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a little roadtrip.

hey y’all! hope you’re having a beautiful week. i wanted to thank you so much for your comments lately. i just found out that every time i have replied in the past to your comment, you were not sent an email! so there were probably tons of comments that had replies but no one knew. i am truly blessed by what i read and learn from what you all share…it is such a blessing.

anywho, jay took the day off of work today…yes! he had a lot of yard work to do and we also wanted to get away for a bit. so we packed up the car early this morning and drove about two hours south to a little college town i love in the middle of some kentucky “mountains.” they were more like big hills, but it was still so pretty. everything was blooming and i was able to take some lovely pictures of God’s creation. i’m a traveler at heart and financially, we can’t just pack up and leave for days on end so little day trips like these are quite nice ;)

have a beautiful day friends!



First of all, I love your dress! If the Lord brings me a husband and I have babies, I want to wear maxi dresses all the time. Second, we probably don’t live that “far” from each other! I’m glad you got to get away for a day. Mini vacations are such a treat!

I guess I should say if I am blessed with babies, of course I want them! ;)

How fun! We’re in the same boat – we’d love to travel more, but it just isn’t feasible now. But those day trips really do make some great memories.
Also, I’m SUPER jealous of your hair. My hair is rod-straight, so in 4th grade I got a perm… you can probably guess how that turned out! You look gorgeous in your photos :)
Have a good rest of the week!

little day trips are the best! I always love coming to your blog :) Where did you get that dress, it’s super cute! :)

Yay! Isn’t it wonderful to get away?! My hubs is on spring break this week & I’m off on Mondays, so we “got away” & did some vintage shopping & just hung out together. It was so sweet. I think we will always remember “those” days :)

I agree! Quick road trips are good for the soul!

i’m looking forward to doing something very similar on friday. just a little break…close to home…can work wonders.

My family and I used to pack up and take day trips like that when I was little. We never did BIG vacations to Disney World and whatnot, but we DID always go on mini-vacays [or “adventures” like my daddy called them] and we had a blast! Beautiful photos!

Love the second picture of the tree in full flower bloom!! What a feast for these eyes that are still only seeing white snow all around!!

What nice way to spend your husbands day off.
These are beautiful pictures and your dress is lovely!

Short road trips are the best. I love just getting out of the city, even if it’s only for a few hours. By the by, your photos are so beautiful! Did you train as a photographer or are you self taught? I wish you lived closer so i could hire you to photograph my husband and I :)

I love this post! Sounds so romantic. I love that you guys make time to do the things you enjoy and your son probably will remember the love and peace he felt from his parents growing up. I can honestly remember things from when I was two. haha. Don’t let the little one fool ya ;). BUT yeah I appreciate all of your sweet comments and replies and I pray GOD is blessing your relationship abundantly and over flowing!! :)


Sounds like a good day : ) I also love what you’re wearing!

Love your dress.. I really enjoy your posts.. I always leave with a smile on my face. Thank you for being a positive example of marriage without being fake.

That sounds wonderful! I never thought of just packing up and going somewhere a couple hours away for the day. I think I will have to force, I mean ask, boyfriend if he would ever be up for that. ;) The pics are beautiful!


ooo! where’d ya’ll go? you should visit my little college town of wilmore, ky sometime! :)

Wow, your dress is so lovely! Day trips away are so important and can be such a blessing! I firmly believe that taking trips and traveling is one of the secrets to happiness. :-)

Your dress is lovely and you make such a sweet family!

Know completely what you are talking about little day trips. That is about all we did since the other time was spent going to visit my family. (I moved pretty far away when I got married).

Looks like you guys had such a nice time-and I love all of your outfits. You, and your amazing hair always look beautiful no matter what you wear.

P.S. I want that house. So, so pretty.

Ohh, your family is soo beautiful :)
I love small roadtrips to quaint places!
And I do love your sense of style. Where is your dress from?
I live in Canada, so I doubt I’d be able to get it here :(

sounds like the perfect day to spend with your family.

I love his expression. So peaceful and calm.

Your images are beautiful! I need to pack up our car, and head out for just a day. It would be so refreshing to just get away.

Your dress is gorgeous…care to share where you found it?

these photos are so beautiful!

you look so pretty!! Your photos are amazing! Spending time with my family is my most favorite thing to do :) I hope you had a great time!

love the dress! so glad you had a nice road trip! i LOVE road trips..both my hubby and i do, and in fact, we took a three week long road trip to canada for our honeymoon (one of my bridesmaids were getting married in canada, and i was going to be a bridesmaid in her’s) since we got married the first part of july and hers was at the end of july it worked out perfect! i look forward to doing that road trip again, but next time with the kids…they would love it!

oh, and i loveeee the text in the picture of your hubby! how adorable is that!!!


wow! amazing photos! ^^

ooh i love this. his cranky little face says it all. : ) so cute.


day trips really are the best. It clears your mind and centers you a bit… and just so much fun too!

So glad y’all were able to do this! And the photos are lovely… as always ;)

Seeing these images I was very inspired!
Your blog is beautiful and inspiring, I became a fan.

Your blog is truly such a beautiful and inspirational place. Glad I could stop by.

I love this post, and every single photo is absolutely gorgeous.

You have such a lovely little family.


thank you ashley! :)


thank you :)


thanks so much christine!


we love road trips as well! can’t wait to take a longer one :) they’re always a lot of fun!

blessings <3


thank you madison! :)


thank you heather! yes! my dress is from h&m :)


thank you so much eva! my dress is from h & m :)


ah, i know…me too…it was such a beautiful house! ;) blessings to you!


we went to berea and..yes! asbury has such a cute college town too :)


thanks so much for the encouragement kara! :)


thank you cheche!! :) hope you have a beautiful weekend!


i agree, it’s so nice to get a way every now and then. thank you so much gaby! i am self taught…and if you lived closer…i would definitely love to! :)


thank you! :)


thank you courtney! :)


me too! i love those kinds of days :)


thanks so much laura! my dress is from h&m :)


thank you amy! i try to flat iron my hair and it never really turns out too well :P i guess wavy/curly hair people always want straight hair and vice versa haha!!
blessings to you!


yes, gotta love maxi dresses!
how awesome :) i’m guessing you live in kentucky?

Actually we live in Indiana. So we don’t live around the corner but probably just a couple of hours away, if I ever need a really good photographer…. :)

yay for days away! and for looking gorgeous! sheesh!

I just wanted to say that I am in love with your blog :) you take the most amazing pgotos :)x

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