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the reward.

“motherhood is both a demanding and rewarding ‘profession’. unfortunately, the reward often comes much later in life. nevertheless, a prime characteristic of a good mother is unselfishness; she can wait for the final realization of her rewards. no one– not teacher, preacher or psychologist– has the same opportunity to mold minds, nurture bodies, and develop potential usefulness.” ~dorothy patterson


This is so true. I love the picture.

gosh i love all your photos!


Just what I needed to read..thank you. Beautiful blog…


You’re such a great momma!! :)
I love you!

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Such a lovely photo and quote. Thanks for sharing.

that photo is so soft and full of love, so beautiful!

Simply beautiful. Breathtaking, actually. I love it.

aw that is SUCH a beautiful photo! and the quote just rings truth.

:) I can’t wait. I think motherhood is belittled too often. I know its wrong, but sometimes I actually feel guilty telling people I want to have a baby soon and I might think about a career, later… but one that fits in with being a mother.

Stunning photo! Just precious!


that photo is stunning. <3


emily, yes i definitely think there are jobs that really flexible while being a mom! :) i do photography and make money that way and also am able to stay home with the little guy! blessings <3

I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to say that I love it already.

A beautiful shot and the perfect works to describe motherhood.

Thanks for sharing!

– Amber xxx

I just love this. That photo is gorgeous and that quote just adds to it. <3

That is a powerful quote! Your photo is breathtaking.

I LOVE this. it’s SO true.


I featured this post on my weekly surf today!

Thank you for the inspiration!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

I love love love this picture!

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