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goodbye, pinterest.

not sure if you’ve heard of pinterest but it’s a website where you “pin” different things that you like. clothes, house decor, photography, and more. at first, i liked it. i thought it was a clever idea and it was almost addicting to keep looking at all of these perfect and pretty pictures all for “inspiration.” the more i thought about it, i wondered if i was wasting some of my time and if it was just another thing to follow. i know that the internet takes some of my time away from my family already, and i really didn’t need something else grabbing my attention.

i also wonder about those who are looking at all of the beautiful pictures on pinterest and blogs hoping that their future includes that perfect house, perfect furniture, and great clothes. most of those pictures are not really realistic and leave out a lot of the messes that are in our daily lives. it sets up for some unrealistic expectations that i may never attain and leaves me sitting there looking at things that i wish i had.

pinterest, blogs, and other similar websites are not necessarily bad…i’m just sitting here writin’ down my thoughts. a while ago, i decided not to look at any fashion magazines because i didn’t want the pressure to look a certain way. i also didn’t want to become discontent with what i had. people might say pinterest or fashion blogs are like magazines but really, a magazine comes out maybe once a month. you have the same magazine lying around for a good thirty days. but now, i feel like there are images and pictures everywhere at anytime- a constant media feed. just like how i can control my own thoughts, i can also take control of what i am bringing into my life. i can take control of who i follow on twitter, on facebook, and what few blogs i read. envy, covetousness, and discontentment can easily take hold when we are constantly comparing our lives to others’. so i’m saying goodbye to pinterest, to comparing, and instead i’m simplifying my life and holding fast to Christ. He is my greatest treasure, inspiration…and interest.



I agree with you. This is why I have not signed up for pinterest. I was worried it would just add to negative thoughts of what I wish my clothes and home looked like. I wrote a similar post awhile back about facebook and blogging.

Thanks for your peaceful blog. I really enjoy it.

Take care!

Really beautifully said.
I love the last sentence.
Thank you for the inspiration!

I love Pinterest, and any other inspirational site. But I can see your point. Sometimes you can start comparing, and that is definitely not good. I just have to keep myself in my reality and be grateful for the blessings I have. And I have so much to be grateful for. But so far, I’ve done a pretty great job at drawing inspiration and not letting myself get envious.

I was just sent an invite to this and I dont’ get it!

Very thoughtful, Arielle I have often thought the same thing. The one thing I like about pinterest is the ‘organization’ aspect of it- same as bookmarking sites I can bookmark recipes, tattoos i like, etc. But you’re totally right… we don’t need to feed ourselves any more media than we already get! It’s difficult these days to know what is good vs. what is destructive to our time & attention. I’m so glad you’re a person who is willing to “put aside your selfish desires” and hold steadfast to God. :)

I love this. A lot.
I’ve had to cut a lot of the internet out of my life to make room for reality and I love love love that you’re proclaiming that here in your blog.

The internet facilitates a lot of wonderful things, but like you’ve explained, there is a lot of really damaging things about media in general that are just distracting and make us forget why we’re really here and what life is all about.

What real beauty is.

Beautiful message.

You’re so right, Arielle, and I’m glad I haven’t added Pinterest yet (and hope I don’t feel the urge to enough to add it)! The idea behind it is great, but we’re all spending so much time online already that we should be finding more ways to disconnect.. not the opposite.

You are so right, dear friend. It’s so easy to get caught up in the complicated ways of societal wants and expectations. I just blogged about simplicity this morning, about staying focused on the positive and genuine truth of life. Your head is in the right place, your heart is strong. Keep it that way, in whatever manner steers you best. Have a wonderful day!!

Just this morning I was thinking some of these same thoughts and asking God to help me be content and satisfied in Him and Him alone. Everything else is fleeting. Great post!

i couldn’t agree more – i seriously was just saying that to my sister yesterday. that’s the problem with social networking – it’s addictive and feeds our cravings for more materialism and wanting… way to go. i’m glad we can control what we let in our lives.

I signed up for Pinterest to see what it was like, but it hasn’t been addicting for me at all. I hardly ever look at it, but I did find that I started “pinning” certain kinds of pretty images just so they would be on my Pinterest. Not the right reason, I’d say! I still have it, but it doesn’t consume any of my time luckily. Good job for realizing something you don’t necessarily need. I think if hobbies (some hobbies are things like Pinterest for some people) bring you joy, then they can be good, but if they just constantly take time away from more important things and they conjure up negative feelings within yourself, then they should go. Great post.

amy day to day

You make a very good point Arielle. It’s definitely true that we can spend way too much time online comparing ourselves to others. I think each of us has to develop our own strategies to deal with this, and good for you for sticking to your guns! x

i totally understand where you’re coming from on this. i recently discovered pinterest, but i’m pretty iffy on if i really want to be a part of it any longer or not. it is another one of those things that i really don’t need in my life.

i’m going to ponder on this post more…

~Andrea @

this is so true and a really great reminder. it’s easy to get caught up in the wants for the future, instead we should be present and happy where we are today. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I completely relate.

great post! i agree with everything you said. i’ve been debating deleting some of my other more time wasting online accounts. but pinterest, that image you linked to says it all!

I do love pinterest for photos…however the main issue I have is crediting photos!!! If I can’t find the original source I won’t use it. I used to work for a t-shirt company and there are soooo many copyright issues…plus it isn’t fair to the artist or creator to use their work w/o permission :)

Hehe. The timing of your posts is always impeccable. (Do I need to blog about this again?) I just joined Pinterest this weekend, and oh my goodness, I’m addicted. It’s not good. However, I find it kind of inspiring and even did a DIY project the day after I joined. So, if I can find a balance then I’ll be keeping it.


mmm, i most definitely agree with you. i’ve had it for a few weeks, but i haven’t done a whole lot with it. perhaps that’s a good thing, because i don’t want to be “addicted” to it. i mainly use it (and plan on using it) just as a place to put up pictures and ideas that i don’t want to forget. so many times i see a beautiful picture or craft or something, and i mean to “copy and paste it” into a word document, but i lose it and then forget where i originally found it. it’s not bad in and of itself…if only you use it as it’s technically meant to be used…as a place to collect stuff you like. but i totally understand how it can be a struggle…looking through all those pictures and thinking, “i wish i could take a picture like that…” or, “i wish i could make that!”


i love this post. i have not experienced myself stumbling with Pinterest, but only because i mostly look at the craft stuff. i too do not look at fashion magazines, nor do we even watch television. we stopped watching tv in 2009 and it has been a breath of fresh air. you are a beautiful person thank you for sharing.

Thank you for this post! I am trying to live a little more simple as well .. starting off by selling my designer bags and shopping at thrift stores instead of department stores. Someday I will make my way through the media and how it affects me. thank you for this inspirational post :)

You’ve just inspired me to do the same thing :)

I totally agree with you, Arielle!! I have to stay away from stuff like that. :)

I love this. I read “So Long, Insecurity” by Beth Moore a number of months ago and she touched on this same subject. We, as women, subject ourselves to so many unrealistic expectations (some intentional, some not) of what we are supposed to look like, act like, feel like, etc. It forces us to compare ourselves to what we see throughout the media and ends up breaking us down.

I also made a choice to watch what I am consuming, media wise, and it has changed my perception of myself in such a positive way.

You are making a great choice and you put it so beautifully!

For the longest time I didn’t get it or understand what it was. I signed up for it and at first was pinning away. But now I barely go on. And the only time I pin something NOW is when I want specific things to remember for ideas later down the road. A headboard, hairstyle I want to learn, or to use a picture for my blog, like a sign or whatever. I completely see what you mean and even when I was searching certain things, there’s be a provocative picture or even a naked woman and it’d throw me off since I was looking for ‘flowers’.

It can definitely be a stumbling block in our lives. Just another thing to take us away from what we need to focus on. I’m finding that with blog reading. I’ve been keeping myself from looking for new blogs to read as I’m already losing many hours reading the ones I’m already following.

I’m proud of you for taking the step to eliminate things that you see have adverse affect on you and drawing back and staying close to Christ.

Perfectly written. God has impressed so much of this on my heart recently. I’m trying as well to ease off on filling my mind with comparisons. Satan loves to point out where we “fall short”. The beauty of the truth sets us free though. In Jesus, we are enough and are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

I LOVE hearing this! Thanks for your brilliant perspective girl!

Great point darling. It’s another distraction. You are a strong woman and are setting a great example for the rest of us!! I on the other hand, am on pinterest, facebook, sometimes twitter and continue to limit my time there, especially keeping my ‘want/need’ list short… Pinterest does save my bookmarks folder from filling up though and is a good tool in that respect :)

I think that, like anything, Pinterest can be used the wrong way. For those who sit and covet what they see in the photos, then yes…it’s definitely not a good thing. For me, I like to use it draw ideas and inspiration for professional photography shoots. I don’t think I’ve ever found myself wishing I had something I saw. I find lots of new ideas and lots of inspiration there. Thanks for sharing your insight! :) I love how honest you are.

And this is why I read your blog! Because reading your words don’t weigh me down.

I love this post.
I have recently been deleting BLOGS of women I follow who truly had no substance but took amazing pictures of the lives they have and the clothes they wear and my only reason for following them was basically to covet and feel like crap.
So I can completely understand your reason for leaving pinterest.
I also think it is the fruit of GOD working in you to chisel and shape you more into His precious child.
BE FREEE MYYY CHILLDDDD!! BEE FREEE!!! (in overdramatic southern voice)

Oh, and this blog is something that BLESSES me immensely. Never have I left your blog feeling less than or unworthy or in need. You and your family are a great gift and I feel so special being able to get a glimpse into your world girl.

Blessings your way chica!


Wow, the same thouhgts has been going through my mind as well the last couple of weeks x so very true!!! I took a week off the internet & it felt good x And yes, these sites are awesome, lovely inspiration, but nothimg should be more than Jesus (first) & family/friends x

be blessed <3

Very thoughtful post, Arielle. After reading this, I think I’m going to say goodbye to Pinterest, too. I haven’t been on there much, and I don’t think I want to start. You’re right about the constant media flow and the striving for unrealistic things that will only lead to dissatisfaction.

Thanks for sharing this!
Love in Christ,

It is easy to start comparing to other people and thinking we could have better, but God has blessed us with so many wonderful things, we have to thank him for that! I don’t read fashion magazines either, and I use pinterest but only from time to time, I find it easier to say no to than other things! :) Zoe xx

It’s so refreshing to see a true Christian blogger out there. When I started blogging earlier this year, I googled, tweeted, tried everything to find Christian fashion bloggers- since I love fashion- and found just two. It was/is very heartbreaking and I hope to somewhat break that trend. We must learn to stand up more for what is true and I hope to let more people know about Christ:))
check out my blog and lemme know what you think? ideas?

oh i love your posts! they are the only ones i comment on. how true is this. the distractions in our day and age are absolutely incredible, but i like to think – how much greater is our voluntary glance of love amidst it to the Lord. it must be of such value to His heart.

thanks for writing!

How funny, I’ve been debating doing a post on this too! I don’t have a pinterest, but just thinking about blogging/fb/twitter in general.. how much time is wasted when I could be doing other things? Debating just deleting everything to take the distraction away. Definitely something to pray and think about!

thank you so much for posting this! this is how i felt about had to go!! i agree that anything that pulls you from what really matters should be done away with if possible. i agree and i appreciate your openness on this topic. also, thank you for sharing how you have chosen to do away with something that you feel is a big distraction for you. you are so inspiring!! you definitely have me taking inventory of my distractions. Thank you!
As far as pinterest goes…yes, i pin. when i first set it up it was pretty fun and like others quickly got to pinning. i set up quite a collection fast. i could see how this tool could easily be addictive and used for the wrong some could get so distracted by it and lose contentment with their own lives…then in that case it would not be a good thing. personally, i see it as a blessing for me. many times my thoughts get so tossed around in my mind that it can actually be quite frustrating. pinterest is a wonderful organization tool for me . it has proven to be a great place for me to store ideas for a variety of things. and yes…not everything i pin will be made into a reality someday, but i suppose i am a dreamer, but also am very content with own my life (not sure if that makes sense to anyone, but me). ;-) i make sure i draw the line and that i use pinterest wisely or any social networking site for that matter. one example that comes to mind where pinterest has been useful for me recently was when the hubby told me to come up with ideas for a pool. since i wanted a way to organize my pool ideas where i wouldn’t have to be cutting out magazines (which i don’t subscribe to or personally like the clutter of) knew just the perfect place for my ideas…pinterest!
but…other than that pinterest has lost some of its appeal in that i no longer desire to sit and just pin. i pin with purpose now, if that makes any sense. ;-) basically, to organize some of my scatterbrained thoughts..from homeschooling ideas, photography ideas, foods to cook, and now pool planning ideas. ;-) (eeek, sorry such a long comment) ;-)
i love your blog and the genuinely lovely person you are. God bless you!

Totally with ya! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all the media and ads being thrown in front of me =)

I completely agree with you on this. This is the reason I “quit” Facebook last year – it was making me feel like my life was somehow not as good as others’. Absolutely ridiculous, but that’s what the green-eyed monster does to us! Every time I got onto Facebook I left feeling grumpy and unsatisfied, so one day I simply deleted my account and never went back.

I haven’t missed it for a day.

I’ve also had to step back from certain blogs for that reason, too. And things like Pinterest and such. Sometimes it’s difficult because we really put ourselves out there and we add these things to our lives for a reason! But I see no trouble in taking a step back every now and then to clear your head. And definitely cut out any unnecessary “noise” in your life.

I’m always fascinated by people who are able to live and breathe the internet and social media – they’re involved in every single thing, all the time. I just don’t have it in me! It’s overwhelming (and unsatisfying as compared to real life, for the most part).

Anyway, lovely post. I’m with you completely.

i can’t look at pinterest. it’s honestly too overwhelming. yes there are such a beautiful images but my brain gets jumbled.

Wow arielle. You have a lot of replies on this one. Funny how i asked you the other day if you had it? I must totally agree with you like most of the other people on this post. Time these days are so short. I find my evenings ending up going to bed at twelve every night trying to finish work, and then still have time for friends and family and most importantly God! It can be so tough. Well if you didnt know, im studying interior design, mainly because i hope to use it to build up the community, so i have to go through this whole process to learn the skills of design, i do enjoy it. Many times iv wonder if its where God wants me. But iv just got to give that to Him. WOW. DID I JUST GO OFF TOPIC! So i must admitt to finding pinterest a good source for inspiration on design. I can type in anything and bam. 5000 stools. Where as google, well it gives me the most random stuff sometimes. Another thing is it gives reference to where the image comes from. Also i can use it as a ‘save’ instead of storing it on my computer and wasting hard drive space. Those are what keeps me there. But instead of blabbering on, let me uplift you in your decision. God must be so proud of His beautiful daughter. ‘Seek me and you shall find me.’ its such a journey, we find our weekness’s and strength all along the way! God is so faithful. I was thinking the other day, Lord if anything, break me down, break me so that it is no longer my desires but the desires of your heart and i think thats what youve got here Arielle. Let God continue to guide you and mold you to where and what He wants in your life. Enjoy typing to you. Blessings.

this is great. I have been thinking about doing that as well, thanks for giving me something more to think about.

You know, it’s interesting that you’re blogging this now regarding pinterest when today I’ve been contemplating the same thing regarding having a smart phone as my cell phone. As much as I love and “talk up” social media and what it can do in our society, I’m also wondering if I’m too connected — both to media AND to people. I’ve started to wonder if I should get rid of my cell phone. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but the timing of your post is definitely interesting in my life….

This makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and being an inspiration to live simple :)


i have been thinking about the smart phone as well… i’m still thinking and debating on whether or not to keep my iphone! :)


thank you! i have thought many times about getting rid of facebook and twitter as well! i just feel like there is so much
information out there and sometimes it really is nice to simplify :)

many blessings!


thank you so much for your comment kelly :) and for the encouragement!
many blessings to you!


so true tiffany :) thank you so much for the encouragement!
grace and peace,


so true zoe! :) many blessings!


so true! thank you so much for the encouragement :)
many blessings!


haha chetreanna, i LOVE your comments! they are great. your comment seriously made me really
consider what i post and how i post what i do post :) “Never have I left your blog feeling less than or unworthy or in need. “….praise the Lord!
i totally want to thank you for your encouragement, it means more than you know! have a blessed week girl <3


thank you so much jhen :)


thank you courtney! :)


thank you lindsay! :)


so, so true :) thanks for the encouragement mary!


thank you so much for the encouragement emily :)


that sounds like a great book by beth moore! i will have to check it out sometime :)
thank you so much for the encouragement! have a blessed week!


haha! :) awesome… i totally understand what you mean!


i agree! there are SO many copyright issues! so true :)


thank you alycia :)


thank you nicole :)


thanks gaby! :)


i totally agree! :)


thank you becky :)


thank you so much for the encouragement :) i truly appreciate it!


thank you so much :) many blessings to you!

it’s so funny you posted this–i deleted my pinterest a few weeks ago for the exact same reasons. while i enjoyed getting online and being inspired by the beautiful photos, i also began to feel strangely envious of the seemingly flawless lifestyles, people, etc. i stopped reading cosmo and other magazines for the same reasons earlier in the year. thanks for posting yet again a thought-provoking post!

Very true. I’m so selective with my hobbies now a days because each hobby means less time with the family. I’ve even come to a couple crossroads with blogging. Having to literally pull myself away to just enjoy life instead of obsessing over the perfect pictures and creating the perfect moment.

Thanks for sharing!

I love this post, although I do have pinterest I definitely see your point. I often look at pictures from there or other blogs and keep comparing myself or wish I had that like you said. We just have to be grateful for what we have or else you will never be satisfied.


I appreciate this Arielle! Thanks for writing about it and sharing your thoughts. I hope it encourages more people (and of course myself!) to be collecting inspiration from God’s truth!

I completely agree with you; I signed up for a pintrist account a few months ago and could actually notice a change in my attitude toward my wardrobe and home decor–I noticed that I wanted to go shopping more often to achieve a certain look. I haven’t deleted it, but now I go on mainly (and in moderation) to search for specific things such as hairstyles and recipe ideas that I can save instead of just browsing.

I recently found your blog through Faith Blogs and just love it. Your messages are so inspiring… in fact, I liked this particular post so much that I just read it aloud to my husband! Thank you for a great message to think about and your honesty!

arielle–giiiiiiiiiiirllll you are very wise for you age, actually I don’t know your age, but I know you are younger than me ;) You are spot on. We are asked in Proverbs 4:23 to “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

I recently started a blog and became more serious about it, and somehow came across all these gals on faith blogs, and they all seemed to have the same theme….showing us their homes, and other peoples homes, and their clothing, and non stop photos of them and telling us what they are wearing! I mean come on–it confused me because these are “christian faith blogs” it didn’t align with the Kingdom to me at all. I’m not saying that we can’t do any of this stuff online, but I literally didn’t join that Pinterest just for the very reason you mentioned. It stirs up chaos and unsettled hearts and exactly all you were saying! I hardly watch TV or at least celebrity stuff/mags….E News etc… because it can make me feel terrible about my life within 5 minutes. I am telling you I honestly think if Jesus saw some of this stuff on blogs in HIS name, He’d be flipping tables. It’s all worldly stuff. Earthly focuses. It’s made me so sad. I mean He told us in JOHN “Do not love the world.”
Anyway, I was so happy and relieved to see this post, because I don’t feel so alone. And I haven’t given up on my blog, I’m just going to stick to what I’m passionate about, and not make the focus about me. That is the tricky part. This life is not about us at all. And it’s such a slippery slope. We’ve gotta make this about God and others. Thanks Arielle, you’re a doll!!!! Keep seeking the Lord, you are a wise one!!!


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