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i work for a King.

my mom sent me this quote a couple weeks ago and i loved it. (she always finds the best quotes.) i snapped these two pictures real quick while taking some pictures for an outfit post that will be posted here tomorrow. anywho, hope you are enjoying your day…tomorrow is friday, woohoo!



I LOVE this!! I might have to barrow it )

Thank you so much for this reminder! I love that part about how we manage our homes is a form of worship. It so is and I often times forget that and our home shows. This is definitely going to be part of my prayers this week and going into my journal. I aspire for my home to glorify God as much as my actions!

i love your hair in these photos! and that lacey vest is so cute!

you have the most perfect hair ever :) I really wish my hair was as pretty as yours is! So beautiful.

That is a fantastic quote. I may have to put it up at work. Tomorrow IS Friday. Thank goodness!!!

Love that quote! I just might have to steal it =)

What a great quote she found and the pictures are so pretty.


Love this quote. It is so true and is a good reminder for all of us to show our King how much we appreciate the gifts he has blessed us with. Thank you for sharing. I love the pictures too:)

Absolutely beautiful!!! These photos are amazing and the words gave me goosebumps. We must remember to do all things in His name!! Beautiful post!

Beautiful quote and pictures! I love what you’re wearing and Leland is looking extremely handsome!

wow your hair is incredible. you should do a tutorial on how to do that! yes please!

That is a beatiful quote. Perfectly stated!

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gah! you two are just beautiful, so gorgeous! and the quote with the pictures: perfect!!

Oh my, that quote is just beautiful. And so are these photos, your hair looks amazing. :)

Arielle, LOVE the hairstyle. Please do a tutorial on this, please please please :)

That is an incredible quote and a beautiful reminder. Love it girl!

i love this quote! so beautiful! and i love your pictures… :)

Your posts ALWAYS make me smile. Thank you for that!

I was just listening to a two part sermon about how our work, whatever that may be, is worship. So so encouraging and challenging! This quote goes along perfectly with it. Whether you’re crunching numbers, a stay at home mama, a student, an artist, or a school bus driver, you’re working for God. He sees our work as worship. Our very lives are worship. Such an incredibly meaningful thought. Thanks for the reminder. :)

What a perfect quote!! I think I need to borrow it :)

That quote your mom gave you really is thought provoking. I had never thought of it like that. Hope you had a good week, and hope your weekend is lovely!

Beautiful quote.
Pictures are beautiful too!

Absolutely beautiful.

Such a perfect quote accompanied with perfect pictures.

Blessings to you. :)

Beautiful Arielle xx Thank you for sharing x

OMGoodness…your hair is fabulous, your outfit is adorable, and that quote is amazing! It’s definitely going in the quote book!

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, I was so happy to find your blog because of it–I love it! :)

so precious!

oh my goodness, these photos are wonderful….and your hair is GORGEOUS.

I love love love LOVE your heart for God and this quote!

you brighten my day friend!

that is a great quote! and you look amazing!! you do indeed dress the best! :D x

casey wiegand

this is beyond gorgeous!

Loving both the quote and the photos. Just beautiful!

this is such a great reminder that all we do is for his glory.

that baby is sooooo cute! :D
your hair looks lush like that :)


thank you sophie! :)


thank you branson :)


aw thank you denise!


thank you so much chelsea :)


thank you so much jordyn!


thank you so much jessica! :)


thank you rachel :) many blessings!


thank you so much! i hope you have a very blessed week <3


aw thank you lindsay!


thank you hope :)


oh! that is a good idea :) i just might have to do that! ;)


thank you so much lovely!


thank you so much brittany :)


thank you natalie!


that is a lovely idea :)


thank you so much olivia! i hope you and your family are enjoying your vacation! :)


thank you traci <3


aw thank you delaney :)

I like the quotes here, and the testament to your date in the later post. wb

Whoops, supposed to say “testament to your dad” in my previous comment.

prakash chettri

lov it

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