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featured: artful blogging magazine

i’m so excited to be featured in the spring 2012 issue of artful blogging magazine. i feel blessed and am super thankful to be a part of this beautiful magazine! the article i wrote is on inspiration and finding your voice in blogging. it also includes some of my photos! you can pick up a copy at your local barnes and noble or other bookstore. you can also order it online here. just had to share the news with y’all!! :)



Congratulations! That is an awesome achievement, and a well-deserved recognition of your work. I’m so happy for you!

Congratulations, Arielle! The magazine looks lovely!!

that’s awesome. You are certainly inspiring

Congrats! Looks beautiful!

Congrats! This is wonderful and your photographs are divine.

That is so cool! I may just have to get a copy! Congrats friend!

Congratulations!! You deserve to be in that magazine; your blog is beautiful!(:

So awesome, congrats! I love that magazine.

Oh, that is so exciting! I have never seen that magazine before, but it seems very beautiful & inspiring! :) Congratulations!

WOW Congrats girl! I LOVE this magazine! SO proud of you!

how exciting!!
praise the LORD!
love your pictures :).
wish you lived in CALIFORNIA, I would have already prebooked you for my future wedding photos :).

so exciting! congratulations!

That is so exciting, Arielle!! Yay, it’s finally out! I’m going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get my copy!! I’ve always wanted to check that magazine out, and now I have good reason to! :) You have a blessed week!

Wow wow wow!!!!! Super cool!!! Your pics are the BEST.

Arielle, that is so, so exciting!!! So happy for you!! :D

Nice work :D Looks like a nice spread!


Congratulations Precious Moments! <3

i found your blog by reading the publication. and i am so glad i did. your images are beautiful. i look forward to following your work.

congrats on being featured, your work is so awesome that I am definitely not surprised at all!!!

Oh, wow! How exciting! I used to work for Stampington, so I know all about that magazine. Your blog is a perfect fit! Congrats, m’dear.


congrats!! thats amazing!!

how cool!???! Congrats friend!

I was just reading that last night – congratulations. I hope to join you one day.

Congratulations! How exciting!


that is SOOO awesome, arielle!! i am going to go but that magazine asap!! congrats, girl! :)

So sweet. Glad I stumbled on your blog. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos!

Congratulations Arielle!!

Wow! That’s amazing Arielle! I searched to see which stores are carrying that magazine issue and a craft store in MY city is selling it! I may have to take a little walk down Grand Avenue and check it out! =)

How exciting! I’m sure that the editors had trouble narrowing down which of your beautiful photos to feature!

Awesome! Congratulations!

amazing, arielle. you are such an inspiration :) the orange couch in the field is by far one of my favorite shots of yours.


Thanks for being such a great pleasure to work with. Your spread turned out beautiful. Keep up the great work.


amazing!!! you are a star! :)

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