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small moments.

when i was young, i couldn’t wait to grow up. in my teenage years i couldn’t wait to get a job. when i was in high school i couldn’t wait to graduate and attend college. i have always been one to look ahead and somehow want to speed up time. call it discontentment, i don’t know. but now, i wish that i could stop time for just a bit. i look at my sleeping baby next to me and think about how one day he won’t be so small….jay and i won’t always be young…time will keep moving.

it’s the times when the three of us are all on the floor laughing and jay looks over at me and smiles and all is well. it’s the times when the family is at my brother’s baseball games watching, talking, and spending time together. it’s these time i cherish and want to remember. it’s these moments in which i’d like to pause and savor every moment of them.

when i was young, i wished time moved faster. but now, i’ve learned to appreciate this season and these times that slip by just a little too quickly. i’ve learned to see the beauty in the small moments of my day and not wish them away…


i am so in love with you and your writing! this post is downright beautiful and makes me want to cry. i am the exact same way about looking to the future. sometimes it is so lovely to slow down and appreciate the moment :) your family is gorgeous as is your photography :)

so so beautiful. this made my heart so happy

You always capture the most beautiful moments. Thats why I ADORE this blog :)

I used to be this same way. I always wanted to grow up, sometimes even forcing it. And not I am just so happy to enjoy the time around me. There are some adult things I am looking forward to but the older I get the more I realize how I am often not living in the moment or am happy where God has me. Thinking about when I will be married, when I will be a nurse, or when I will be a mom. I need to cherish each moment and realize that God is using me in all my moments of life :)

I was the same way…always wanting to grow up and now wanting it to stop. I pray I can instill in my kids the ability to enjoy where God has them. great post.


i love this picture. so much happiness !

I think it was meant to be that I ended up here somehow..this is such a beautifully written post. I was alwyas the same way..wanting to be older and move onto the next “big girl” thing. Now that I am a Mom I just want to freeze time and stay just where I am and enjoy NOW.

i love what you write, arielle! your words are so wise and thought-provoking. thank you for encouraging me and the rest of your readers to be more fully devoted to serving Christ and enjoying life.


Awh this photo is just so precious!
You’re blessed to have such a wonderful family!
& the look on the little one’s face is simply adorable..
Have a beautiful week! xo

So gorgeous Arielle, you have such a beautiful perspective! I know I am always looking to the future, and often scornful of this moment here and now, which is unfortunate, and something to work on for sure. Sometimes I feel resentful at the way things are in the moment, but there are still small things that are beautiful and worth taking a moment to love whole heartedly! Good times are around the corner, they will come soon enough and then probably go too fast! The only thing we can ever be sure of, they say.. is this one fleeting moment :) Thank you for sharing, always x

This is so beautiful! Those sweet little moments are what life is all about! They pass by so fast and I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and savor them. “See the beauty in the small moments”: that’s exactly it!

I feel the same way. When were younger, we just want to be older so we can spread our wings but now after having Kaylee..I just want to hold her in my arms forever or watch her sleep.

Loved, loved, loved the picture!
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. You rock, you know..

Sometimes I feel the same way, though I’d love to have a baby and then, maybe, life would be… complete. We’re working on that :P

Beautiful post! I was the same way but now that my oldest is soon to be 15, I find myself wanting to slow time down and even go back to the day when I had all little kids and just savor the moments instead of surviving. My youngest is already 8 months and it has just flown by and I have savored every moment I could. I see my daughter wishing she was older…I keep encouraging her to be content and live EACH and EVERY moment to its fullest.

Oh what a lovely blog and gorgeous post. I was exactly the same, so important to appreciate and focus on now. Time goes by so quickly. Bless x

It’s amazing how a tiny little person can change your perspective so much! I am constantly not wanting time to move foward. I am enjoying every moment with my baby and don’t want him to grow up anymore already.. and it’s only been 6 months!

And those sweet family moments are the best. I wish we could just freeze time.

This post made me smile :-)
Your story is so beautiful.

Such a beautiful post. I was the same way. But with summer already have over, I’m really trying to appreciate and soak up everything I can. =) I adore your family and that picture.

Beautiful and wise words for us all. Thanks so much for the reminder to slow down and be content with the things God has placed before us :)

It’s moments like these that I love to flip through from my childhood. It’s sweet and should be treasured for years.

this is so true Arielle, thank you for sharing. We must learn to slow down & cherish every special little moment, they are God given xx <3

vivi x

well said friend, well said.

this describes me perfectly right now.

I totally can relate to this post … I was always looking ahead to the next big thing and now i’ve learned to just enjoy the gift that each day brings!

This is definitely a lesson that I started to learn last year. I try not to let moments pass me by anymore!

Beautifully said, as always! :) I had the same restlessness for the future to happen as I grew up and sometimes, I still do. Sometimes too, I find myself looking back and longing for things past. I try to appreciate each moment as it passes, but some days I do that better than others.

I was the exact same way, even a little still. Always wanting what I couldn’t have, but with getting older, time going so much quicker and now I just want to stop and savor what I’m given now so I don’t miss out.

I feel exactly the same. Now I just want to hold my fiance and look into his eyes and not have the work, school, or money obligations. Just to be happy and carefree…

this is so beautiful, and true. this post reminds me of the quote “enjoy the small things, because one day you will realize they were the big things”. I’m linking your blog in my “links to love” post tomorrow! :)

Beautiful post. I’ve heard that having babies will do that to you, make you want to stop time. Can’t wait til I’m a muma someday… xx

As usual, you are right on target. Enjoy those moments, because each one is precious. Love that pic, Arielle! :)

Lovely! =D

I was like that growing up as well. And now I feel similarly as you stated. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I had a child. Times just goes so SO fast!

that first picture is AMAZING. So adorable :) I agree about time passing … I can’t believe that my girl is 2 years old already. I can still see her as a newborn looking up at me..

Love this! What a beautiful picture! You have a great little family… and great insight into how to truly enjoy life. I think both the former and the latter are blessings that come from God… without Him, there’d be no family…and without Him, there’d be no wisdom/insight. =) You’re blessed!

I have also always been a “skip ahead-er”. Now that I have a little one I want to stop time and hold onto her tiny little hands forever! :) thank you for this reminder to take each moment as it comes and to embrace all the love that surrounds me! blessings!

Such a good philosophy to live by…

I was the same way too! I couldn’t wait to grow up and be out on my own. I guess in some ways, I’ve always been eager to move onto the next step in life. I try to remember to cherish these days of freedom with my husband while they last!

I love that photo. It so completely sums up those small moments you described so beautifully in this post, my friend. Keep savoring those blessings. :)

what a sweet moment. :)

Sometimes I still catch myself waiting for the next best thing, but today is beautiful. I know when tomorrow comes, I’ll be craving yesterday.
Thanks for this post. I think we all need to slow down, and enjoy the moments God has given us today, there is a reason he gave them to us today — not tomorrow. :)

I know this feeling toooo well! Soak up every minute!!! (and I keep reminding myself of this, too!)

LOVE your simple thoughts! I think becoming a stay-at-home mom is what helped me cherish each day at a time. Not that there haven’t been things that I’ve looked forward to, but living day by day has made time feel more like it’s passed at its natural speed. Life doesn’t feel rushed, it feels relaxed. =)


Great picture…..Believe me time goes by fast…..Wasn’t long ago Jay was the little fellow on the floor looking up at me…Appreciate every moment…..Love MaGe

So true. Have you heard that cheesy saying that “life isn’t about how many breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away”
There is so much simple lasting joy in families!

such sweet words and such a sweet photo!

Leeland is growing up so quickly! What a sweetheart! I hope that you and your family are enjoying the summer, Arielle!

What a beautiful post. I love the pictures, i love your blog!! new follower xoxo


thank you amanda! :)


thank you so much faith! congratulations on your marriage!! :)


i love that quote! thank you :)


i TOTALLY agree! i’m so thankful to stay at home and not feel so rushed. i couldn’t imagine working…dropping leland off at daycare, rushing home, etc. i’m truly thankful!


thank you kristin! :) hope you’re having a great week!


thank you so much jessica! many blessings :)


thank you so much hannah :) many blessings to you!


thank you so much luisa! :)

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