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balumtine’th day.

i wrote this letter to my “future” husband on valentine’s day five years ago. i was sixteen. it was around that time that i knew that i wanted to wait until the right guy came along instead of dating around. it was a prayer for patience, for guidance, and for him. i wrote “even though i do not know you as i write this, i have to wonder. what? when? where? but He knows. i’m trusting Him.” little did i know that a few years later i would find someone who truly loved Jesus and would be my husband.

i gave this letter to jay on our wedding day. his story was much different than mine but that is the beauty of it. God knew what He was doing even when we had no idea. words cannot describe how thankful i am!

happy valentines day to you, and yours. and even if you don’t have a “valentine” continue seeking Him, because He is our first love. simply enjoy today…eat chocolates, listen to some music, and watch a balumtine’th video


love, arielle



Thank you for posting this, Arielle. I hope you and Jay have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

a very sweet story :)

this is beautiful. happy valentine’s day, sweet friend!

Arielle I don’t know if I am overly emotional today or what, but this post brought tears to my eyes! I love your love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

so so so BLESSED to have found another blog that is run by a believer on fire and in love with our FIRST LOVE (revelation 2). I too, recently, wrote a couple of letters to the future hubby and have saved them in a private blog for him to decipher and read through some day. I sometimes feel the urge to pray for him about miscellaneous things as well. I know my God has someone amazing in store for me and I have only had one boyfriend in my life and I believe the LORD only has one other man in store for me for the rest of this earthly life. Until then I really, really want to grow into a more intimate and loving relationship with CHRIST, because without the relationship with the one who made it all I will never find what He has for me in creation on this earth. Love you sis! Keep encouraging and being a blessing!


psalm 37:7

:) You make me so happy. I want to have those same desires!

so sweet! I love looking back! :)

so very, very romantic and sweet! xo

I like that you said “balumtine’th day.” Did you get that from the Dave Barnes video? If so, we are already kindred spirits. Also, that letter is so sweet! I wrote letters to my future husband around 16 too!

What a wonderful and beautiful idea!

Awwwww *tear

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