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hello, summer…glad you’re here.

my lovely mom watched the little guy last night so jay and i could go out for a while. what a blessing! we spent some time at a park, got some frozen yogurt, and then went to hang out with a bunch of friends. we had a great time and it reminded me of times before we were married and dating. now, times like those are so much sweeter. anywho, i think summer is just about here. driving down our country roads with the windows down, listing to some country music, and thanking the Lord for beautiful days like these…

how was your weekend? did you do anything exciting or interesting? i hope you are having a blessed sunday! i’ve have been quiet around here lately but have so much i want to post. tomorrow, there’s an awesome giveaway i’m so excited to share with y’all!



I am OBSESSED with your blog! Your family is gorgeous. Can we be BFFs :) ?


Oh my goodness….Jay is starting to look so much like his Daddy……I see it in pictures more than anything else. I look at y Jay , You and Leland…..and i told both Kevin and Kara………I had good genes and Kevin had good swimmers…….lol So you are blessed…..Hope you don’t mind my silly talk !


Blessed with a great friendship with Kevin…. and love him as a friend and daddy to this day….. Terra ( thought i should add that “tid bit” lol)

You guys are too cute!!

How fun!! Looks like you guys had a great time together! :)

what a joy to get out and enjoy time with your husband. yay for summer!!

What a blessing to be able to spend one on one time with the one you love! :) Have an awesome week!

I love how you make everything sound so beautiful and blissful. Also love the karate chop pictures! Haha

Wonderful photos!
Isnt it great to dork out with your main squeeze??
You are darling.
Loved this post!

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fishtail braid. I’m glad to hear that you had a good weekend. My weekend wasn’t too exciting either. Today I felt like playing flute for an hour and I decided to record a couple of songs. =)

I’m glad that summer is here too! Looks like you have so much fun with your hubby!

Thanks for the link to the song…I’ve been feeling like that lately! I’m missing those “wide open spaces.”

You two are too funny! I love the karate pictures.
And just because it’s the end of the month and I’m a bit shameless…Here is the link to my giveaway post if you’d like to mention it! :)

Pretty pretty pictures. You are absolutely adorable!

You two are so adorable. <3 I l-o-v-e your dress!

My weekend was incredibly peaceful. I get so focused on accomplishing my giant to-do list sometimes that I forget to take a break. God showed me that in a big way last week – so this weekend I forgot all about that to-do list and just focused on being. It felt so good and I'm so glad that God gives us little reminders to be still and breathe. :)

Have a beautiful week, dear! <3


your hair looks AMAZING!!!

and i bought her little outfit from sears :D

That is such a blessing that you were able to go out for a day with your husband!

i love your fishtail braid! no matter how hard i try, i can never fishtail correctly :/
that sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend. my weekend has been relaxing and peaceful!

I love country. I have been blasting it out here in Orange County and wondering who else is listening to a country station on these southern California roads with me. lol
Your fishtail braid looks lovely on ya hun!
I had a nice day off today. It was really blessed. I got dressed in my high heels to see a girlfriend for dinner. That is how you know you don’t go out a lot anymore. When you meet your girls dressed like its a hot date. haha. But it was fun to unwind and catch up. God is so sweet to give us those nice pickmeups in the midst of busy and routine schedules.

Thank the LORD for Sunday.
I am glad y’all got to get together and spend time like young unmarried kids again :). Must have been fun. I came home tonight and got in my jammies and really for a moment wondered when I would be coming home to a house with my hubby in it… SO annoying. Just thought I’d share with you. Since you know… We’re blog friends and all… hahaha


oh how i love the famous fishtail. ultimate ninja? i was thinking of inviting you on pinterest. think you might like it. :) my weekend was really busy with college work but man oh man, last night at church we had such an amazing message spoken to us. was really encouraging. arielle – go take a read if you have some spear time. il post it up as soon as it comes through on their website. x blessings!

sounds so lovely… and i adore your blue dress! really just lovely photographs, thank you ever so much for visiting my blog too :) hope its a beautiful week !

what pretty pictures :) I love those purple flowers this time of year. I’m sure the time you spent out was lovely together!

Love the photos! And the silly ones are adorable; too cute!

Have a lovely day!

You look like you’re having way too much fun and summer is definitely hear. That humidity definitely weighed me down yesterday. I can’t wait til fall.

Thanks for sharing the Rodney Atkins song! I’m now listening to it at work :) For some reason I’m always wanting to listen to country during warm summer days!

You two are just too adorable! I love how you can be silly together! What a blessing!


Oh don’t you just LOVE having a mom close by to watch the baby? I have a mom and a sister that live 2 minutes away, SO handy!!! You guys are adorable and i love your hair!!! Is that your natural blonde color or is it dyed?

Sorry that was me in the anonymous comment above…forgot to put in my name, oopsie!

Looks like such a fun night! You are both so adorable!!

Your photos are too cute! I love your dress. =)

you guys are way too adorable! What a sweet date!
and how nice of your momma.
I’ve been busy with photography this weekend! I did my first photo shoot for a friend and it was a blast!

Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of you walking away from the camera – it looks like you’re going to a secret garden! How fun.

How sweet…I felt happy just reading your post. Love the playfulness:) We celebrate 14 yrs tomorrow and had a fun double date on Saturday….yes, sweet times! Love your pictures.

Aww, I’m glad the two of you still have dates. And that you share fun photos with us. haha :) I’m loving that photo of the two of you kung-fu fighting with your awesome biceps. hahaha Makes me smile. Anyway, you pretty much know what I did this weekend… airplane, airport… airplane… ;)

You two are SO cute! I love your dress!

Those photos are so adorable! I have hardly any photos of my Jay and I. How did you get so lucky to have a husband who is a good sport with your photography? ;) I think I need to lay down the law and tell my husband that there is no getting around it…heehee…

Your joyful and positive spirit is infectious. Love!

Thank goodness for ‘Grandma’s’!! :) I’m sure your mom enjoyed that time with Leland just as much as you enjoyed that special time with Jay! I’m wondering if you were able to even get Little Leland back! Lol! Looks like you had a great time, Arielle, and yes, our weekend was wonderful, too. God is doing a new thing, and that’s always exciting! I hope to share more about it soon! You have a blessed day! :)

What lovely pictures! Aren’t those date nights so special? I don’t even have kids and I think they are special. I spent the weekend at a women’s retreat without any technological distractions, and reconnected with the Lord. It was much needed.


aw thank you so much lindsay! :)


haha, thank you natalie! :)


thank you courtney! :)


that sounds like such an awesome weekend… times like those are much needed!
many blessings <3


yes! thank goodness for grandmas is right :) i’m truly thankful that my mom loves to watch little leland.
oh, can’t wait to hear about the new thing God is doing in your life! :) hope you have a very blessed week deborah! :)
love, arielle


thank you so much. i’m so thankful that he does not get tired of my photography and
doesn’t mind taking some with me :) haha…hopefully he doesn’t get tired of it any time soon!

hope you have a beautiful week! <3


thank you krysten! :)


haha! :) thanks kristin! i’m so excited to hear about your trip!


thank you nicole! :)


thank you nickie :)


thank you olivia! :)


thank you so much andrea! i highlight my hair :)


thank you kelly! :)


oh i love pinterest! i have been on it for a few months…so. much. fun! :)
i’m listening to the sermon right now … i love it so far…thank you so much for sharing,
how awesome that you are able to be a part of such a good church!
have a beautiful week eleanor!


haha cheche, i love every comment your leave! i think we’d totally be friends if you lived closer!
it is so much fun getting dressed up…i can’t really wear heels BUT it is still fun to try :)
the Lord truly is so gracious to give us those encouraging moments with others in the midst
of our crazy schedules. so thankful for times like those!

hope you have a beautiful week girl! <3


thank you kelly ann :) it was a gift from jay!

that sounds like such a wonderful weekend… being busy has been nice and all but i would
love a weekend like that soon. to just pull out my bible and journal, turn off my phone, and take
a breather :) hope you have a wonderful week lovely!


thank you amy! :)


thank you sarah! :)

I totally love Rodney Atkins’ new song:) beautiful pictures!

I loves these pictures.

ps I have major hair envy! I always love the way you do your hair : )


thank you karlee! :)

what a BEAUTIFUL couple! so glad you found my blog! enjoying following you, now!

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