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today i’m going to rest in His peace. listen to some good music, spend some time with my little one, and thank the Lord for this beautiful day.   “the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” numbers 6:25-26 ….set aside any distractions, focus your eyes on Jesus, and may His peace rest in your heart today.

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Beautiful post — love the image. And that song is beautiful; I’ve never heard it before but listening to it now. Calming, simple, and sweet.

Have a lovely day filled with His peace!


what a precious reminder :) his peace does transcend all understanding, and it will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. he will keep in perfect peace all who trust in him. blessings xx


thats the picture you took yesterday! it turned out beautiful- perfect for a post on ‘peace’ :) pretty song too! <3 Mom

i think i’ll do the same.

it’s beautiful here, and God is so good.

What a great reminder! Thank you for posting. Sometimes we forget how precious our quiet time with the Lord is, to just rest in His presence is unbeatable.

thanks for sharing! i need peace today… the kind that only comes from Jesus! :)

sounds perfect.

Thank you for reminding me that it is good to rest in him. I am always so busy trying to do something. It is such a beautiful day and I want to rest in his holiness!

I agree! I’ve just had my last exam, only a few essays left for the year, need to find peace in Jesus through busy and quiet times.

what a sincerely beautiful and truthful quote. thank you for sharing <3

~Andrea @

I’m definitely resting in Him! There’s too much chaos going on my world otherwise! Thanks for that Arielle! Loved the music too! :)

I was just thinking how all week long I haven’t spent time with God. Traveling and visiting friend’s makes it so easy to put Him aside. I’m definitely longing to spend time with Him and be single minded again. ugh. Thanks for this today. :)

I love Amy Carmichael. She is such an encouragement and gives so much wisdom from the LORD. Beautiful post. :)

There’s nothing like peace in God! Love this post!

Great photo and quote!


What a beautiful quote and I love it with that photo. Gorgeous.

What a lovely image.

For whatever reason, I cannot listen to the song, here or on Grooveshark.

I could really use a little of His peace. Anxiety has got a hold on me…so tightly. Peace. I don’t remember what that feels like.

I hope you enjoyed your day of rest, and peace.

P.S. I YouTubed her and now I want the album. Good. Music.

you always have such uplifting things to say! <3

Beautiful quote and image! The song is so peaceful, too. I love it. :)

Pray your day was blessed with our Savior and your little one. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you :).


what a beautiful post

My Beautiful Life

I love bluegrass sounding music. Thanks for sharing. Also, for the reminder to rest in Him. Hope you and Leland have a special day.

what a beautiful song… soo peaceful. i needed this today… such a great reminder of peace and resting in Him.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Thank you for all your encouragement, and this gentle reminder of where I really need to be this very moment … especially after the past few ‘trying’ days! We get so busy with ‘life’, and circumstances can hit us square in the face, that sometimes we forget and lose our focus and our peace … and then we read something like this … I do believe it’s time now for me to stop and rest in Him! Thank you, Arielle … I needed ALL of this! Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend! :)


thank you so much deborah :)
i hope you & yours enjoyed your weekend!



thank you! :) hope you and yours had a blessed weekend!


thank you katie :) hope you have a wonderful week!


thank you :)


thank you!


thank you kristi :)


so, so true :)

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