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two years ago.

(an engagement picture)

…on april 17th, jay asked me to marry him at the plantation where we would end up getting married. he proposed with a good ole’ flower he had made into a ring. we talked, and cried, and prayed. he brought a tiny radio and we waited until it was dark outside to dance in a field under the stars (i know, i know…) anywho, april 17th is a good day and a day i will never forget… a start of our little journey.

hope you are having a lovely sunday!



seriously, cutest and most thoughtful engagement EVER. you two are so cute, so inspiring.

That sounds like a perffecccttt proposal. Why would anyone want it any other way?!
I hope I get proposed to in a fashion similar to the way you did :)

Beautiful engagement story!! God has truly blessed both of you!

SO sweet. And so inspiring to see a Christian couple that puts the Lord first in their marriage :)

you two are seriously gorgeous together! love that engagement story :)

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Awe! I absolutely love it. My husband & I were engaged on April 24th. It’s such a lovely month. Dancing under the stars is AMAZING too. I haven’t done it in entirely too long.
<3 leigh

I love this! Sounds like your engagement was very sappy sweet! (Ours was too!) Oh, and we got married at the same place we got engaged as well! :)

I love your engagement photo! Sigh, don’t you just love love?

aww, how sweet. happy anniversary to you two!

Happy proposalversary!

Awwww, I love that story! Gives a girl hope. : )



Aww. What a cute proposal!! Was that a picture of you two years ago as well?

how beautiful!! :) and so romantic.

Happy engagement anniversary! :)

Aw! You guys are the cutest couple!! What a sweet way to propose, you couldn’t have said no if you tried! Lol:) Love the picture!

Wow, you two are so cute! this photos is gorgeous :) and what a sweet little story. You should put up more of your engagement photos, so lovely!


The story of how he proposed, flower ring and all, is so romantic. You guys got engaged on my baby sister’s birthday. It was wonderful to hear how that part of your journey began.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend.

That is the sweetest story, Arielle… really. Dancing under the stars is incredibly romantic. :) I’m so glad the two of you were brought together and that you continue to be such a godly example of love. The two of you are a blessing in your example. :)

What a wonderful beginning to your life together! Love the picture, gorgeous as always :)

Awwww, if that’s not the sweetest thing ever. Love the tenderness of your proposal. Happy 2 year anny! :)

beautiful…i love remembering these special times. You guys look stunning.

Such a gorgeous couple! And such a very romantic story :)

Aw, that’s so sweet. Happy april 17th to you!

p.s. Sydney is 17 hours ahead of the west coast of the states (not sure where you are). So we’re always 1 day ahead, which does make blogging kind of funny :)

So happy for you two : ) And how romantic to use a flower ring!

aw. That is too precious. I seriously love your blog. Does your husband ever read the posts that talk about him? I’m sure he knows how much you love him already so reading wouldn’t be necessary. Did you guys do anything special for your proposal-versary? lol made up word I know.

♥ CheChe

Such an adorable story!!! <3

Monique xx

Married life is the best so is dancing by starlight….

Happy Anniversary!!

congrats! you guys really are a wonderful couple. keep up the good work! <3

Aw so sweet!

Beautiful story. =] You guys are too cute & sweet.

That is amazing. Love love love.

You are a couple so beautiful. I wish that God bless your family

aww what a sweet story, i love hearing about peoples engagements. enjoy your day:)

How sweet!! April 17 is significant for us as well, just not in such a sweet way. :) BUT our anniversary is Tuesday (the 19th). Hope you guys had a wonderful day together celebrating the love you share!

What a beautiful image! And story. Congrats on two year engagaversary!

Happy anniversary! Your proposal sounds absolutely beautiful!!!!

That sounds just perfect to me! A dance underneath the stars sounds like pure bliss.

what a sweet story. seriously, like lifetime movie sweet.

April 17th was the first date of me and my hubby! It’s a great day! ;)

what a beautiful love story! I think it’s the lovliest I’ve ever heard!


haha, thank you eva! :)


love your comment! and yes, i love love- haha! :)


thank you faith :)


thank you laura! :)


thank you so much dear! :)


oh wow! 17 hours…sheesh! :)


haha, yea he does :P he’s going to write one soon for me actually! ;)

blessings cheche! <3


thank you courtney! hope you had a wonderful anniversary! :)


thank you amylou! :)

That is so cute!
You have such a great blog!
Want to follow each other?

that’s so adorable! it’s darling that you got married at the same place that he proposed!

ps; i finally got around to posting the goods i won on the sometimes sweet giveaway:


Just once again so happy & blessed that I discovered your blog!!!

Much Blessings & Love
Vivienne x <3

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