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trip to the beach. (part two)

while on our little vacation i was so excited to meet jennifer (from the blair affairs.) we have emailed every now and then and we definitely have a lot in common. let me just say, it was such a blessing to be able to meet her! the four of us spent the day together…went out to eat, talked, and did some other things. one thing that i have noticed about jennifer is her passion for Jesus (you can especially sense it while reading her blog) …that is such a rare quality to find nowadays it seems. she definitely has a beautiful heart. i found out that we all have so much in common and it is quite honestly such a disappointment we live so far away. having married couples around us our age is far and few between.  it was encouraging to be around others who truly love Jesus. not to mention, they love music. AH! it was great.

y’all should really check out her blog, you will be encouraged. right now she is in the middle of “the difference project” in which you do not buy any new item of clothing for a whole nine months. all the extra money that you would spend buying clothes goes towards organizations. that is awesome and am thinking i personally need to take up that challenge here soon. anywho, it was a lovely time and i am so thankful that i was able to meet her. you never know….maybe one day soon we’ll meet up again :)


Love that you were able to meet up. Such a treat I’m sure. I love reading both of your blogs and I can easily see how much you two would hit it off. Great pictures for the memories!

What a blessing! It IS so wonderful when God allows us to cross paths with those who are of a like mind and a like heart. It’s encouraging to know you’re not alone after all. =)

I just love meeting people like that! They’re always the sweetest people :) Jesus Rocks!! ha :)

as i already mentioned on jennifer’s blog, it’s wonderful to see two of my favorite bloggers meeting up, especially because you both love the Lord and are serving him faithfully. it’s neat that you share so much in common. God has definitely blessed you with a long distance friendship and i’m glad you could meet in person. i have many long distance friendships because i’m a missionary kid and even though they are difficult to maintain, i treasure each one.

love in Christ,

I’ve had the chance to meet a couple of blogging friends too, and it’s been so much fun! And sharing and talking about our faith has really been my favorite part of that, because it really is hard to find these days like you said =)

How awesome it that! When I looked at the first picture I was like, “that cannot be!”
I love meeting blog friends.
<3 leigh

So fun that you guys could meet! I saw Jennifer’s post about it, and just had to stop by and say hello:-) xoxo

Your vacation pictures are awesome! How fun to get away sans the baby. All couples need that! :) I especially love the ones from yesterday of you and your sweet hubby on the beach.

awww I love jennifers blog :) she is so amazing and totally has a heart for the lord. I am so happy that you were able to spend time with her.

Thats so good that you found a friend in Jennifer, I soo enjoy her blog and yes, her love for Jesus clearly shines through. And so does yours!

Sigh. The beach is an incredible place. I’m going this weekend and I can’t wait. I’d go everyday if I didn’t have responsibilities. And how awesome that you could meet a blog friend! I’ve always wanted to meet some of mine….it would be so cool!
By the way, I just adore you and your blog so much. Please don’t stop blogging! :)


That’s so awesome that y’all got to meet up! ;)
You came to Florida? What part?


I adore both of you guys!! So fun that you got to meet!

oh i love jennifers blog! that’s awesome you guys were able to meet! quick question for you, where is that dress from! love the color and the style of it! :)

this is lovely! :) something random i keep meaning to ask you (because i’m nosey! haha): are you and jay the same age?

I adore both you lovely ladies and your amazing hearts for Jesus! That is so awesome that you got to meet. What a blessing!

i miss the beach so much!!! looks so nice!!

Oh, it’s so much fun to meet people from the blogging world! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

Lindsay Lee

LOVE that you got to meet one of your bloggy buddies…that’s the best :) CUTE pictures!

I am so surprised at the fact that you and Jennifer both struggle with meeting other godly couples your age. I guess I take California for granted. Churches and Southern California in general is packed full with young married couples. Especially working in a bank I see them all the time. I really appreciate it now after reading both her and your blog. You guys are such a blessing. And I wish I could meet you both sometime as well. I’m not married but maybe someday in the future GOD will open the door for traveling and seeing some of my favorite inspiring bloggers. Love you girl!


SO FUN! I love meeting online friends in real life. Lovely photos, as usual!

Thank you for sharing the pictures! They’re lovely! I was happy to find Jennifer’s blog and I subscribed.

looks like an absolutely beautiful trip. and what fun meeting up with Jennifer! Having couple friends who loved the Lord is such a blessing!

This made me smile really big! :)

That’s so great that how blog world can make strong bonds between people…! :)

Having friends is such a blessing! I love your blog (you totally have a Spanish follower); thanks for sharing her blog with us. I’ll be stopping by.

I’ve added a link yo your blog on mine. Hope you don’t mind. :P

Have a nice day!


thank you so much! many blessings. :)


it definitely is such a blessing! :)


thank you anna! :)


thank you so much amylou :)


thank you so much hope! jay is a year and a half older than me :)


thank you brittany! the dress is from forever 21 :)


thank you natalie! blessings! :)


thank you abigail! we came to destin and panama city beach :)


thank you so much amy! your comment was such a blessing! enjoy your time at the beach :) blessings!


thank you so much andrea!


thank you amy! :)


thank you so much! blessings!


thank you so much for your sweet comment jess :) it was truly a blessing!


that is so true! it definitely is encouraging! :) hope you are doing well yolanda!

oh i love her! and her blog. well, both of your blogs. :)

this looks lovely… and i love your dress too.


thank you! :)

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