you so much for the kind words, Caroline. It is a blessing to receive such encouragement :)

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