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the last couple of months,  leland has been into every kind of musical instrument in our house. he loves playing on our piano and on his little piano we bought him for christmas. he is always walking up to our guitar and strums it…not to mention the little drum and his fisher price record player that he LOVES. whenever we have our record player on he constantly goes up to it and says “whats that” and wants us to show him the spinning record. music is and always was a part of my life growing up. we always had music playing…always! in practically every room of our house, there was music. i loved that and definitely want the same in our home. and i’m sure leland doesn’t mind….because i think we may just have a little music prodigy on our hands….hehe :)


Leland is just so adorable! So glad to have another creative soul in the world. :]

– Katelyn

Arielle, he is totally adorable! So sweet.

i canNOT get over how much he looks like his dad. unreal!

OH MY WORD, ARIELLE. such great black and whites. stunning.

some of my favorites of yours for sure. but they’re, of course, all fantastic. i wish you lived in my state for my engagements and wedding photos. we just got engaged last night and your photos are some of my all-time favorites.

aw how cute! i am really hoping that one of my babies will be into music! :)

Music was a big part of my house growing up too. Especially in the morning I always remember my mom playing praise music to get everyone up and out of bed. :) It always did start our days off nice. Your little man is adorable!! Loved the pictures! :)


SO precious! I need to meet this little guy!!

He is so adorable! I was the same way! Music, always.

haha this is awesome. I think you’re on the right track for a prodigy! I’m all for kids being into music and playing instruments. I’m sure with you guys, he’ll be a natural.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

This is one reason I’m so excited to have kids. With a musician as a husband, I can’t wait for the day when he teaches our children to play the guitar, and fingers crossed they get his voice because I can’t sing a note! haha Thanks for your encouragement on my blog sweets. I’ve been overwhelmed by love from the blogging community. God is good.

Whoa, he is looking so much like his daddy these days! Good to know your house will hopefully be filled with music as little leland grows up!!

Adorable! I’m sure he will be a little musical genius! :)

He is so precious, Arielle! Such sweet images – love those b/w’s too! Looks like he’s going to be a ‘natural’!! Yes, music is a beautiful gift!! :)


Keep up the encouragment on music….Told ya ,,maybe he’ll be our little prodigy….Love him and You all too! Hope he has long fingers like his daddy…..Told Jay once that even “his toes were long enough to play the piano” LOL!

Awww so cute! I’m glad he loves music as much as his mama! :)

Aww, he is so cute! And that first photograph is beautiful!

the picture of his little hand on the keys… oh, so adorable! :)

How sweet! :)

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