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first birthday!

I can’t believe our little guy turned ONE yesterday! His first birthday! It seems like just yesterday we were patiently waiting for his arrival. This past year has been such a blessing for us and our family! The Lord has taught Jay and I so much and it has been a year of growth, lots of learning, and joy! It has been a full year and I’m excited and eager to see our little man learn and grow. Sooo I am going to be a proud momma for a moment and post some pictures of his little birthday :)

first birthday party farm theme

These adorable cupcake toppers are from this etsy store. Too cute!

Getting ready to dive in….


Lots of puzzles and books! (That’s my lovely mom in the background) :)

After his party we went over to a farm with our friends….

Haha….I think he was getting a little tired (and probably had WAY too much sugar from the cake!)

Those little teeth!!!

Happy first birthday Leland! :)


awwwww! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!!!

great photos! love the party theme and decorations. nice job putting it all together Arielle, he’s a blessed little boy! :)

Lindsay Lee

Such gorgeous pictures once again! He is so blessed to have you as his momma ! :)

He is adorable Arielle! Happy birthday Leland :)

He’s such a perfect little bundle of you and your husband. He’s so handsome! And he looks so happy.

Thanks for writing such an inspiring blog. I’ve followed you for a little while now and am expecting my own little man any day now. You make me SO excited to be a mommy. :)

Awwww adorable pictures!! Happy Birthday Leland!! :D

happy birthday leland!! gosh, i remember that cake moment. hahaha it’s the best thing. and happy BIRTH day to mama. ;)

Pure joy!
Happy Birthday little man!

Adorable! I love his little shoes! Such a sweet little guy!

So sweet! Happy 1st to your little guy :)

Happy Birthday, Leland! My little boy, Foster, turned 1 Oct. 7th and I was so filled with thankfulness (yet again!) of this sweet little life and also sentimental that he is getting so big! It is wild how time flies! I want to soak up all these blessings and document everything! Your family is beautiful, Arielle!

he’s so cute! love the cupcakes and great pictures. happy birthday to your precious baby.

he looks so much like his dad!!

well…that’s what i think anyway. :) i love the farm animal cupcakes!

What a cute birthday party! So glad I’m a follower of such a creative Momma! Looks like so much fun!


I love these pictures. Your son has grown so much since I started following your blog! Crazy to watch a child grow via technology. I literally get to see him in stages. So crazy?? Miss seeing more of your posts but I know the Lord is doing a work in your life and life is more than blogging. ha ha I’m just needy.

blessings girl


I haven’t stopped by here is such a while!
He is just too adorable!

He’s gonna be such a great guy, he really is!
Keep well lady!


Great pics as usual. He’s such a little sweety. happy Birthday to him, you’ve done a wonderful job.


what a sweet boy! They really are growing too fast ;)Happy birthday Leland!

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and for the first time today I have the guts to comment :)
I don’t share your religious views. But what we do have in common, is our moral values. How to raise someone, how to be well behaved, I’m really old fashioned in that sense, but to me, it’s really important. I have a question for you.. What if Jay didn’t share your religious views, would he still be the one? My fianc√© is a very religious person, and he seems bother him a bit. I try to reassure him, by telling I would NEVER EVER question his beliefs, because I respect faith and absolutely understand it. Do you think it’s possible to have a long happy life with someone different from you in that sense? Thank you for your answer, congratulations on your lovely son turning one :)

Oh, so much fun! I remember my little boy’s first birthday and his first taste of cake, he loved (loves) it. :)
Happy birthday Leland!

All of these photos are gorgeous! I loved the theme you chose for his party! What a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Leland!

YAY! Happy birthday to your little man! I love the sweet party details – especially the burlap banner!

Oh wow. You guys are some kinda serious cuteness!!

Happy birthday little man!


My sweet boy just turned one a few days ago, too! Love the cute little party you did!

what a fun party for your little guy… he is so cute in his plaid shirt!! :) & the cupcakes are so adorable!

Happy birthday Leland! and i love the cake toppers. i might need to use those for my boys birthday.

What a little munchkin. Too sweet. That picture of your husband and Leland…exact same smile. It’s perfect. Happy Belated Birthday Leland!

Absolutely beautiful! Happy 1st Birthday! :)

These are incredibly adorable! What a sweet baby boy :)

Happy first birthday to your sweet boy! Time flies, doesn’t it? Our boy will be one in just a few weeks too. I can’t believe it. Good job with the party, momma!


thank you! yes time flies…i can’t believe it has been a year already! :)


thank you katie!! :)


thank you jessica! :)


thank you sarah! :)


Hi Mathilda!

Thank you so much for your comment :) I truly appreciate it! Thank you for the question too! If Jay didn’t share my same religious beliefs, I am not so sure if he would still be the one. I say this because my faith and what I believe is a BIG part of who I am so for me to spend my life with Jay- who didn’t believe the same as me- I am sure that there would be plenty of arguments and disagreements. I have heard of many people who marry their spouse who has a different religion and different beliefs and they make it work. But for me, personally, my beliefs make up who I am so I am thankful that I married Jay who is on the same page as me.

Thank you again! :)


Thank you so much Penny! :)


Haha! Thank you so much chetreanna! and i totally agree! technology is so crazy sometimes :P

I hope that you are doing well girl and having an awesome week! ~ love, arielle

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