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a couple days ago i found a large box filled with tons of journals of mine in our basement. i had stored them all away before i got married and i haven’t really touched them for years. i started reading through some of them… there were some dated back when i was 13 or 14 years old. there were entries i had written when i was in holland, some when i was in malaysia, others when i was in germany.

i kept reading and found prayers and writings for my future husband from when i was fifteen. the journals were filled with things i was learning, prayers, verses, quotes, pictures… so many memories! i look back on everything i had written, and i am so glad i have kept a journal all these years. hopefully one day i will be able to show my kids what i had been up to when i was their age. some of the things i just laugh at, writing about a certain guy i liked or about how much i hated high school. ha!

i don’t journal as much anymore but i still love to. there is something sweet about sitting down with a pen and paper and writing out your thoughts. sure, a blog is awesome (and you can even get it printed into a book nowadays) but sitting down with a cup of coffee, a bible, and a blank page is beautiful.

hope you are having a lovely monday, dear friends.



I have kept a journal since I was a little girl as well! My collection is HUGE. I love all the different varieties you have there. I love to sit with my Bible, journal & some coffee too. I do believe we are kindred spirits. :)

What a great legacy for your children!

The journals are very beautiful too… I love that you kept them. I would probably cringe if I read anything I wrote when I was 14!

Oh, I love journaling! It’s such a wonderful thing to have a solid, paper book to look back on. It’s a great record of what’s changed in your life and where your heart was at during all the different seasons you’ve been through. I spent a lot of time journaling just yesterday as I read through some passages in Exodus and it was so nice. :) I don’t have nearly as many journals as you do, though. I have to say, I’m impressed! :)

You have a TON of journals. I have one, but I really wish I had more because I love to write. I agree that it’s so different from blogging because it’s more for yourself of course than everyone else to see.

i still keep a journal too :)
didn’t keep any from my younger days though…i was sort of frightened at how incriminating they were. =/ oy.

I need to journal more. Sadly, many of mine have gone missing over the years. ♥

this is so true! there is nothing like writing out my thoughts and prayers with pen and paper.

What a precious find! I journaled throughout high school as well, but my discipline waned in college. My ability to journal frequently, and to journal well, seems irretrievable, and I often miss it.

I love journals, I have so many of them lying around. It’s so fun to look back at different chapters in your life :)

Oh wow! All of those journals. I didn’t realize the importance of keeping a journal when I was younger. I wrote on random scraps of paper tucked into books and envelopes. I wish I had those scraps of paper now if for nothing more than to compare my handwriting. :)

Oh my goodness! I have all of my journals from childhood (I must have started when I was 9!) in my closet. I still journal today. Lately I have been journaling at night because I don’t have classes until the afternoon, but I want to start waking up early again and taking my journal and Bible outside again. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since the first scribblings, isn’t it?

I used to journal when I was younger, and I love reading through them all. You never think about reading back on them when you’re writing, but it’s really neat to see what you were thinking.

right now I am at a place, season if you will, in life where journal writing is a sort of thrill. I love writing on my blog but I have learned that my blog is mainly a stage to share my faith with others and share about what the Lord is doing in my life to inspire, encourage and witness through the medium. But my journal time where I get to just talk to God and get it all out is such an intimate and personal time and often I will receive the revelation that I desperately did not know I needed through writing with Him. It’s like our time of dating/courting where I sit at His feet, and become still like Mary with a cup of coffee and maybe a croissant. he he

Thanks for sharing girl! ♥

Your journals are SO pretty! I need to dig mine out–I’m sure my 13 year old musings would be hilarious now.

is that you? cause your hair is gooorgeous. and so is your blog. and this post. i think i’m comin’ back.

how awesome! what were you doing in those countries? i wrote a letter to my future husband as well when i was about 13 but i can’t seem to find it anywhere :/

I love journaling!
Your journals are so pretty!
And that is so sweet that you found writing for your hubby. :)


Is there a certain place that you go to buy your journals? Any good websites or something? I’m currently looking for one but I’m kind of picky.hehe I don’t like ruled journals and the leather can’t make it so that I wouldn’t be able to open the book flat. :)

so beautiful !!! i love your blog*

Hi! I just stopped by for the first time and ended up reading page after page… You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself through words and pictures. Thank you for what you’ve written about waiting on God’s will when it comes to marriage/dating! I’m still waiting, but it’s always so great to hear stories about girls on the other end of that sometimes really difficult wait! It was a great reminder of what is in store if we trust Him. Hope you’re having a sweet day with your boys!

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