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saturday afternoon.

leland is taking a nap at the moment so i thought i’d check in and post a little sumthin’ while i had some extra time. it is SO HOT here today! i have been inside most of the day… it’s a little too warm to have the little guy outside for long periods of time. i am so glad it’s the weekend…jay is working now but i am looking forward to spending some time with him tonight. do a little gardening, a little reading. i’ll be back soon for a lengthier (is that a word?!) and not so random of a post. do you have many plans for the weekend? anything exciting? it’s a laid back kind of weekend for us here. i hope you are enjoying this beautiful saturday!



We need to do a bit of gardening too! Hope you are enjoying your relaxing (albeit warm!) Saturday! :)

Your hair is so pretty like that! It is ridiculously hot here, too. We are basically stuck in the house unless we are in the pool. And my garden is suffering! Hoping for some serious rain. Have a great weekend, enjoy the low-key time!

lovely hair! sounds like a great saturday to me!

Chanel Paulk

i love the braid in your hair! so cute! have a good weekend! i’m going out tonight with a ministry from my church, Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, to talk to people about the Lord at the Huntington Beach Pier (California)! :)

your hair gets prettier with every post.

and yes, lengthier is a word ;)


love the pictures! esp. of the nesting bird!!! ;)
today i went to one of our *very* close friend’s wedding’s. it was a very nice wedding, and was fun, but i must admit- it was hard to keep from crying the whole time. almost all of the bridesmaid’s (my sister included;) ended up crying at some point. the love the bride and groom show toward eachother was beautiful and amazing. *sigh*
the rest of the weekend i’ll be doing a whole bunch of nothing, hopefully. besides going to church tomorrow, of course!


oh how i LOVE old books. you’ve got me wanting that picture. :) and look at you two lovebirds–gorgeous, the both of you! have a great weekend!

It’s raining her and I’m bundled up in a sweater, the thought of ‘hot’ is crazy right now. This weather is insane.

I love how you did you hair, just love it! That picture is great of you two. Happy Saturday to you!

What state do you live in? I live in SC, and the humidity here is a beast – it’s seriously like 95 degrees PLUS humidity makes it like 110 or something ridiculous-er (which is definitely not a word).

is that bird real? it looks stuffed! too good to be true- i hope it has little nesting baby birds.

and your hair is beautiful, as is your face.


Hi Arielle! I’ve been reading your blog from Sweden for a while, I love it! Just wondering where you live? I’m guessing the states or england (hence the language). It’s so nice to read your blog. It feels sincere and seeing super-cute Leland really makes me smile!


Love it, as usual Arielle. You do such great writings, (not sure if thats a correct way of saying it) LOL hot here also.. take care and give leland big huggs for me! :)

I want to know how you do your hair like the above photo! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

Love these pictures! And I love how you did your hair in that one shot =D


Hope you all enjoy the weekend. How is the garden anyway? Is “Farmer Jay” staying busy in the field? LOL! Miss and love you all…… Terra

beautiful pictures! you and your hubs are so sweet together :) hope you’re having a great weekend!

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. don’t know you IRL, but your blog, pics, words are full of peace. loved the music you had a link to last week and have listened to it several times.

Aw, sounds like such a lovely day! Also, your hair always looks so pretty every time I see it. Love the braid!

Looks like such a peaceful day :)

You hair looks beautiful in that picture, Arielle! And I love the picture of the tattered books, especially the Bible. I always love worn Bibles – it says so much about the Bible’s owner!

What a beautiful Saturday, even though it’s hot. I love that last pic of you two!!!


thank you so much jhen!


thank you nicole! :)


thank you so much :)


thank you so much shelly :) many blessings.


thank you lori! hope you have a beautiful week! :)


thank you natalie! :)


aw, haha…thank you lindsay :)


thank you so much penny! :) hope you have a great week!!
~ arielle


thank you so much :) i live in the U.S. …the state of kentucky!
what a sweet comment, i truly appreciate it. many blessings <3


haha, yea it was real ;)
thank you so much mary! have a great week!


we live in kentucky! and yes, the humidity here is pretty bad too :/
definitely makes for not so great of hair days :)


thank you so much emily :) i hope you have a beautiful week!


thank you brittany! :)


oh, that sounds awesome! weddings are so much fun….hope you had a beautiful time!
thank you so much for the sweet comment abby! have a very blessed week :)


haha, thank you jenni! :) have a great week!


thank you :) oh how awesome! so cool to see others’ stepping outside
of their comfort zone to share the good news :)


thank you olivia :) hope you have a wonderful week!

pretty pretty pretty! love the hair braid. i know that’s not what this post is about but i sure do think it’s lovely:)

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