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i hear birds chirping & there are sunny skies…finally! so thankful that spring is coming soon…

about all of those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan. so heartbreaking & my thought and prayers are with them.

a healthy baby boy & a loving (and patient) husband.

that a {photography} business does not just happen over night. it takes time, energy, and the strength to keep going (even when i get discouraged.)

a garden. haha, not really. but i really want to. actually, jay and i want to have a small farm one day. who knows! :)

to destin, fl & lousiana this summer with jay! we’re going for a friend’s wedding and extending the trip some (sort of like a mini vacation i guess) woohoo!

dancing in the mine fields by andrew peterson. love the video & the lyrics:

“i do” are the two most famous last words
the beginning of the end
but to lose your life for another i’ve heard
is a good place to begin


’cause the only way to find your life
is to lay your own life down
and i believe it’s an easy price
for the life that we have found

the good word. and parts of sally clarkson’s book “mission of motherhood” i read it before leland was born but has so many good truths, so i always love to re-read it.

to get some work done tonight. or laundry. or hopefully both.

i’ve got to start organizing some things! eek, some things are just scattered everywhere.

is watching leland.. can’t believe how much he’s grown and changed each month since he was born. his little personality is starting to come out and before i know it he’ll be crawling.

well, now that the week is almost over…our weekend plans are: spending time with some friends & family, seeing chris tomlin on saturday, taking pictures, and more…

…of my brother and leland from earlier today, haha. leland loves him!


p.s. ¬†today i am over at this lovely blog. be sure to check out her blog…jennifer always has such great writings….always so encouraging!


Oh, I hope you get to have a small farm some day. It seems like you would fit so well in that environment. That’s something that I also hope for.

i love how everybody has been blogging about spring beginning :) i love the warmer weather. everything is so much livelier. i would love to have a little garden but in my little apartment it is impossible! leland looks adorable in that first picture!

Don’t get discouraged with your photography. Starting a business is hard, but you most definitely have the talent to do it! :) And I’m right there with you on just watching our children. I could sit and just watch my son learn and discover all day. It’s so amazing how their little minds and personalities develop right in front of us. Happy Friday!

I too would love to have a garden someday too!

those pics of your bro and leland are so sweet!

amazing how babies change everyday in that first year! soak in all in!

and wow, your brother looks so much like you!

I found your blog through Carlotta’s {pastors girl ponderings}, and I love it!
You are such an inspiring person. You little boy is precious, and you and your husband make a lovely couple! :) I will defidently become a read!~
Lydia please feel free to stop by my blog!

I love this! Leland is a stunner, and I love that song.


aw he really does love his uncle! and I am so excited for Spring too! Don’t give up on your photography business. I know you’re going to be amazing.. you already are!

Being a photographer can definitely be discouraging… especially in the “off-season”… now that spring is here I’m feeling optimistic!

Eek! Sally Clarkson is a dear friend of my mother’s… she’s amazing.

Love that you do this!

And I love that song “Dancing in the Mine Fields” and even those specific lines. Truly heart piercing.

And a farm! How fun! We want a ranch with a house with enough room to fill it with tons of orphans… oh wouldn’t that be lovely! ;)

i read your feature at jennifer’s blog and commented on it. your feature hit home– big time. i may email you soon regarding it, in fact. i am so thankful for discovering your (and through your blog, jennifer’s and others) blog, which inspires me and makes me want to be a better person and Christian.

thank you :)

Starting a business is so, so hard; I should know since I’m trying to start up 2 freelance careers. But I’m sure if we both keep at it, we’ll be successful. x

I cannot find just ONE thing to like about this post. Your brothers eyes are piercing!! So beautiful!!! Your son is so lovely as well :).

I really adore Chris Tomlin. Not just his music but His testimony of Gods healing with death and loss is truly inspiring!

You take amazing photographs. God will honor your faithfulness especially if your using HIS GIFTS for HIS GLORY :)!

I suck at organizing and keeping things organized :(.. ugh LORD HELP ME. hehe



I love this! And Leland is soo adorable as always! Have a great weekend!

your brother is a cutie! whoo-wee! oh, i’m married, that’s RIGHT. ;)

MaGe Terra

“Gitty Up little horsee…..LOL Love Terra

Your photography is absolutely lovely.

And your little one with your brother? Priceless.

Blessings to you!

I really love this idea of a blog entry. It’s so nice to be able to look back on these too and know where you were at one given moment.


thank you cheche! made my day :)
you’re so sweet!


LOL !! :)


thank you rachel! :)


yea, i’m starting to feel optimistic too!
she knows her? oh wow…that is so awesome :)


wow…yes, an orphanage on a ranch…. that would be an amazing ministry wouldn’t it!? ;)


thank you lori :)
i truly appreciate it! looking forward to your email…
many blessings!

i loved reading your feature on her blog!
It was exactly what i needed to hear today.

also, cant get over how cute your little fam is. Leland is a dream.

I LOVE your blog.
It is so refreshing.

Thank you for being you.


please continue praying for the japanese people and the recovery personnel. I just got back and its very bitter sweet right now. It’s so sad.

i love this day book, beautiful blog :) and gorgeous family.

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