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a wedding video.

once upon a time, some home videos were taken at our wedding and stored away on my parent’s computer. then the computer crashed and the videos were gone forever. or, so we thought. about a month ago we were able to hook up the old computer’s hard drive to some crazy thing and i was able to get the videos off of the computer!
so here is a little wedding video i put together. (a little late!) we got married on a plantation and it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony (but sadly it rained.) it made everything much more intimate and i loved it. the video doesn’t really do justice to the weekend we spent on the plantation so you can see some wedding pictures¬†here.

happy friday!


p.s. the winner of the wonderfully made giveaway is megan! congrats :)


What a beautiful wedding! The tenderness between you two is heart-wrenching! (Oh, and I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much!)

I’m so excited about this video! It made me dream about my wedding video….just so precious. You looked beautiful on your day and you are such a gorgeous couple. I love that even thought it rained you still had a wonderful attitude. Some brides get so crazed about having it their way but what most of them forget is the REASON they are getting married. So touching. <3 May God bless you guys!


Very beautiful Arielle, You two looked very happy and definately in love! I saw that kenzie caught the bouquet,(she needs to wait a few years) LOL..May you have as many happy years together as Steve and i have had, (24years in June). God bless you and your sweet family. :) Love,Penny


That was such a beautiful video, the song was perfect and it brought me to tears. I loved it! you did a wonderful job!!

Yay! I think this is the first thing I’ve ever won :) By the way, I’m a good friend of Annie and Mike’s, so that’s how I’ve come to read your blog. So excited about my necklace! Thanks! Do I need to email you?


aw, thank you so much for the sweet comment :) !

aaawww!! i’m so happy you shared this with us, love, and you used the perfect song! :)


So sweet, Arielle. Something about a wedding makes me instantly tear up. Even a complete stranger’s. You two are blessed, thanks for sharing!

I’m pretty sure you had the most beautiful wedding ever, and you turned such a simple home movie into something spectacular! You two are my new favorite couple that I’ve never met!!!!

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