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i can see horses out in the fields. (from our upstairs, that is! and i love it. so pretty.)

that the mcdonald’s coffee i just bought kinda tastes like muddy water topped with whipped cream. hmmm.

God’s grace! oh i am so thankful.

not to eat a TON of cheesecake and pizza three days in a row. not a good idea. i am still recovering.

an etsy store…still. and some other things which i will mention another time :)

to new orleans next week! yes, it’s true. and i’m excited. we are going on an outreach.
(to see a video from last year’s outreach click here.)

a pure bride. love love love this song.

nothing at the momento.

that our tax return check comes sooner than what they say…that would be a-mazing!

there are messes, again. i just cleaned our house and yet, it’s a mess already. eh, that’s living life for ya.

is warm weather. and sunshine. spring, where are you?

working on some projects, lots to do this weekend, and maybe teaching leland to roll onto to his back after he’s rolled onto his stomach and is stuck there (and cries) ;)

my pretty little sister and i spent some time together last sunday. we went to a mall and i stepped into athropolgie (bad idea) and they were having a huge sale! HUGE. so i bought a dress for really, really cheap. like, 75% off. so, here’s a picture:



you look so pretty. <3 anthropologie is a dangerous place. ;)


You are so adorable! I saw your mom at MI Salon today and told her how much I like reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Hope you enjoy your new dress, it looks great on you. :)

Oh, New Orleans! I dream of going there! Have a blast! xx

your dress is positively adorable!! :) i love your style…where do you shop?!

that dress is divine. I really enjoyed this post!


Mmm Baby! You make that dress look good!! ;)


You ate cheesecake and pizza…multiple times? You are a woman after my own heart! Haha! Where are you from? I’m from Louisiana…the mention of New Orleans made me wonder if you are an LA girl, too!

your blog is really wonderful! I love it!
Follow me? I’ll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

hahaha. I adore the really really cheap ANTHROPOLOGIE dress. And I am so glad you can see horses outside your window!!! What a great blessing. I live in a city within Orange County, California. Not many horses to see outside your window here. And that song PURE BRIDE is amazing. Never heard this before.



Arielle, i enjoy reading your blogs.. I would love seeing the horses out a window.The dress is lovely,wish i could fit into something as beautiful.. You’re a great person and a wonderful mother.Best wishes in New Orleans.Is Leland and Jay going also? Have a great time..

love the dress–anthropologie has the BEST dresses!
and i hate mcd’s coffee…it’s so gross =/

You look beautiful. love your style!

i was in there today and had my eye on this dress!
sadly, i did not get it (shopping with two girls in tow was rather distracting!).
looks so beautiful on you :)

Hi there! I just found you blog and I’m in love with it. I read through a lot of your older posts too and you are a very admirable, sweet girl. I enjoy your photography as well. This post in particular interested me. I like the set up you had, it was very cute and inspiring. I look forward to reading your posts because of how spiritual you are.

I just typed a comment and I dont know if it sent? ahhh!

Oh well I guess it didn’t so Ill restart.hehe

I recently just found you blog and I am now following you. I really love your blog here. I read through a lot of your older posts and you are a very admirable, sweet girl. I especially liked this post because of the set up of the questions and it seems like a cute blog thing to do. I look forward to reading your posts…I truly enjoyed them because of how spiritual you are…I need a little inspiring and hope tonight and some of your words gave that to me. Thank you.

Kelly Marie

What a cute segment!!! Shawn and I lived in New Orleans for the first four years of our marriage and moved right before Hurricane Katrina hit our precious city. We still visit often and will always call N.O. home. Thank you for serving our community in such a positive way. God has really blessed our city with so many volunteers who work hard to bring New Orleans back to its former glory. Have a safe trip!!!!


thank you so much :) she told me she saw you! how neat!
i hope that all goes well with your last weeks of pregnancy ;)
many blessings!!


oh how awesome! :) thank you very much, we’re really looking forward to it!

Very cute !

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