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a weekend in july.

last week we spent time at the lake….we watched some fireworks, spent time with family, ate some good food…. it was a lovely time! with us traveling a bit, it seems like we’ve been living out of a suitcase the last couple of weeks and i have quite a bit to catch up on! did you do anything exciting this weekend? how did you spend independence day? i’m looking forward to this next week and hopefully will catch up on some things (including laundry!) ;)



Beautiful photos as usual — love the simplicity and peace to all of your images. We’re catching up on laundry as well! After you’ve been gone for a week, you tend to get a bit behind. My mom is on her ninth load of laundry today, I believe. I think we’re folding while watching Food Network Star, tonight. ;)

Loads of love —


Oh how neat!! Our little ones had the same shirts for their first 4th of July! Small world!

this is SUCH a beautiful post! love the photos!

Beautiful photos. I love the collage in the middle. Looks like you had a wonderful fourth with your family:)

Breathtaking photos! You’re weekend in July looks like it was enjoyable to say the least. The words you paired with them were perfect!

Your pictures are always a breath of fresh air, thank you for that :)

Love how you tell your stories with your photos, Arielle! These are so wonderful … looks like you had a very special time! Honestly, our 4th of July weekend was fairly quiet … and that was nice for a change … spending time with the one I love … just the two of us. :) You have a blessed week!

Absolutely stunning photography, as always.

Also, this may sound weird, but you and your husband have the same sort of smile. It makes me happy when couples look a little bit alike. You two are the sweetest.


Beautiful photos!! I am heading out of town next week, thank goodness! This heat is about to do me in. A vacation is long over due! Your 4th looked beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

that looks amazing. and those ducks? how cute!

I simply love you photographs!


Your photos are gorgeous!! I’m dying over those sweet ducklings!!!

i love all your photos. what an amazing week. im glad you guys had such a great time. the lake is just beautiful. take me next time. :)

look at you…playing the guitar! My husband plays the guitar and I asked him to teach me once…he taught me one little part of a song…hardest thing I have ever done!…I leave the music playing to him now :)

Your weekends are always so beautiful…almost dreamlike beautiful!

Aw, I love the “My first fourth of July” shirt on your little one! Adorable.

Oh my goodness, your photos are AMAZING! Some of them seriously took my breath away. So refreshing and just all-around pretty. Okay I’ll stop gushing now, but I’m so glad I’ve found your blog!! Xo, Katie

Looks like a perfect weekend! Oh how I miss the lake. That last shot? Utterly fabulous. I love the colors, the silhouette and the moon all captured into one. Beautiful!

beautiful photos… i love them!

Beeeaauuttiful photos as always! Do you ever edit your photos? if you do, what website or program do you use? Glad you had a wonderful time at the lake! :)

Lovely photos as always! I love your photography style – so beautiful. This weekend I spent time with family at the mall and the pool. :)

your photos are always so so beautiful

Loved this! especially the photo about making new friends! ;)
And your little one is so cute in his first 4th of July shirt!
I love acoustic guitars. My husband and brother can both play.
I bet we couldn’t persuade you to do a music vlog could we?! If not that’s cool. I just love music vlogs. Hoping to do one soon myself if I can get my bro to play for me.
For me…this weekend was thrifting and the 4th was full of the parade and pool time.

Loved all the photos you shared. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your little family. I love his little 1st 4th shirt. So cute!

Your photos are all so serene. Makes me want to go to that exact same spot and just be still for awhile!

Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely July!

Your hair is always so flawless and your smile is gorgeous. Her lil guy is so so precious! have a great day and hopefully you will get some laundry done..mine are always endless no matter how many times I do it :D

These photos are magically beautiful… this is my first time at your blog and I’m hooked! Going to explore some more :)

WOW!! I love how beautiful all of your photos are! You’re so incredibly talented!! And your blog is equally beautiful! :)


as always!

You’re pictures are absolutely beautiful! It looks like you had such a fun time at the lake :)

P.S. You are SOO Pretty. Love your blog :)


thank you so much madeline! :)


thank you so much! :)


thank you! :)


thank you!! :)


thank you so so much! blessings to you! :)


thank you emily! :)


oh a music vlog is such a good idea!! maybe i should do one sometime :)
i would love to hear you play/sing on one! have a beautiful week!


yes i edit my photos :) i use photoshop….:)


thank you so much courtney! :)


thank you so much katie! :)


thank you jennifer :) blessings!


oh that is so sweet! my husband and i both have small eyes too…i can definitely see what you mean- haha :)
many blessings!


thank you so much deborah! i’m glad you had such a nice 4th of july as well! hope you have a blessed week! :)

Wow, I love all these photos. So beautiful. You have a gift.

Just beautiful!


thank you amy! :)

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