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way down south.

this weekend we drove down to the foothills of the smokey mountains with jay’s mom for his family reunion. i had never been to a reunion before so we packed our things and headed to the little town where his grandfather had grown up. let me just say, it was beautiful! we hiked up to some gorgeous views, spent some time at a memorial day parade, and did some antique shopping. i was even able to find some time to read a book during the trip. being surrounded with mountains and God’s creation was such a peaceful way to spend the weekend…

how was your weekend? did you spend some time with family? i hope you are having a safe and blessed memorial day!



Ah, the mountains are so gorgeous! This makes me so excited for our trip in July! My family used to go to the mountains every fall, so I miss it now.

Oh, and I’ve never been to a family reunion either…but apparently that will be remedies soon for me as well. :)


Sure enjoy myself, and the time spend with you all. Love Ya! Nice pictures!

Looks like a lovey weekend!! That rock photo with the initials is very cool! HAve a safe and happy day!

Amazing pictures. Looks like you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

your pictures are gorgeous! I think you are so talented with your pictures, I definitely think you are going to do amazing things with your photos! Praise God for such a wonderful talent :)

My memorial day weekend was spent working but I did have a hot dog yesterday on my lunch break :) Tried to keep tradition alive somehow!

Beautiful photos of your beautiful family! Looks like you had so much fun :)

Wow what a gorgeous view!
I had a very good weekend celebrating my girl’s birthday and being surrounded by our loved ones :)

I always love your photographs so much! You really know how to capture the most unusual but cute moments. my favorite of course is the baby sleeping in the stroller! haha. What a doll! hope your Memorial day was fun and you enjoyed spending time with his family.

Is you family in Kentucky as well?


these pictures are gorgeous! haha it looks like your kind-a town! :)

Gorgeous photos. I love that one of you and the little guy sitting on the bench. Just beautiful!

the pictures are incredible and what a great time with family!

You and your husband are such a darling couple! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

amy day to day

i love the photo with the grandfather’s initials…with memorial day my grandfather has been in my mind. family reunions are the best! just thinking about them puts a smile on my face.

I sure do love your pictures. It looks like a restful place to be. My weekend consisted of resting myself after getting back from a week of busy travel.

Wow…. just WOW! I love the mountains and hope I get to live in them some day. That photo of your hubby and boy on the tractor is so precious!

My weekend was nice. Got to hear a great panel discussion, testimony and scripture teaching on 1corinthians (5:10 I think??? I am so bad at remembering verses!) “I AM WHAT I AM BY THE GRACE OF GOD” at a women event in between my two jobs on Saturday. That was quite a blessing :). I also went to the park yesterday with a close sister of mine and we read the bible, had quite time, napped, and just enjoyed laying in the grass in the middle of a park on a Sunday. It was beautiful. She leaves for Africa soon and I really enjoyed just being able to be still and silent before the Lord with her. Plus passing out in the sun is ALWAYS fun :).

Love you and your blog. Praying you and your GORGEOUS family enjoy time together today. God bless America and our fallen soldiers who have fought to maintain our freedom.


Such great pictures! You have such a beautiful family :) Happy memorial day!

Love this. Beautiful, as always!

Oh gosh, the Smokies are my favorite place in the world. My grandparents live in Knoxville and I spent a lot of time in those mountains as a kid. And Dollywood! I love Dollywood.

Lovely photos! Looks like such a wonderful time.

The Smokey Mountains are soooo beautiful! I was actually in Gatlinburg this past week enjoying the views!

You captured some wonderful pictures!

Your trip looks so magical!

As a Christian teenager who is BLESSED to know God, I find you are an inspiration to girls like me! You aren’t afraid of showing how deep your love is for him, and that is an amazing quality. Thanks for showing me how cool it is to share your faith <3.

It looks like you guys had an amazing time. That is really special that he can say those initials were carved by his granpa 70 years ago! I love small towns, and being surrounded by hills or mountains. Glad you guys had fun!

P.S. Gorgeous photos *as usual*.

What an amazing trip! Both Gregg and I said, “Wow” in reply to Jay’s grandfather’s initials being carved on that rock. What a history and a heritage! =)

Oh, what fun your first reunion! I had a wonderful weekend. I am in the rolling hill/mountains of southern Oregon visiting my grandmother. I will never forget spending this time with her.

looks like a beautiful part of the world… I feel the same, I am so peaceful inside when surrounded by nature and old, pure parts of the world. Sounds gorgeous x hope you have a beautiful week!

love your braids.

just emailed you!

your pictures are beyond words, as always!
im glad you had a great time…
we headed to the beach for the holiday and my highlight of the weekend was been able to do some reading… how i missed my books.

have a blessed Tuesday!


thank you emily! :)


oh my! i bet that is beautiful! enjoy your time there :)


thank you yolanda! :) hope you all had a great weekend!!


me too…small towns are usually so beautiful and have so much character!
hope you have a blessed week :)


thank you so much hannah! that was so encouraging to read :)
keep pressing on to know HIM! <3


gatlinburg is beautiful! we lived right by there for a while…gorgeous views :)


my husband and i lived in knoxville and we loved it….very beautiful views of the mountains! :)
have a blessed week!


thank you lori! hope you & yours had a beautiful weekend!


thank you so much scout! :)


oh, i agree :) i hope you had a beautiful and a blessed memorial day weekend!


thank you danica :) it was a lot of fun! some of my family is in kentucky & it’s where we live as well!
hope you have a blessed week!


thank you debby! hope you have a great week :)


thank you alivia :)


thank you delaney! :) i hope you have a blessed week!


thank you!! :)


i love the mountains…they are definitely beautiful and it is so awesome seeing His creation!
hope you have a great week :)

Whoops. I meant remedied. :)

I hope you have a great week too!

I love visiting your blog, it’s so peaceful and the photos are beautiful.

LOVE the smokies. SO gorgeous. Great photos- you guys look so relaxed and happy. :)

Your photos make me smile. I love that one by the pool and the last one with him walking. So beautiful. I spent a lot of time outdoors, too, but my favorite part was simply being with family and having a BBQ. It was relaxing.

How wonderful! I love family reunions. I’m actually going to mine in a few weeks. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

oh dear, this is such a precious post! i adore these.
and do you use photoshop to place that pretty font onto your photos?

~Andrea @


Every Time I go to Pineville for our Reunion, i get my picture taken at the same place, where my grandpa carved his initials into the mountain. You should see the funny pictures we took when I was 11 or 12 and again at 16. Plan to keep that tradition going, and have Leland continue it :)

I always feel such peace when visiting your blog, Arielle. <3 I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday!

This looks like such a fun outing and what beautiful pictures! I am simply loving your blog and am so glad I stumbled upon it!

Liesl :)

You have a beautiful blog and a talent!

lovely pictures! where is this at? i would definitely enjoy a ride on such a colorful ferris wheel!

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