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…just a few film pictures i took with my instax camera on our trip. i loved having that camera with us.

we’re out on the road again heading to the lake to spend time with family. so excited :) things have been so (i mean SO) busy lately so it will be nice to spend a few days with some of my favorite people. i hope y’all are doing well and enjoying this long weekend.



looks like an awesome place to be, a beach…oh yes!!!! I still have my old polaroid camera…where in the world do you find the film?? :)

have a wonderful weekend!

Gorgeous photos, I love the feel instax gives to photos! Looks like you had a really great trip :)

such beautiful & fun pics! enjoy your longweekend ^_^

What a beautiful pictures, you all look so happy!
Have fun at the lake and during this long weekend (for you, I have an exam on the 4th of July, uuug).


These are so gorgeous. Polaroids are SO expensive in England so I haven’t been able to do it for years.

Glad you had a great holiday and have fun at the lake.

i really want a polaroid camera…these photos are so pretty! i love your dress in the last picture! looks like you guys had a great trip :)

Cute! We have that camera too, but always forget to pull it out and take it wherever we go. Love your pictures :)

I lovelovelove polaroids and I’ve been looking into buying an Instax. What kind would you suggest?

Some of my favorite photos you’ve ever posted! I LOVE them!

great shots! i hope you have a wonderful long weekend :)

oh! i’m going to have to get me something like this for my trip to the beach next week! :)

oooh these are so fun! I have the fuji instax mini but the wide ones turn out especially neat.
there is something so fun about taking a picture and watching it slowly develop, isnt there?! :)


LOVE these. polaroid/instax really know how to make everything look so much cooler.

can you upload straight to your computer with the instax??? Love the headband your wearing in your top picture. SO beautiful. Praying things slow down for ya chica :).

I love polaroids! These are great pictures of you two, as always. Happy 4th!


Hey there! I just found your blog and I have to say that I am already in love…with your blog! :) Thank you for being so amazing! I look forward to enjoying more amazing stuff here.

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3 NIV)

Lots of love, Tay

looks beautiful! hope you guys are having a beautiful week :)

oh yay! I was hoping to see these since you told me you got that camera.
They are all awesome! Love the ones on the beach and the one with Jennifer! So cool!

Hello!!! Great pictures!!! I am doing a summer list mash up! If your interested just check out my blog and e-mail me!!! I would love to include you!

i just love these are beyond gorgeous

I LOVE these polaroids! You are so cute!

wonderful photos!u look so great.really like ur hair.
lovely blog dear.i am following you.i’d be really gratefull if u followed me back :)


thank you connie! :)

Amazing pictures! Love them all! Newest follower :)

I love photos like this… they give such a personal touch!

Looks like a wonderful trip! I love the way these shots look.

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