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christmastime is here.

christmastime is here …almost! i love this season so much (minus the cold weather!) anywho, we took these pictures a week ago and wanted to add some music as well that i’ve been listening too! these lovely vintage ice skates were bought off of etsy to use for our house christmas decor but had to take a few photos of them. i also use the chair in these photos for a lot of portrait sessions, it was jay’s grandma’s and i love the color of it! oh, and jay bought me this dress for my birthday from francesca’s collections but i think they also sell it at ruche so i took a picture in it, just because :) sometime’s it nice to dress up for no reason whatsoever (especially if you are someone like me who loves wearing sweats all the time!) so here is a little holiday playlist you can listen to as you decorate, bake, or wrap presents for christmas! blessings! xo.