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TOMs shoes giveaway! -CLOSED

so, i decided to do another giveaway this month! a toms shoes giveaway! (who knows…maybe a different organization a month?) this time, it’s for another wonderful organization that i love. a couple years ago i had the opportunity to go on a shoe drop with TOM’s shoes. we were able to distribute hundreds and hundred of shoes in the argentine rain forest to many children who did not have any. i was able to meet one of the owners and see that this organization really do what they say they do.

this month i’ll be giving away one pair of classic tom’s shoes (any color) for you, your man, or little one.

a few pictures from my trip:

to enter, become a follower of this blog…
<—google friend connect. (if you don’t have a blog, feel free to enter anyway!)

be sure to check out there website and leave a comment telling where you’d wear your TOMs. that’s it!
i’ll draw a winner on march 20th.

for extra entries: tweet/facebook/blog about this giveaway and be sure to leave a comment with a link. (make a separate comment for each one.)


What a great give a way! I’m in! I’d get some for my little man and he’d probably wear them to the park, library and store! Those are the places we go most often!

I am a follower! <3 <3 <3

I linked to your blog through FB! <3

I would wear my Tom’s in my coastal, North Carolinian hometown, on the awesome roadtrip to my Tennessee honeymoon, and then all around downtown Chicago as a newlywed and full-time college student!

I’m already a follower; however, I did re-tweet your giveaway!

Going on a shoe drop with Toms sounds like an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I have a pair of Toms, and I’m actually wearing them today. :) So comfy, and for such a good cause!

Rebecca T.

I follow through GFC! How could I not, your blog is such a blessing!

Rebecca T.

I love the red canvas classic Toms! I have been educating people at work on Tom’s Shoes…I am surprised by how many ppl haven’t heard of them! Unfortunately they are a tad more than my shoe budget allows so this giveaway is perfect!

New follower! Love Love Love your blog! You and I are also journal buddies.. I think I had about 4 of the same journals of you and for the same purpose ha ;)

I love Toms and would be honored to wear them.

I’m a new follower – thanks Jhen Stark for introducing me…you have such a beautiful blog.

And where would I wear my new Tom’s? I can’t imagine a place where I wouldn’t wear them! I’ve been looking to buy a pair recently so this would do the trick!

I would wear them anywhere! And I started following last week.


I’m a follower!! I love the Ash ones and I think I’d wear them everywhere all the time. I hate shoes so normally I wear slip-ons or flip-flops and these would be perfect for an everyday shoe.

I would wear my Toms to BED!! That’s how much I love them….. And to the childrens museum, in downtown Seattle so people can say, “I love your shoes!”, and to church! Oh you bet I’d wear them to church!!!


I am a follower on facebook. :)

I love TOM’s shoes!

My favorite ones are the silver glittery ones.

And I would wear them to teach in :)


Hey! I’d wear ze Toms through parking lots, along sidewalks, to the library and in the house of the LORD. (Oh, and if they’re danceable, I’ll give them a try when my crew throws down.)
<3 Elizabeth

You are quite the inspirational woman. You leave me in awe with every post.

Now onto the giveaway :)
I would wear my Tom’s around town, grocery shopping, neighborhood walks, and out to dinner with friends so I could show them off. I’d also throw my bad boys on to chase my crawling monster around our big green grassy field (yes, I lat her crawl in the grass :)..).

I started following you at just the right time!

If I won this giveaway I would wear them to Colorado this summer where I am working at a kids camp through YMCA! They would get much use :)

Amazing giveaway!

I just started following you yesterday if that counts.hehe XO

I would wear my Toms all over the world. I’m a traveling butterfly baby and those shoes are adorable.

I started following you with Google Friend Connect :)

I would wear my Toms for shooting weddings :) And anywhere else, too….

Christina Richards

Nice :) I’d wear them on my Mommy errands!! My sister and BIL wear them and love them as well!!

i followed. :)

…and i’d wear my toms when i move. not sure where i’m headed yet, but the lease is up in two months, and i’m sure the journey will be an incredible one…

i looooooooove my toms but they’re getting worn out because i wear them EVERYWHERE! work, the river, etc! i could def use a new pair !! :)great giveaway :)

Allison Elliott

I haven’t officially “followed” your blog until today, but now it’s official! (I’ve been reading it for months now though) I’m in love with your blog! :)

So, I was actually having a conversation about my TOMS (which I’m wearing right now in class >>!/photo.php?fbid=1907023074197&set=a.1749846104871.103789.1200390045&theater) last night with a friend. I was telling her that I heard a presentation a couple of weeks ago about how much you can tell about a person based on their shoes, saying that it’s important to ‘shine your shoes’ to show that you take care of yourself. If a person’s shoes are nice and well kept, they are apparently a better candidate for a job. I disagree though. I wear my TOMS everywhere, and they are so beat up. I was telling my friend that I think my stinky, torn, stained, dirty TOMS say that I’m just well traveled, well rounded, and in-all a better candidate than someone whose shoes you can see your reflection in. :)

Hi Arielle!
I’m a follower, and posted about your sweet site and your giveaway on my blog, four if by sea.


i would wear these shoes um… how about everywhere!? With a [almost] 10 month old, i need a good pair of sneakers, and i think these are them. since i’m going to win :) i hope!


I’ve never worn TOM’s shows before, but they look like the type of shoes you could wear just about anywhere. =]

I’m a follower! And I would wear my TOMS all over Hawaii :)

I just posted how I wanted some on my blog by the way! It’s fate..

I would probably wear my toms EVERYWHERE, but specifically, Hawaii, we will be going to Kauai in September!!! :)


Love the grey stone washed ones! Never owned a pair but would not turn away the chance.


I LOVE TOMS! I’d wear them anywhere … Especially the red ones! :)

Lauren @ tickled.

I follow your lovely blog (how could I not?)…and I’m kind of swooning over this giveaway. I love everything about TOMS, especially the one for one part. While I have yet to purchase my first pair, I have a feeling that I will very soon.
I’d wear my TOMS everywhere. Seriously. To church, while running errands, while spending time with my family…when I find a pair of shoes I love, I wear them nonstop. I feel sorry for my shoes. ;)

I tweeted! (@pastorsgirl)

Amanda L.

What a great giveaway! I’m a follower! :)

Amanda L.

And I tweeted! (@ Dianamander)

i just found your blog and i’m in love! you have the cutest little family!

my dog… in his puppy stage… ate my toms :( i need need need a new pair to wear while teaching because my feet are killing me at the end of the day but toms are so comfortable!

I am a new follower :)

I officially became a follower! I was secretly following already!

Love these pictures! Such a cool experience. I would wear my toms everywhere because they are so comfortable. I spend most of my time working at high school with refugee kids, so they would probably see most of their wear and tear there :)

I love the look and versatility of Toms shoes. I would love a basic black or grey pair to wear this summer with pretty much anything!

I love this idea so much! I’d wear TOMS everyday! I love the look of TOMS with shorts or dresses!


I am a follower!

I have never had a pair of TOMS, and I think that I would wear them most places! But above all, I think that they would be a great light pair of shoes to wear when I go to Greece next month :)


I love TOMS and everything they stand for! I’d wear (and already wear my one pair that I own) EVERYWHERE. School, church, work, play practice…. they’re perfect shoes :)

Okay this is PERFECT! First of all, I really need an awesome pair of walking shoes for Greece! And secondly, March 20th is my BIRTHDAY! So, I am putting all of my lucky stars in this comment and hopefully I’ll be the winner! Fingers crossed!


Aaaand I’d wear them everywhere! Just yesterday I was actually browsing their site trying to pick out a pair to purchase! I’ll hold out till the end of this contest and have my fingers crossed the whole time ;)

I would wear my Toms shoes when I help others because those shoes would be a reminder of what they mean and what they offer to people and everything I could be doing with every step I take. Those shoes would be a reminder how one little thing as a shoe could make a difference and I would wear them with hope and determination to change this world and help others even if its just taking the first step like opening a door for someone or picking up trash in my community.

This is a great giveaway! :) I would wear my TOMS everywhere! I love TOMS! :)

I follow you and I would wear them everywhere! They look so comfy.

I tweeted!

i’m a follower :) i’ve been wanting a pair of toms for so long now! its a great cause and the navy blue classics are too cute.


I am a follower of your blog :-) I would wear my Tom’s taking my baby girl on walks through our neighborhood, pushing a shopping cart down the aisles of Target and strolling aimlessly downtown holding my husband’s sweet hand! God Bless!

I would wear them EVERYWHERE! I’d love to wear them in India this Fall as well…

Oh, and I’m a follower.


I would wear my toms everywhere!! My favorite band, Hanson, sells these shoes at their concerts and also does walks to raise money for Toms Shoes. It would be so cool to own a pair.

Deanna Ashworth

I have just recently found out about TOMS and what they do from my mom. She explained to me about her church back in Cincinnati and their project to send them to children in ghana a few months ago.
Since moving to Atlanta for school I’d wear them everywhere! To the MARTA station, the art museum, my job at the Oglethorpe Museum, the studio where I paint, and much more.
I’m in dire need of some new shoes for a good cause!


I am a follower! wow, what a generous giveaway!! I have been wanting a pair of toms for a very long time..I am so excited :) I would wear my Toms probably everywhere! I have heard they are great shoes & its such a great cause! I love your is so enjoyable. Thank you for this opportunity!

Ooh! TOM’s! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these- red ones, specifically. Anyway, I’d wear my TOM’s to work. I’d shoot senior portraits, create coffee table album designs and walk the streets downtown wearing them. And then, in May, I’d wear them in Ireland when I go on my trip. :)

And yes, I’m following you now on Google. Woo hoo! :)

Posted on facebook with a link and tagged you in it.

I’m so glad you found my blog and became a follower because I absolutely love yours! So I’ve been wanting Toms for a lonnnng time now, since high school 4 years ago, but I just never had the money!! yikes, anyways, well I would definitely wear my Tom’s on a daily basis, but this summer my husband and i will hopefully go to Spain so I’ll wear my Toms in Spain & Morocco! yay!

i facebooked your giveaway~

I just blogged about giveaway!

I just tweeted, as well! @sojournoffaith

now that truly is a beautiful journey! sure…i’ll become a follower. my pleasure! i would wear my toms everywhere! the beach, the store, the movies…they go with everything!

Finally, I posted the link on my FB profile. Thanks, Arielle!

I would love a pair, all the people from america that I have met through missions have told me about the tom shoes mission. Ive been thinking about purchasing them online and getting them shipped to south africa, but nervous about the shoe size thing!

Any specific thing we have to do to win a pair?
You go girl!

Where would I wear my toms,

thats easy, on my feet.


I think I would wear my toms anywhere, I think I would just want people to know more about what they doing! Not many people in South Africa know about this kiff store. I just love the fact that they give their shoes away! What hearts!


My son would where them everywhere!!!! He has been asking and asking, but we can’t afford them


i tweeted about the giveaway! @ticklednc

Lauren @ tickled.

This is such a heart-melting giveaway ♥
The story behing the shoes makes it all even more lovely.

I follow you via Google Friends Connect.
All the best ♥

Ups, I forgot to say where I’d wear them. I’d wear them pretty much anywhere because they seem so confortable ♥

I absolutely follow your blog! I think this is a fantastic giveaway, I’m so excited!

Oh! And I would probably wear my TOMS everywhere — to work, the park, out on Friday nights…. the burlap ones seem awesome, but those elephant print shoes are great too!

I put up a tweet about the giveaway! Here’s the link:


I think this is such an incredible giveaway! I love, love, TOMS I love what they stand for and how much of a difference they make in children’s lives. I’m a new follower and if I could where TOMS anywhere it would be to school, the bookstores I love to get lost in, and my community service I do three times a week helping at a Junior High in an 8th grade classroom. :) I hope I win, I hope I win!!! xox

Katina S

Count me in!!

Brand new follower! Love your blog. :]

I would wear them everything! They’re too cute not to!

i found your blog through sojourn of faith :)

i would sport the toms all over town.
i would really like them for our upcoming trip to eygpt
and it’s my birthday month.

I got a pair of Toms shoes for Christmas and I love them. I work with kids so I wear them to work and they are the most comfy (and supportive) shoes ever. I will be buying more definitely.

LOVE TOMS and so jealous of your trip…I have a little one, 7 months old, who would go insane for a pair of his own TOMS!

I recently found your blog through a comment that your mother left on Sally Clarkson’s blog. [Is that a long way around or what?] I like what I’ve read so far! Never heard of TOM’s before, but would get the yellow pair of classics for myself or . . . a pair for one of my children. How would I decide?? :)

I’m a follower!

i wear my toms everywhere! to work, to the store, around town on weekend adventures, EVERYWHERE! lovelovelove them!


i would love to win :)

Posted on my blog

i adore TOMs! my pair just bit the dust, too. I would wear them… everywhere. seriously, every. where. ;) i love that you got to do a shoe drop, what a wonderful experience! i want to do that someday.

thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway, love!

i follow your blog!

i do believe i’d get some for my hubby..he needs new shoes. and i think he’d rock these perfectly. ;-) i see him wearing these on long walks with me, also while running and playing with the little Sprouts…
chambersky at gmail dot com

i tweeted. @coconutkelly

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! yours is so lovely!

um how much do i love this company?? i would wear mine everyday it’s not snowing. now following you!


oh and i posted a link to this giveaway on my ashley nicole catherine facebook page!


This is such a great giveaway! How cool that you went on one of the shoe drops. That is something I’d love to do!

I would wear my Toms everywhere, but more specifically definitely downtown and to Farmer’s Market.

I would wear Toms shoes everywhere which pretty much entails only a few places:
Champagnes French Bakery

Here is a shoutout I did for the giveaway! TWO ENTRIES YAY :)

I also decided to post it on FACEBOOK. I don’t have too many blogger friends on facebook but I figured you never know. Some might just start blogging because of this giveaway and seeing your amazing blog!!



just recently stumbled upon your blog and am loving your pictures. what a talent! love my toms and i wear them everywhere!


How awesome! I just went to buy a pair of white classics today & they did not have them! Maybe I was meant to win them instead ;).
I would wear my TOMS everywhere — and I do. :) :)
<3 leigh
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog — I am now a follower of yours!

^ that was me above. I may or may not have jumped the gun because I was so excited! :)
<3 leigh

I’m a follower, and I’d wear my Toms EVERYWHERE! I love this company!!!

I’m a follower! I’d wear them everywhere!

just found your blog– enjoying perusing. :) this is a great giveaway. if i won, they’d be for our little rinah. and she’d where them as she explores her new home.

love this giveaway! i’ve always wanted to do a shoe drop with toms. love your pics!

Meg T

New blog follower! So cool that you got to go on a shoe drop!!! I would wear my TOMS everywhere from preschool drop-off to date nights. Thanks!!

Megan Walter

What a neat giveaway!
The question should be, when would’t I wear TOMS…because they are great for just about everything- especially for biking around town in the summer or going on walks!

Your blog is such an inspiration to me on my faith journey and it is awesome to see Christ followers out in the blogging world!

Jessie M

This is an awesome idea and I am now a follower! I used to own a pair of TOMS that i loved but they got holes. If i got a new pair i would wear them all over!


I’m a follower! I’d get some for my little 2 year old – who’s more styling then I am!



And we’d wear those TOMS everywhere!


I follow through GFC (Cee) and love the Silver Morocco Women’s Classics. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!


Follow via GFC! I love when companies help out people in need. It makes me feel better about buying their product!


I would wear my Toms everywhere, but particularly school :)


Tweeted! @vivalameaganx3


I’m a google friend :)


I would wear my TOMS all weekend while running errands in the city. I would also wear them while traveling as well. TOMS are great for going through security.

Thanks for a lovely giveaway!


Bethany Koran

Faith Waligora told me about your Tom’s giveaway :-)
I would wear my Tom’s in Eastern NC, the mountains of Lynchburg, Va at college and this summer when I go to Brazil and the next time I go visit family in CA =)


I am a new follower! I love TOMS and would wear them anywhere and everywhere! :)
Love your blog!

What a great giveaway! One of my friends in college did a internship with Toms in Africa and I was always so jealous! I am a new follower :)

Oh. and I would wear them to the park, the library, work, EVERYWHERE!

I followed!

I would wear my toms when I go back to Uganda!

so amazing that you got to go. I was all signed up to go on a drop but it fell through at the last minute. Great photos. love toms

I’m a follower! :)
I’d probably wear them everywhere, but in particular on my daily thrifting sprees (as I walk to all of the shops & I need some reliable & cute shoes for the journey!)

Oh man, I have wanted a pair of these for a long time! Awesome giveaway! I would wear them everywhere!

I am DYING for a pair of Toms and I’d wear them EVERYWHERE! But you know, always to the grocery store. xx

I’m a google friend and I’d wear the shoes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I wore my TOMS out last summer toting water in the Philippines. :)

Fingers crossed I’m a winner. I already have a pair of TOMS that are WELL LOVED. The holes near the toes tell me it’s time to get a new pair. :)

Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I would seriously wear them anywhere. Even to work!

I’m a follower!

I would LOVE to wear TOMS everywhere! I hear they are super comfortable!

I love Toms and that is so great you got to go on a drop off and that you are having this giveaway!!!

I sadly can’t wear toms, My feet turn to the side a lot and so I need Super Stable shoes! I’ve thought about going to a cobler and seeing if they can put a better sole on them but if I won this I would give a pair to my mom she loves shoes and I think she would love a pair of Toms.

I would were TOMS shoes EVERYWHERE! I absolutely love the cause, and appreciate a comfy shoe.

I am now a follower of your blog :)

I’m following you! Just found your blog through this give away, I love it! I was actually just looking at the Tom’s website this morning.. I am totally waiting for real spring weather so I can wear them around town in the sunshine :)


Yay for TOMS! A TOMS shoe drop would be a wonderful adventure and such a heart warming experience, lucky you. I wear my TOMS daily, they’ve even been to India. I’d wear my new TOMS anywhere and everywhere, maybe even back to India!?!

I’m following you!

I’d wear them everywhere! I absolutely loove the look of them, and the fact that it’s such a good cause. Great prize!


i LOVE this give away. I have been craving some TOMS and have never gotten them. I would be wearing them all around campus and hopefully to explore my new adventures in St. Louis (I am moving there). So I am sure TOMS would see the Arch, Busch Stadium, and lots of wonderful downtown areas.


How fun! I love Toms and I think it’s such a great cause.
I would wear my Toms on a daytrip to the beach with maybe a stop at Disneyland to make sure my feet are nice and comfortable all day long.

what an amazing experience. My husband and I purchased our wedding shoes from TOMS and could not have been happier with our choice to do so. I wear mine from walking down to say my vows to work at the cafe.

what a fabulous giveaway! i love toms and everything the company stands for. how exciting you got to be a part of a shoe drop! i would wear my toms everywhere if i had a pair – around my city of los angeles, up in the hills of big sur, and out on our next vacation overseas!


I’m a follower!

I LOVE TOMS!!! I have a pair of the black wedge ones…..they are awesome and I wear them all the time! I would wear my new (from Y-O-U) TOMS to school every day to teach my 6th graders…they love to check out my shoes!

What a lovely giveaway! I’m a new follower :D

I would probably wear my TOMs everywhere–even more as the weather gets nicer

You just got yourself a brand new follower.

Um…btw I’ve been dreaming of getting a pair of TOMs for months now. I would wear them literally everywhere. :)


I would wear my Toms all over when I go back to India when I move there to help establish a cleft lip/palate surgery center later this year :)


I also had to blog about this, because that’s how much I love Toms shoes!

I’m a follower, and I’d wear these EVERYWHERE!
(love your blog by the way)

I tweeted about the giveaway!/thatgirl1223


I l-o-v-e Toms! I would wear them to rehearsal…and everywhere else!

New follower – added you on Friend Connect.

Your blog? It’s BEAUTIFUL.

Where would I wear Toms? EVERYWHERE. But especially to work.

So I don’t have a blog but just a tumbler witch is kinda an ish blog but any ways. I love toms so much I love there One for One program and I would where my toms every where I went, its just the best to have clothing that you love and that at the same time is changing the world !
(I love your blog its great)

JennaLynn Self

I follow A Beautiful Journey via Bloglovin! :)
I would love to wear Toms anywhere! I am in love with the mission and would absolutely adore a free pair! I would love to wear them on a road trip, they are so comfy!

I found through sometimes sweet and so glad I did, your blog is the cutest! I would wear my toms with a pretty little dress out on a summer stroll<3


I would wear these with everything and wear them to India! (I am planning on moving there in the next couple of months) and to the Philippines (where I will be having a missionary trip!!)

I love Toms! I’ve been wanting a pair forever. And I honestly can’t think of a place I WOULDN’T wear them.

illuminession at gmail dot com.


New follower!

I got my first pair of Tom’s as my mommy present when my son was born. He’s 1 1/2 now so a new pair would be awesome! I would wear them everywhere- they’re such a great comfy shoe for a busy mommy!

i am a follower :)

i am new to blogging and a new follower!
your blog/site/photography is amazing!! i am so excited to follow your journey.

i dont have a pair of toms but am saving to get a pair soon (as a reward after i complete a goal).

i would wear them at my cottage. its my favourite place on earth (quiet, small community, by a lake with gorgeous places to wander and get lost) and toms would be the BEST shoes to wear on those adventures.

ps – i would love to hear more about your TOMS trip…
:) allison

i would wear toms every where! i am a stay at home mom so my daily wear is pretty casual so toms would fit right in!

Sara Marie

I am a new follower and I would wear mine while riding my bike around town this summer.

oh, sweet! gotta love TOM’s! i walk to and from school every day, so i’d wear them to keep my feet nice and comfy of the journey :)

Becoming a follower right now!!

I would wear my Tom’s everywhere, especially to school!


oh i hope i win!

I just found your blog and I love it!
Following through GFC!

Hello there, I am a new follower and I am officially obsessed with your lovely blog :)
I would wear my Toms everyday and everywhere! xo


I would wear my TOMS shoes to go antique shopping, and to go for runs to my local craft stores for more crafting supplies :)

I just tweeted!

I would wear these shoes everywhere including to bed if I won!! They are wonderful and this trip looks simply amazing. :)

I would wear my Toms to feed the need at a local shelter!

Jessica Williams

Now following! Nice to meet you :) I would love Toms, I don’t have ANY yet. I would wear them… everywhere!!


Followed today (thanks something sweet). I need a new pair of Tom’s. Mine are seriously threadbare. I wear them everywhere!

Maribel Camarillo

I followed!!
I would get a pair for my little girl..she’d wear them to the farmer’s market..the park..the beach…the moon(she has vivid stories of her on the moon..imagination!)

Jen A

the question is… where wouldn’t i wear toms?!


I am following!!

I would pick the red ones and wear them to school!

This is such an awesome giveaway and it’s so cool that you got to deliver TOMS shoes!!

Love the name Leland, he’s adorable!

Great blog.


I’d where my Toms everywhere pretty much! I’ve wanted to own a pair for so long :)

I’m a new follower! I’d probably choose some tiny Toms for my little man now that he’s walking everywhere. We’d walk around the park blocks right outside our front door in downtown Portland! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

I just found your blog through Sometimes Sweet; your photography is amazing! I’m planning to get a pair of sparkly TOMS this spring, but a free pair would be great! I’m looking forward to wearing my TOMS when I go to South America this summer.

I love the “one for one” concept that TOMS has started. If you’re interested in it, there’s also a glasses company called Warby Parker that does the same thing. I just bought a new pair of specs from them!

I tweeted!

I am now a follow! ♥
The easier question is where won’t I wear my Toms :)
Love your blog!


I would wear my toms on my upcoming family beach trip.

EVERYWHERE! I love Toms and the idea behind them and their campaign. What a great company. I live in the city so i try to walk everywhere I can, to dinner, to the grocery store, to work.

Love TOMS! I would wear mine on campus. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to wear them traveling to Guatemala or Spain!

New follower!

I would wear them on weekend adventures, traveling, and with cute little outfits!

I LOVE my Toms. I’ve had the same pair for several years and I wear them almost everyday! I wear them on walks, to the store and when I travel!


What a wonderful giveaway! I love Toms! I follow you and would probably get a pair for my little boy to wear to the park and zoo this summer!

Meghan Kincheloe

I’ll wear my Toms everywhere! I usually get a new pair every summer because I wear them all year-round until they fall apart!


awesome give away!
i’d wear my TOMS on my weekend trips to the farmer’s market :)

Oh, what a great giveaway! I would wear them on walks with my daughter!!

Mi Ya

Sweet giveway. Love Toms :-)

Following! I’d wear my Toms all over Portland Oregon.

I am obsessed with the Kenya Stripe Wedges, and would wear them out and about in the sunshine all spring and summer long!

i would wear these toms to the MOON! :)

great giveaway! lovely blog!


I’d wear my Toms all over my beautiful city, in my classroom, and over the next five months on the journey to my baby.

I love TOMs and their cause! Great shoes. I want them in canary yellow. I heart them!!
Following you via google friend connect.

shared your blog via: FB!

I would wear my toms anywhere and everywhere, more specifically, i would wear them to work at the yoga studio.

I love my black pair of classic TOMS but would love a cordones style in a fun color, or even a glitter pair :) I would wear them anywhere and everywhere!

I’m a new follower :)

I’m following! I absolutely love TOM’s but we can’t get them where I live :( I would definitely wear these to university – they look so ocmfy and cool!

what an awesome giveaway…if i won these, i imagine i’d wear them EVERYWHERE….with a new baby, my style’s gotten a little more casual (ie: anything i can throw on in 30 seconds while praying the baby lets me brush my teeth)…, i think these would be a nice boost to my closet!!!

i would wear my toms with the first summer dress of spring season.
or to a picnic in the park at summer time.
or for a walk in the forrest in fall.

Denise Wideen

I am now a follower, and I would wear those awesome Toms everywhere around town!!

I would wear TOMS everywhere really, but mainly to the ceramics studio where I spend most of my time. They would be easy to wash if they got messy, and would be very comfortable no matter what I was doing!


I’m a new follower, I found you from Sometimes Sweet and I can’t wait to read more of your blog!


I’m your newest follower and would love, love, love a pair of classic Toms. I would wear them to chase around my two kiddos :)


I posted the giveaway on facebook too!

Yay! I love your blog!

I’d wear them to work! I teach kids with special needs. I want to wear comfortable shoes to work! :)

ooh, I love the Faces Classics, I would wear them for all my running around – groceries, playdates, hanging out, love!


I don’t have a blog but I’d start one just to boast about these awesome shoes. I would wear them to the beach, to the market, to school, to work, anywhere I possibly could!


everywhere! LOVE Toms :)


I’d wear them during my upcoming trip to Australia :)

im moving to london so I’d definitely wear them there!

im moving to london so I’d definitely wear them there!

I would wear toms EVERYWHERE… especially the park in the summer!

I’m a new follower..also sponsoring Sometimes Sweet :) I’d wear these everywhere, but would love to wear them to work. I work in a bank and think I’d be able to get away with these there.

My daughter has been wanting the pink sparkle Toms! My guess is she’d want to wear them everywhere, everyday!

What an amazing giveaway- I’ve followed you with google connect.

Lindy xxx


I love your blog and just became a follower!! This is an amazing giveaway! I would wear these to all the local street festivals this summer.

I’ve also tweeted about this (@ticklepea)!

I think I would wear my Toms just about anywhere!!!

Lindy xxx

My oldest son got a pair for his birthday and he loves them !! I would wear mine to Connect Group each Sunday night at our Pastors house. It is group of random people from church that get together each Sunday night for dinner and fellowship. I just stumbled on your blog today and it is beautiful thank you for sharing and I am a follower now !! God keep you and bless you. xoxox


I just found your blog through Sometimes Sweet. I adore Toms shoes and would wear them everywhere! Thanks so much for the giveaway. xo

Sweet giveaway-new follower here; I added you to my google reader.

I would wear my Toms at Camp Esperanza, a camp just for kids with arthritis and related diseases, where I am the Director. Best job ever and I need some cool shoes to match the kids;)!

Thank you,

Shanna Larsen

I love Toms. So comfy! I would wear them to the store, to work, and pretty much everywhere!

omggg i LOVE toms & wear them everywhere! and i’ve been meaning to get a new pair for the spring :) so jealous that you got to go on a shoe drop… those pictures are priceless! xx

Follower! I’ve blogged about Tom’s before….they are my absolute favorite shoes!

What an amazing give away! I’m a new follower, and I’d totally rock me some TOMS while riding my vintage bike when the weather warms up a bit in Oregon.

ps. I was going to follow you anyway because I get super excited to find other Christian bloggers! I love Jesus too! And you are seem to be overflowing with the Joy of the Lord.

I tweeted about the give away:

Such a good give away!

i’ve been wanting a pair of toms shoes for years, i’m sure i’d wear them everywhere!

I am a follower; this giveaway is great! I would wear TOMS pretty much everywhere until they fell apart, I have wanted a pair for so long! I love what TOMS does.


I don’t have a blog, but I am a regular reader/informal follower. I would wear my Toms everywhere, but particularly when we venture out on our roadtrip this summer to see all of the amazing sights the good ol’ U S of A has to offer.



Following with Google!

I would wear them to my little backyard wedding in the fall! I had no idea they had the bridal sparkle line! Aaaaaah!



I follow on bloglovin’ and I would definitely wear tom shoes anywhere! maybe on a walk in a cute floral dress..


I’m a follower! I would wear toms anywhere!

I’m following, and I would wear the Toms absolutely everywhere!! They are the best!

I am a brand new follower! I do enjoy your blog and it is so interesting that you went on a shoe drop with Toms! :) Amazing!! :) This is a great giveaway and a great company to promote! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Now I just tweeted about the giveaway! ;) My tweet name is shewearscrazy. I am so happy that I found your blog…not just for the giveaway, I like your posts too! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

I am a follower and I would wear my TOMS to the park with my puppy :)

I would wear mine to work – I am in definite need of personality in that wardrobe.

i have a pair already. i wear them everywhere! they’re so comfortable :)
i’m actually thinking about getting another pair.

I LOVE TOMs! I already own a pair of the canvas toms, but I’m trying to expand my collection :). Followed!

I also tweeted about your wonderful giveaway!

sweet giveaway; absolutely love toms! i’ve heard they are super comfy so i’d probably where them everywhere, but especially when walking to class! follow via gfc.

I’m now a follower! Such a cute blog!

I would LOVE a red pair of Tom’s to wear as my everyday, bop around in shoes! I’d also like to get my little girl a matching pair!



Joanna Caffrey

I am a student at UGA and i would wear my TOMS to class, while doing homework, hanging out with friends, while doing EVERYTHING! I LOVE TOMS but I am a broke college student.

Love your blog I am a follower :)

Great giveaway! I would give the pair to my brother who would most likely wear everywhere- all the time! xxoo

I love Toms! I’ve been eyeing the red pair and also the burlap ones. How fun! I would wear some new Toms all over Boulder, CO, where we are planting a church. So fun!!

facebook status!
“Katie Sylvester
Everyone should enter this giveaway for a FREE PAIR OF TOMS SHOES!!!:

Hi, hi. Just stumbled on your blog and I’m a new follower! Toms are so legit. I’ve been planning on buying a pair for Spring romps through the park, dog walks, adventures around town. I loved seeing these photos of the Shoe Drop. I would love to be a part of that!

What a delightful giveaway! I would wear my Toms when I go on casual photography shoots where I need comfort and style. ^.^

I would love to wear my TOMS to work, and at home and pretty much all over this Spring :)


New follower! I’d love to wear my pair when I go to the park with my son.


I already wear my TOMS everywhere. My little Lillie needs a pair to match her mamas! <3


I would wear them everywhere! Especially to school and take them out for strolls downtown(: I asked my mom for a pair for my 18th birthday but money is tight and I’m afraid I will no longer be getting Toms. I would love to win a pair of Toms(: Thank You for the opportunity to win a pair.

I would wear my TOM shoes at work, in the hallways of a school, and as I shop for produce at the local farmer’s market.

I’m definitely in! I would like to enter the Toms sweepstakes for myself. I would wear the Toms everywhere, to work (which was recently approved), to class and those special weekends when I go home.

This is an amazing giveaway!

My favorite place to wear toms is around my campus on beautiful spring days.
<3 toms

i tweeted!!/reneekristine
ooooh, i want these shoes :)

Kellie Wilson

HI! Thanks so much for the great giveaway! I am following you via google friend connect. I would love a pair of pink sparkly TOMS and I would wear them to the the store..I would love them more..than any pair of shoes I own! :)

Kellie Wilson

shared with friends on facebook! :)

Laura Morales

I would wear my toms everywhere cause they’re super cute and look really comfortable :)

I looove Toms! I would wear them to school around campus. My college is pretty big so I would need some nice shoes to stay comfortable! I would also wear them all around town where I live. It’s such an outdoor community that everyone goes outside!

I got a pair of matching Toms (with my husband! promise we’re still cool) for Valentine’s day and we both have fallen in love! We wear them everywhere, both having jobs where we are on our feet a lot/running after our son around the house… our Toms have been good to us so far! I would love our son to have a pair because how cute are the little ones???

Katie G

I love Toms! I would wear them everywhere – especially on fishing trips with my husband this summer!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

Such a great giveaway, following and I would wear them around Greece where I usually spend my summers!


I would wear them…everywhere. My red TOMS are one of my favorite possessions, and I have been wishing for another pair.
I live in Canada though…I hope I still qualify.
Fingers crossed.

i actually JUST posted about how much i LOVE TOMS
i would wear them to my wedding of course!!
and then everyday after
i would LOVE to go on a shoe drop.

im a follower!!
i love this blog.

First place I’d wear my Toms is right out the front door!

I would wear them everywhere! Especially on my upcoming beach vacation!

Love it! I am a follower of your blog.. so happy I found it!

Love Toms Shoes also.. have for many years. Such an amazing organization! :)

I would LOVE a new pair of Toms to wear all over NYC in this spring (specifically lounging in the park, eating ice cream, and reading :) )


I would wear them all summer. So comfy.

i’d wear my toms for picnics in the park with my sweet family!


Let’s be real…where wouldn’t I wear a pair of TOM’s? But I’d definitely wear them to work and then out to play!

i wear my toms to work. i wear my toms to play. i wish to wear my toms, on my july wedding day!


love the blog lady friend.

I am following!

I would wear my Tom’s to work.
I would wear Tom’s to school.
I am a teacher and they would make me oh-so-cool.

I am a follower!

I would wear them to work.
I would wear them to school.
I am a teacher and they would make me oh-so-cool!

I tweeted about the giveaway:

@haleyryan87 said: HEY! Arielle at is doing an amazing giveaway… TOM’S! Check out her blog to enter.

Wrote about your giveaway on Facebook!!

“Haley Perkins Ryan
Hey! Arielle at is doing an awesome giveaway! You only have 3 more days to enter. HINT: It involves SHOES!!

a beautiful journey…
2 seconds ago · Like · · Share”


follower-and I would wear my toms in africa.

If I had Tom’s Shoes I would wear them to my wedding! I am getting married May 7th and I have been wanting to get a pair to wear then and many more times after that!

I would wear my TOMS everywhere!! Not only would they be super comfy, but then i could spread the word to others, so that they in turn will by them and support the companies wonderful cause!! It’s so awesome that you got this experience!

I am a follower!

I would and do wear my toms everywhere. To work. To church. To shop. To play outside with my daughter in her toms too. On dates with my husband and his toms too. we love our toms. :)


I would wear mine to the zoo, along with my two favorite loves, baby and hubs:)

I facebook’d it!
Toms giveaway!
TOM’s shoes giveaway! |


Yen Nguyen

I am a GFC follower

Yen Nguyen

I would wear my toms to school

Yen Nguyen

posted about giveaway on my blog

Toms are my most favorite shoes! I would wear them allllllllllllll the time. They look cute with everything. My toms have been totally destroyed and I can’t afford new ones yet :/

I would wear them everywhere! In Maine, New Hampshire, Penn. All my friends would get a pair after me too!

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