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mini roadtrip!

Phew! It has very busy which means very little time to blog. Things are starting to slow down which is nice :) I have one session and three weddings left for the year. I was talking to a good friend last night about having to say “no.” I didn’t say no the last few months, overbooked and I felt it- I definitely learned my lesson! I need to learn to say no more often (which easier said than done!)

Anywho, last week I had a day to get away for a bit and meet up with Jennifer! Jay and I met up with Jennifer and Jonathan this past June, and it was such a blessing meeting them. Welp, Jennifer was in Chattanooga last week and it was only about a three hour drive for each of us to meet up! She lives in Alabama (I live in Kentucky) and I think that’s like a fourteen hour drive so three hours isn’t so bad! :) We met up in southern Kentucky and went to visit Cumberland Falls, went to pizza hut (yup!), I got to hear about her recent trip to Ethiopia, and of course….since we both love photography, we took some pictures.  It was so great meeting up again- she is a beautiful friend, inside & out!

Not the greatest picture of the falls but it was in the middle of the day and really bright when I took this. Also, I’m sure we looked pretty funny to all the old folks that were there visiting the falls as we walked around the woods in our dresses- haha.

Oh, and I took a couple portraits…Jennifer, you could totally be a model for a vintage clothing line!! ;)


Gorgeous photos! Looks like you guys had fun. I love both your dresses!

Awww, FUN! Love the pictures!!

both of you girls look stunning! and these fall shots are GORGEOUS.

you two are so gorgeous. this looks like fun!


So awesome how God brought you two together as friends with so much in common. Pretty cool that you have both met up twice now. I’m sure you two wished you lived closer to each other. You both look beautiful. Love, Mom

I think that saying these photos are pretty is an understatement. Breathtaking is more like it. love. :))
-jocee <3

OooO! Loving both of you’re outfits! =D

you two are so beautiful! i love what you both are wearing :) looks like you had a great time together.

great pictures! So sweet that you got to meet and catch up


Gosh, this girl as stunning eyes! And you look beautiful together.

These pictures are gorgeous, she is so beautiful!

that outfit is too cute!! and i def love the belt!!

I love Cumberland Falls!!! I only live about 30 minutes from it so I take the girls there from time to time. Gorgeous shots and of course, gorgeous girls!

That place looks beautiful! Definitely would want to see those falls.
So glad you 2 were able to get together again. Love the pictures of you 2 together. SO cute!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Amazing photos!

Lindsay Lee

How fun! I am so excited for next week! EEEEK!

So much I’ve missed … lots of catching up to do around here, and these pictures of you both are so sweet, Arielle … stunning, in fact! Love the contrast between your light hair, and her dark hair! Have to agree with your mom … you’re both blessed to have this new found friendship, and you’re both quite beautiful! Also, saying ‘no’ is easier said than done … especially when you love what you’re doing! I’m sure it will all balance out for you, though! You are blessed with an amazing gift and God has already used it to touch so many! I’m so looking forward to seeing more from you, Arielle! Now you go have a blessed birthday!! :)

Gorgeous pictures as always!

So sweet that you are able to find encouraging friends from the blogging world. I am just new to it, but I’m loving it so far!

xo- Little Miss

Gorgeous girls!!! These photos are so beautiful!

You girls are so beautiful!! I’m glad you had fun together!!

Yay! :) These make me happy! I’m so glad God has brought you into my life.

You two are so cute! LOVE Jennifer!

What a beautiful pair of women! I love this collection of photos… wish you could take mine!!!

What a beautiful pair of women! I adore this collection of photos. Wish you could take mine! Please visit LA?

i love these pictures! you two are gorgeous.

lovely lovely lovely!!!!

Lovely photos! I like your dresses, they are both so pretty! :)

You girls are seriously so cute

i live in the bluegrass state!

i am in louisville and love it. it is sooo awesome to find a fellow blogger in KY.

my heart seriously just jumped for joy at such an amazing blogger representing this awesome state.

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