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trip to the beach. (part one)

we are back from lousiana and florida! i took pictures for a friend’s lovely wedding and then we packed up and headed to the beach for a few days. it was such a blessing but at the same time i definitely missed our little guy. i think he had a pretty good time at my mom’s though ;) things are really busy here and i have a lot to do before we pack up and leave for another trip this weekend to the lake. i have more to share about our trip that i will post soon. hope y’all are doing lovely!



Love your dress! =D

i love your dress, your shoes (both of them…i have the navy canvas ones from payless), and the feather in your hair! these pictures are gorgeous! :)

These pictures are beautiful!! I love that dress you wore to the beach. So summer-y! And yay for mini golfing.. so much fun! Looks like you guys had a really good time. I miss the beach so much!

Simply lovely, Arielle! I absolutely love the one of Jay’s hand with the sand and the scripture … perfect!! It’s been a little while since I’ve stopped in here, but I’ve tried to keep up with you and your mom on Facebook. Looks like you and Jay had a wonderful time and these pictures tell your story … so sweet! Makes me want to hop in the car and drive the 25+ hours to get there, myself! We’re due for a vacation, but we’re not sure when we’ll be able to, right now. In the meantime, I can enjoy hearing about others who do go! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, and seeing some of those wedding pictures, too! :) You have a blessed week!

Hugs ~

I can’t wait to see part 2! It looks like you had a great time :D

In love with that dress!!!

I love that dress & your feathers & all of the gorgeous pictures. What a lovely trip!
<3 leigh

These are amazing, looks like the perfect getaway! I just saw Jen’s photos, what a special time!

First off, your dress is absolutely beautiful. And second, these pictures are so simple, yet so peaceful looking :) Love it!

love love love!

What beautiful beautiful pictures!! You look just lovely in that dress! And those feathers in your hair are perfect :) Ah, pictures like these make me miss my camera!

Amazing pictures!! Absolutely Breathtaking!! I LOVE the dress you are wearing in the first couple pictures

I look through all these amazing photos, and all I can think to say is “I love mini golf” because the photos are too beautiful for words! Is there a third starfish photo hiding somewhere, because what a perfect series for a washroom ;-) (I am officialy addicted to photo sets of 3, lol)

Do you use a tripod on the ones of you both?
I love the one where you’re cheesing it next to him. So cute. I absolutely love that verse and the picture you chose with it is perfect.

I always love looking at your photos! you have such a great eye for beauty.
it looks like you had so much fun!
oh and I love your feathers! :)


Arielle! Your style is so beautiful and divine! These pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the feathers in your hair! You pull them off so well!

Beautiful photographs, Arielle! I love the photo with the Scripture. You’re gorgeous and the dress is lovely. Sure looks like you had a wonderful trip!

These photos are gorgeous! Especially the ones of you and her hubs, those are framers for sure :)

your photos are amazing girl! Glad you got to travel and get a mini vacation in with your man. How did you like FLORIDA AND LOUISIANA?? I haven’t ever been to either but I wouldn’t mind visiting sometime… Blessings to you love!

This looks so beautiful! I love your photographs.

Good gravy you are beautiful. And you achieve it while dressing modestly! Kudos! Glad you had fun. : ) Happy 4th weekend!

I love your pictures Arielle. You always seem to catch the beauty in everything. And you looked stunning in that dress at the beach.


Love these pictures. You catch the whole feeling and essence of Florida and the beach! The colors, everything. Glad you had a good time. I had Leland withdrawls all day yesterday =) Love, Mom

Wow – what lovely photos!

I’ve fallen in love with your blog! I saw you from Jennifer Blair’s site and have been “following” ever since. Your pictures are so simply gorgeous! I’m a newlywed and I cannot wait to start a little family!

It looks like you’ve had a beautiful time. Love these shots.

what beautiful beach photos! :)

I always love what you are wearing. You need to send some shopping tips my way :)

This is beyond beautiful Arielle, so pure x

I have absolutely fallen in love with your blog. It is so full of gorgeous pictures and inspiring posts. By the way, I love that picture of the bible.



thank you so much mariel! love your name :)


thank you vivi :)


hehe, thanks lori :)


thank you ashley! :)


thank you so much lauren :) blessings!


thank you so much jennifer :)


aw thank you jessica! :) hope you have a blessed weekend!


thank you so much amanda :)


thanks cheche! :) they were both awesome but im sure they are not quite as awesome as california!!
i would love to visit cali sometime in the future…i hear it is gorgeous there! be blessed girl!


thank you gaby :)


aw thank you mia! many blessings :)


thank you megan! many blessings <3


yep! definitely use a tripod :) thank you so much emily….hope you are feeling better and rested :)


thank you so much branson! :) photo sets of three are awesome…you are right!
i owe you an email here soon too! blessings <3


thank you andrea! :)


thank you joye! :)


thank you so much :)

That close up profile shot of you with your hair blowing in the wind= STUNNING! Your husband’s goofy photos are cool too! That’s the kind of stuff my husband would do… which is why it’s been fun being married to him. =) A great sense of humor is always a plus! LOVE your outfits! & Psalm 139 is one of my fave Psalms to read to my baby.

You are so pretty! Seriously I’m way jealous :) And your dress is way cute!!

The back of your dress is so pretty! I also love those tan shoes!

I adore your photos and all the details. Looks like such a beautiful memorable trip!

You’re so beautiful – I love that maxi dress and the feathers in your hair. :)

And there’s something extra special and peaceful about reading the Bible on the beach… <3

so beautiful.
love that verse! reminds me of the Third Day song, “Take my life”.

All of these photos are so wonderful, i love them. It looks like such a lovely time!

love your dress! so effortless and lovely.

Found your blog through Casey W. I love it and I am your newest follower! :)

Um…I need to know where you got that dress you’re wearing in the beach pics. Love it.


thank you! it’s from forever 21 :)


oh awesome! thank you :)


thank you so much dear! i agree…it was definitely peaceful :) have a great sunday!


aw thank you denise! :)


thank you so much becky! yes, my husband definitely has some kind of sense of humor- haha :)
i love psalm 139 as well! blessings to you!

great photos! so pretty.

my favourite scripture Arielle. See you wearing your just so nice “toms”.

i know i say this all the time, but all the photos are just so beautiful! I really enjoy looking through each photos.


love your pics.
am your newest follower.


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