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I just want to thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my last post! Definitely made my day. This month has been BUSY….I can’t believe we’re already half way through the month! I’ve had 2-3 sessions every week and this past weekend I had a wedding as well. Although it is busy, I am definitely thankful. Truthfully, shooting and taking photos is just a small amount of time compared to behind the scenes kind of stuff. A lot of time goes into emailing, editing, putting blog posts together, not to mention updating my websitefacebook page and such. So yep, there is much more that goes into a photography business than just “taking pictures.” :) With all this said, I am a little behind on posting on here. I’m hoping over the next month, I will be able to catch up and post more often than just once or twice a week. I’ve also had some really neat opportunities come up so I am working on those. I will share about them when I can!

Yesterday we were over at my parent’s house and took these few pictures….they have a grove of trees and the colors of the trees right now are beautiful! My family also got a new puppy recently and he blended in so well with the fall colors :) Leland loves crunching the leaves (and tries to eat them!) Ohh, and he is turning ONE in just a couple days! I can’t believe it…so bittersweet. We are also celebrating my sister and mom’s birthday this week….yep, three birthdays in one week!

Anywho, just a little update….I hope that you are having a beautiful week and enjoying this gorgeous month! Much love to you all!

My little brother is a cutie.. (I can still say cutie because he is my little brother, even though he may be taller than me now!)


these photos are so gorgeous, arielle! you + your family are so precious. and that puppy…oh my, I could just eat it up! so adorable.
hoping the rest of your week is wonderful!

I absolutely LOVE this post. It’s too precious! And I love those boots! Where are they from?!

Oh my! That puppy picture at the end is incredibly sweet! Your parents look like they have a beautiful place to live.

I’m having to agree 100% with you on photography not just being about taking pictures. I don’t know how you manage taking 2-3 sessions a week and getting all that editing done on time. That’s a lot of work.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes


How cute is this :) :) :) What’s your puppies name??

Gorgeous, as always!! It’s ok if you don’t update us a lot. I think it makes it more special and exciting when you do! :)

Such great photos

You make photography look easy. Your work is beautiful, it’s as if the world was created for you to capture. Your photography is inspiring, I wish I were in the places you shoot… I just want to run and play with that puppy, maybe even roll around in the leaves a bit. Haha.

i know how you feel… there are so many birthdays this month in my family too! october is always crazy, but good! & that puppy is so adorable!!! :)

gorgeous, gorgeous photos! and i love your new blog design :)

you have such a beautiful family! i can not believe that your little guy { & my little lady} are almost a year old! time has gone by so quickly! hope you are all doing well!


How do you get your husband to be so compliant with all the pictures you take of him? My husband hates getting his picture taken and complains everytime I set up a shoot.

So precious! Fall is the best time for pictures!


Love the background….and the pics…..Just gotta say Leland so cute holding your hands….but….Let go litttle Leland….let go lol tooo cute!…Puppy getting cuter…. don’t wanna take away from CJ he’s cute too LOL Look forward to seeing you all Saturday

is that a golden retriever puppy? i’ve always wanted one. and your family is so gorgeous, i know i say that everytime but it’s true. i wish hawaii experienced autumn :(

Your family is the most precious. <3 You guys make me smile so much. :)

Lovely pictures as always, Arielle! And I can’t believe Leland is turning one already!!! Wow. He’s adorable!

That location is dreamy! You have a beautiful family and I love these photos :) Happy Birthday Leland :) !!!

Arielle! your photographs are amazing. you are truly, truly talented. the engagement pictures from the previous post, the pictures from this post; they’re just gorgeous. your family so so beautiful. YOU’RE so beautiful! great job girl, keep it up!


You and your family are beautiful! Where are your boots from? They are so cute!

So beautiful xx

Arielle! your photos never cease to amaze me! you have a such a beautiful family, too. adorable puppy!

to answer your question…I loved Courageous! it’s such an excellent movie about fathers leading their families in serving the Lord. the acting and filming in Courageous is better than Fireproof. it’s definitely worth seeing! :)

Your family is beautiful!!! :)


Where are your boots from???

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