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spring gardening.

so this year i have decided to start a small garden. there’s a little plot of land waiting for me to start planting but the weather is still so cold here. it even snowed yesterday. but i did get a head start and planted some things in planters that way they are ready when the warm weather comes. it has been a loooong time since i’ve really tried planting any kind of thing other than your basic flower so i am hoping and praying that this works out!

so far i’ve decided on planting organic broccoli, green beans, peppers, strawberries, watermelon, and a few flowers like sunflowers & lavender. i was going to plant carrots but i’m not quite sure how that’s gonna work out. i started some of them indoors and now i just wait until they sprout, the sun decides to come out, and the weather is warm. i’m thinking about making something like this for the plot to keep things organized. i’m excited to start this and also hope to share it with leland as he gets older. since i can’t live on a farm, i might as well start a garden, right? ;)

anywho, do you garden? do you have any tips or suggestions? if so, i’d love to know them! i’m a youngin and still unsure about how a lot of this gardening stuff works. i’m just hoping i have a green thumb and they don’t all die. haha! i’ll be happy if at least one thing blooms. :) hope you are having a beautiful week! enjoy your thursday…


p.s.  the winner of the pavia artisan giveaway is talia christine. congrats, i will be emailing you soon! :)


Arielle, I love that you are planting a garden! My kind of girl! Unfortunately I don’t have a garden (yet!), but I’m planning on growing some herbs indoors. I even posted some inspiration on indoor gardens last week. If you want some gardening tips, you might want to check out – I find her site to be extremely helpful when it comes to cooking, and I think she has a gardening section too!
Have a lovely Thursday too! xo, Gabriella

Although I’m not a gardener myself, I love the idea of gardening and admire anyone with the know-how and patience to plant their own. Keep us posted on how it goes!

I’m a new follower to your blog and I absolutely love your photography! =)

i am starting my first garden this year too!
its too cold to start anything yet, but i am going to stick with perennials for this year and see how that goes. good luck with yours!

That is the best!
I love the pictures… AND, my family is having a garden this year, too! :) It’s so fun.

i’ve only had indoor herbs this past few years, basil and thyme. i’m hoping to start a small outdoor garden this year, let us know if you have any tips!

We always had a garden growing up. There were 6 of kids, so my mom could have a pretty big one! (I didn’t always like working it though.) We had it in a sunny spot and just made sure the weeds were always pulled. Somet things did better than others…it just takes experimenting.

Have fun!


I would like to start a garden also. I will wait and see how yours turns out ha-ha!!! I kill plants so I assume a whole garden would be a disaster for me. Hmmm maybe I will start with a house plant. I love your outfit! Where do you buy most of your clothes? They are always so femanine and cute. I especially like the jeans your wearing. I have been on the hunt for jeans since I had aiden 5m ago!!!


We planted a garden last year with my hubs. This year we live in an apartment so no gardening for us:( out of all the veggies and fruits you mentioned, we’ve only grown strawberries. Make sure they are in a place where they can drain well. They do not like too much water! :)Good luck. May God bless your garden:)

Can I just say I get excited every time I see a new post on your blog :) I love that you’re gardening. I want to try it someday when we get out own house!

I’m in the same boat with you, being a pretty new gardener myself. I have managed to successfully keep alive mint and some spices though! My Momma is really great with gardening though, so if she gives me any tips this year I’ll be sure to pass them along to you! :)

I am not a gardener. I have what my grandmother called “a black thumb.” But I’ve always wanted to try it. Maybe one day [when we leave the frigid cold of Alaska] I’ll give it another shot. I would love to have some fresh veggies to cook. :) LOVE this verse in Isaiah!!

That’s awesome that you are starting a garden! I have no green thumb whatsoever and can kill silk plants. :(

oh wow, i admire you. i love the idea of a vegetable garden, but all i’ve ever successfully planted are herbs and tomatoes! if this goes well you’ll have the best salads on the block.


I enjoy reading your blog and the light photography!

About gardening. Well, I started a backyard garden here in Guadalajara where God has us for now. And it gets really hot here on certain months…so I’ve definitely learned to remember to WATER them plants and flowers! :) Also, my husband’s co-worker who is a gardener adviced me to “cultivate” the soil. Using a garden trowel or something, dig around the plants so as to “move tbe soil around.” it’s suppose to help the roots “breathe.” that’s what i’ve learned this past year…my first home garden :) so far, they’ve survived. We are even growing a grape “tree.” yes, a grape tree :). I’ll post photos of it soon on my FB wall.

Your blog is just adorable!! So much eye candy here :)

I think that the idea of gardening is amazing. I’m just not the best at doing such skillful and organized things. I really wouldn’t mind having my own garden someday. It’s just that in my head my husband sort of would be the one in charge and would just tell me what needs to be done :). haha I would have potatoes and carrots for sure! Hmmm. It sucks living in southern california and not really having the opportunity to plot out some land for a garden. Okay, now I am just rambling. ha ha. Thanks for the share arielle! Your photos are always so gorgeous :).

♥ cheche

I need to get my seeds planted!

P.S. I don’t know if you already got this or not, but I awarded you with the stylish blogger award today. Details here:

i have tried so many times to garden but i just don’t have a green thumb. everything just seems to die on me : (. this post makes me want to try again…i would love to grow some tomotoes & cucumbers. maybe i should start with those. so love your pictures. so pleasing to the eye.

hope you are having a loveLee day.


SO SO SO excited that I won the giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting.

We had a huge garden this last year and it was our first garden ever. Some of it grew really well… and some of it didn’t. We learned ALOT about gardening and we intend to make some major changes for next time. Next time we will:

-Have raised garden beds. Weeding sucks.
-Grow way more tomatoes because we used them CONSTANTLY.
-Not grow zucchini. We don’t eat it, but it makes you feel like a pro when you’re growing it. They are low low maintenance.
-Grow more cucumbers because I want to try pickling.

Gardening is awesome! But it’s also a bit of work. I can’t wait for the upcoming season!

Talia Christine

I was wondering if you had started any gardening at your place. I guess it hasn’t been the season for it until now, huh?

Well, I’ve wanted to start a patio garden but haven’t been able to yet. My mom gave me an everlasting shamrock plant a couple years ago and it’s still alive and well. So that’s the one plant that’s in our patio.

I recently got a Creative Ideas magazine in the mail from Lowe’s and there was an article about planting a pizza garden IN A POT! Tomato and chives were growing in one big container pictured, and green bell peppers, parsley, and oregano were growing out of a big pot in the other picture. VERY inspirational! I tore out the article for future inspiration. Their site seems to have helpful gardening tips:

I read an article once about a mom who grew a big vegetable garden in her backyard and how her kids LOVED helping her tend it! It got them outside and they learned so much being a part of growing what they ate. So I think that’s a GREAT thing to pass on to Leland. My dad grew up gardening too and LOVED it.

I so want a garden! We live in a measly apartment, with no place to plant and not even a patio to put potted things on…bummer. But next year it will be different :)

Good luck with your garden!

I live in an inner city flat and manage to kill any type of potted plants I try to grow in here, so I am utterly useless. Despite this, my husband and I have grand plans of living on a farm someday! I’m sure your garden will be lovely, and more importantly, productive! Sounds like you’re growing some awesome food.

I love your post, your pictures and your blog, all feel fresh!

One of my dreams is to have my own little garden some day! :) I wish you the best of luck!

you have such talent, and i LOVE how you glorify GOD with it…
ps. i know nothing about gardening… :( we live in town and we have a tiny plot. we will try not to kill it again this year.
pps. i love your braid, please never cut it off.

Oh, I wish so bad that I had even a little piece of land to garden on. Or even a sunny windowsill!

Gorgeous pictures, as always!

oh i would love to have a garden. we have a wee plot of dirt about 3×6 ft. in our front courtyard just waiting to be used for something special. we have to be really creative since we are living in desert country {southern california}, but i would love to grow carrots, potatoes, & greens someday.

I also want to desperately grow a garden! But my backyard is teeny tiny so I have to be extra creative with my space. I grow herbs in the windowsill quite nicely….and I love having them right next to me while I cook!

what fabulous photos…it makes me in the mood for Spring!

I just love your cute little garden! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit here so we can start ours too!

Also, I love your daybook posts, and I copied (and added to) your daybook for my blog. What a wonderful way to share what is happening and going on in a sweet, yet concise post! So great.

Would love it if you stopped by!

Hope your garden brings lots of yummy fruits & veggies for your and your sweet little family!


Like you Arielle, I really wanted to start a garden but was never able to quite get the hang of it. So my fiancé built me a salad table. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a wooden table that has three shallow beds. It gets it’s name because most basics for a salad like lettuce or spinach don’t need much root space.

It’s such a blessing! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a small veggie garden.

You have such a cute blog. And that’s so exciting…I can’t wait to see how your garden turns out by the end of spring!

Good luck!


I do not garden, but I wish I did!!! I’m pretty jealous of you! :)

i think it´s cool that you also do gardening!
i can´t wait to go into the garden too. =)

you make me want a garden!

ps, love your hair!!!!



thank you so much molly! :)


thank you chelsea! :)


awesome, noli! i am loving it so far :)


aw thank you brooke! :)


thanks courtney! i love the verse in isaiah as well ;)


thanks so much gabriella! and what an awesome idea, i’ll have to check out her site! ;)


aw thank you katie! ha ha…i hope they turn out ok ;) i buy most of my clothes….hmmm, many places! the gap outlet is where i buy most of my jeans for super cheap. i love h & m, target, and nordstrom rack :)



thank you so much for the tip! :) will have to do that with the strawberries we’re growing :)

many blessings!


awesome shayne!

thanks so much for the tips! i think remembering to water them is going to be a big thing! haha, oh i hope they all don’t die :P i’ll also remember to cultivate ;) a grape tree sounds sweet! can’t wait to see pictures of that! :)


a pizza garden in a pot! now that sounds awesome…haha :) i’m going to have to check out the lowes website! i’m sure home depot might have some gardening tips as well! i am excited to start this little garden just hope and pray that everything lives and doesn’t die hehehe :)


wow, that is awesome :) thank you so much for the tips!

many blessings ellyse!


hmmm mint and spices sounds wonderful! i am going to try and grow some herbs i think :)


I just found your blog from another blogger. You’re family is so precious and your love for God is inspiring. Yay! I’m glad I found you :)

Plus….I’m going to do a spring garden soon too!

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