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hello there!

i have been thinking just a bit lately in the midst of being busy. having a photography website, a photography blog, a personal blog, and a  facebook page is…well, kind of a lot. i am in the process of revamping my photography website which i am excited about! i absolutely love you all and am so thankful for all that read this little space. just last month, i had around 30,000 hits to both of my blogs. what a blessing! so, with all of this being said, i am considering shutting down my photography blog and posting my recent sessions as well as my personal posts on this blog only. this means that if a client comes on my blog to see some of their recent photos, there might be a post underneath of theirs about how leland spilled cereal over our carpet or something about what i’m learning as a mom. and truthfully, i am ok with that. i want my clients to know who i am- not just a person behind a camera. my faith, my family, what i do….it makes up for who i am. the name of this blog might be changed to arielle elise photography but i’m not sure yet. it would be less for me to update and i would have one professional website and one blog. i’m totally just thinking and would LOVE your thoughts!! yay or nay? good idea, bad idea?

hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day!



sounds like a great idea to me!
i love looking at people’s real lives. . . it’s really refreshing to see beyond the ‘professional’ face.

i think it’s a great idea! i just did something similar. i revamped my entire photography site and created a main page for everything i do. i’m in total simplication mode lately. i loooove everything i do, i just don’t want it to take over my days. i think your clients will connect even more with you anyway doing it that way :)

Crystal Marie

New follower. I love you blog. I’m all for whatever makes it easier for you. I won’t mind your beautiful photos on here all the time. It give me more wonderful stuff to look at to look at.

Crystal Marie

I’ve been thinking about the same think lately. Having 2 blogs just seems like a lot. I haven’t decided yet though.

yes. i like this plan. i also LOVE this picture.

I love this idea – and granted, I mostly like it because that’s what I hope to do with my own site…but it just makes sense. I want my clients to hire me for being me – and that includes my faith and my life. I’m sure it’s the same for you. Good stuff.


I think it’s a great idea to combine the blogs. yay for dual-functionality/simplicity! ;) I do love the name ‘A Beautiful Journey’, though… maybe you could combine the blogs but keep this name? of course, you can decide whatever you like and I’ll still be visiting often, regardless what you choose. :)
thanks for all the inspiration you share!
a sister in Christ,

I think it’s a great idea. You have beautiful pictures on both and so I don’t think it would be a problem at all!

I think that is a really good idea! It will make it easier on you, and I think allowing your clients to see the whole you will actually be a really cool/good thing! I would book you for sure :)

Great idea! I’d love to see it all in one place!


I think its a great idea! I know being a mom its hard to find time to do things (like updating a website)…so why not make it easier on yourself. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures and to have them all in one spot would be really cool.

great idea. i’m fully, fully, 100% in support of people knowing who you are in your personal and in your business life.

doubt you’ll send anyone running for the hills, beautiful girl!

do whatever will make you happiest! just don’t shut down this blog! :)

I’m new here, but I vote yes! :) Good idea! I’m interested in seeing the photography stuff, but am only following this blog, so it’d be nice to have them combined, and probably easier on you. :)

I think it is a great idea! Why not make the work load easier on you ;) I am sure your blog readers would love to see your photos!

i think that is a fabulous idea! less work for a working mama? sold! :) also, could you call it “a beautiful journey:photos by arielle elise” or something like that? i just love the name of this blog. :) and you have a beautiful name as well, so combine them? just my two cents. :)

Librarian Lisa

I’m all for simplicity. Go for it!

sounds like it would really simplify things for you…and we’ll keep on reading no matter what you decide :)

Great idea, girl! Do whatever makes YOU happy! ;) xo

Love that idea! I totally think you should do thAT:)

i would love to see all of your photos in one place! & simplifying life is always a good idea!! :)

I think it’s a great idea. to see the both of you in one place will make the blog more complete and more genuine i think. and besides, i will enjoy seeing more of your work.

I would love that!!! I can’t keep up with both but am very interested in both! And I support anything that would give you more time for your family!

If its a way for you to spend more time with the fam and business then I say consolidate!! If you don’t mind having your clients read about your happenings, then it sounds like the two will merge happily together and it’ll all work out.

I love looking at your pictures any way, but always forget to go to your photography blog, so combining is a win win for me. :) …but probably for you more since it’ll all be on one. haha

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Great idea! It’s so nice to be able to consolidate!! :)
Love, Leigh

Ahhh! I had a little bit of a panic attack at the beginning of this post, terrified that you were shutting down THIS blog!! This blog is one of my favorites, and I would be sad to see it go. I think a combined photography/life blog would be wonderful!!!

I actually love the name of your blog! I personally think you should combine the photography with your regular blog like you were saying, but keep this blog’s name “A Beautiful Journey.” It still fits, I think. Though I’m sure whatever you decide will be wonderful, and I know I’ll be sticking around!

I would love that idea! I love looking at your amazing photography, so for me, it would be a double bonus. :) You do what is best for you and your family girl. Follow your heart.

This sounds amazing girl! I stand behind you 100%. So excited for this next step in your journey!

i think this idea is brilliant! what better way to witness & share your love for Jesus than by having your life be the influence. let your life inspire others! (& yes, keep this blog’s name the same.)

Great idea! Go for it!! :)

It’s definitely a lot to keep up with, i would simplify. I’m sure no one will mind :)

I think that’s a great idea! I used to have a music blog, a photography blog, and a personal blog a couple of years ago – and oh boy, it got way too hectic. Combining everything into one blog was the best thing, I love having everything in one place. :)

That photo is so, so, so gorgeous!

Sounds like a great idea! This is your blog so you get to do whatever you decide and enjoy. If it is something you are passionate about, go for it! Can’t wait to see!

Kristal from sincerelyarizona

i think your vision is perfect girl. I love when you provide the link to your photography and i always love the work you do. MERGE!! MERGE!!!

It’s a great idea! Go for it! Simplify, it will make things so much easier for you and I think it would be great for your clients to see you for who you are.

your website is so nice!

the picture in this post is so pretty :)

I am actually thinking about doing the same thing with my personal blog and photo blog! Small world!
I think that clients appreciate your work a lot more when they feel like they have a perosnal connection with you and that happens when they see more of your personal stories.

sounds really good to me! less is more in my life, too. i’d love to see your photos on here.

There’s a photographer in my town who does something similar, but it’s one website divided by sections and I like it. You can see her photos, and also her blog on one website. Sometimes the blog is about her latest shoots, other times it’s about her son and learning to deal with his autism diagnosis. Here, maybe it will give you some ideas:

Make your life easier. I completely understand why you would do it and I would do the exact same thing.


As a reader (and lover) of both of your blogs I think it is a great idea! In my opinion, photography is personal and your photos are part of you so it would be a quote natural transition.

I think it’s a great idea! And honestly, when I’m looking for new photographers, I always like the ones best that showcase who they are for REAL. Those are the people I choose to do business with!

Great idea! You should definitely do it! (: love your blog

Don’t have any advice or thoughts on your amount of social media but I LOVE your new layout. Very pretty!

ha- funny- I was JUST thinking about doing the same ting with my the future when i have photography to put up– i think combining the too unless you are totally swamped with the business aspect- then def. separate the too. I know it’s more work, but more professional.

Love what you’ve done with it…looks great!

Little One Love

Love this idea! I recently simplified and got organized (with an actual date book!) and my mind has become so much clearer!

that’s an excellent idea! and i love your outfit :)

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