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the past few days.

hi there! just wanted to check in and say hello…. i’m sitting here with a sleeping baby next to me listening to a new song by francesca battistelli. it is so precious watching your little one sleep…absolutely love it. i am also sitting here sneezing and pulling out a kleenex every five seconds, trying my best to fight these allergies. ’tis that time of year i suppose.

the past few days i’ve been busy working a lot on my photography site and photography blog. i thought for months and months about changing the name from beautiful journey photography to arielle elise photography. i thought about it and then thought some more. so, i finally made the decision and i’m glad i did! after a little bit of designing, my photography blog now looks a bit like this:

what do ya think? yay/nay? (if you do say nay i think it may be a little too late..) :) but anywho, i hope that you have a lovely day. i’m excited for some new posts on here (including a giveaway!) but for now, time to get lil’ leland in his crib and spend time with jay…


p.s. want to sponsor a beautiful journey in may? click here for some details. xo.


Yay! It looks great! I love your floral, feminine style. After just spending hours working on blog design stuff, I can totally understand that the nay-sayers will be too late.

Definitely ‘Yay’! I love it!

Talia Christine

love the coloring and design! looks great and i like the name! :)

it’s perfect!! happy weekend. :)

beautiful. I think it gives so much more validation and standard when a artist uses their name in their company. Well, with photography at least. I feel like it says “I am proud of everything I produce.” Because you lay your name out. That is just me though.


Hey Lady!
So i enjoy stopping by and reading up the journey that God takes you on. It is indeed a beautiful journey, I think everyday of our lives is something new, may not always be the best day, we definitely go through times where life is a struggle, but it’s still exciting cause you realise on day, your gonna meet that beautiful daddy, and life’s struggles will pass. I really look forward to that.
Just felt inspired to type that.
My comment on the layout:
1. I think it looks great, and for me, I think this speaks your personality, not that I know you but from your photography I can tell.
2. I love the banner design, but think that maybe try adding a little more shadowing? Just under both banners? (just a thought)
3. Love the way the photograph borders are done.
4. Your beautiful! Keep shining!

i love it! you have a gorgeous name and it goes with the beauty of your blog perfectly!
have a beautiful day!


I think it looks great! Happy weekend friend!

I love it. So classy and beautiful.

I’m always a fan of artists using their name as their “brand.” The web site looks beautiful :)

I love that you changed it to your name and the new blog is amazing :D

Definitely yay!

Hi, I am a new follower! I love your new photography site. And I love your blog. Just wanted to drop in and say hello :)

Beautiful!! I love ittt!!!

i’m into it. I like your aesthetic. It’s consistent. : )

Happy Easter weekend, sister.


It’s great, love that you used your name. It is such a pretty name it has to have a feminine website to go with it.


Haha, we do have very similar blog names! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate comments and new visitors. Your blog is lovely!

i love it. i love the pic of you with the braid. :)

It looks great! Your style really suits you. I like two completely opposite styles for design, clothing, home decor. Haha *sigh* silly me.

I’m going to say…yay. It looks very pretty and clean…and I love the colors you used. Thumbs up from me!

Love everything about it! :) So pretty!

Your new website looks awesome! I say YAY! :)

I love it!!! Looks great girl!

LOVE the layout! Just beautiful, so warm and inviting :)

It looks great!

I love your new design, very pretty!

Looks really great! I love the background and the feminine/natural designs. Nice work, lady! :)


thank you! :)


thanks so much Kelly Ann! :)


thanks lori! :)


thanks so much kaylan :)


thank you amy!


thank you emily :)


thank you sarah! :)


thank you kara!


thank you delaney! :)


thank you kelly! :)


aw thank you so much elle for the sweet comment! :)
many blessings!


i definitely agree! :)

thank you so much cheche! blessings!


thank you tamara!

Absolutely gorgeous!! I adore the new look and your gorgeous photography! You are such a talented lady. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one. xx veronika

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