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a saturday date.

i remember the first time jay and i went out together after leland was born we really didn’t know what to do with ourselves. i was so uptight and constantly thinking about how leland was. it was honestly, kind of awkward. what were we supposed to do? just sit there and talk about what a huge roller coaster of emotions we had just experienced by having a baby? or do we talk about how much sleep we were lacking? anywhoo, now that we are four months into this, it was such a blessing to be able to go out for a day! i have loosened up a lot and it was so much easier to just enjoy the day. i was blessed to be able to have my mom and dad watch him while we were gone.

we drove about an hour away and visited an awesome little town i love! it is only about ten minutes from the plantation where we were married so we stopped there too. (we only stayed for a couple minutes though, because it was being rented for a wedding.) there was beautiful scenery the entire drive so we stopped by some old barns and i tried to take a picture of the both of us, haha. we went to antique stores, ate lunch at a little café, and searched through a music store. it was so nice to spend the day with jay and have our own valentine’s day date a little early. here are some pictures from our day:

my attempted pictures of the both of us

love him!

the colors in old towns like these are beautiful!
love the textures and bold colors for pictures…a photographer’s dream ;)



These photos turned out so lovely! I especially love the fourth one.

i loooove your entire outfit! you guys are seriously the cutest couple… ever! where did you get your boots? i’ve been looking for something similar! happy valentines day! xx Kara

Gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous pictures. I am SO glad I stumbled across your blog.

You guys are a beautiful couple and I absolutely adore what you’re wearing :)

I’m a new follower and voted for you on TBB!

these are gorgeous! i love little towns like that one! have you ever been to georgetown, wilmore, or harrodsburg (all in ky)? judging by the pictures you take, i think you’d really like those places! :)


First I’d like to say that I’m glad you got to have some time together, I was like you, uptight about leaving my baby…but you need that time alone. Second I’ve been trying to vote for you blog but I’m not sure how to do it…do I just click on your name?? I’m going to keep trying, I love your blog it has been such a blessing in my life =)


thank you so much! yes, the alone time is much needed, i am finding that out….it is definitely good for the marriage :) oh, i know…the voting thing is a little strange…but if you go here: and just click where it says “click here and your vote will be added” the vote will be counted and just bring you to the main topbabyblog screen :) many blessings to you this week!


thank you hope! :) i will definitely have to check out those towns sometime!

I LOVE this outfit on you.

what a fun date!


Hey Arielle!

I just stumbled across your blog and have no idea how I got here but I instantly loved it! Every single one of your photographs is so adorable, serene and harmonious! <3 Also you two seem like a genuinely happy couple!

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