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a break and a bridal show.

so the past couple of weeks i have taken a little break from blogging. a break and a bridal show. i’ve been kind of stuck in a rut lately and i would love to blame it on the fact that i am quite frankly, done with winter and ready for a new season. ;) (summer please come soon!) i could also blame it on the fact that we don’t really have internet at our house, just sometimes i am lucky and the little wireless icon pops up and wallah! we have internet. so when we do have it, i am usually emailing or uploading galleries.

but it has been nice…it has been refreshing to step away for a while. lately, i have been learning, reading, listening to audrey assad’s new album over and over. (love it!)  not to mention, last week i was busy getting ready for a bridal show which was wonderful! i know that some photographers have their own opinions about bridal shows and the cliche’ that they may have. as well as if they work, if they don’t , etc. all i can say is that it was wonderful being able to set up a booth that was me- my brand, my style and meet some lovely brides-to-be. i was able to connect with other vendors which is sometimes hard to do when you are a shy person like myself. i handed out promo cards, my mac was running a slideshow, and i also had a sample album as well as other visuals on display. so did i enjoy it? personally, yes! it was a lot of hard work and quite the investment but it was so worth it. my dad and jay came with me as well for part of the time.


hope you have a wonderful weekend! be blessed.


i love your set up for the bridal shower, it seems very much your personality and style! oh and thank you for mentioning audrey assads new album, i need to check it out! she is one of my favorites :)

i love the set up! you are such a talented photographer!!
i can’t wait to hear audrey assad’s new album!

Love your setup Arielle!

what a beautiful set up! I bet you had so many brides interested in your work. so very lovely :)

Love your booth Arielle!

What a beautiful booth you had! That tree picture on the top right is my favorite of all of those. Those colors are so vibrant! You captured the light perfectly!

I think that’s great you did a booth!! :) Way to step out you shy girl. haha

What a beautiful set up! You are a decorator at heart Arielle… simply beautiful!

Lindsay Lee

How fun Arielle! I can’t wait to meet you one day soon :)

stunning pictures, I’ve recently been to a bridal show as my brother is getting married and I’m going to be bridesmaid. Have to say you are a far better photographer than anyone else I saw there – wish you were based in England!

I love your table and set up! So beautiful.

Beautiful Photos and I love how you displayed them all.
If I lived closer you would be my go to photographer for sure.

Your set up for the show is just lovely! It carries beauty, simplicity, and elegance. Any bride would be thrilled to work with you!

looks beautiful!!! love your presentation :)

Um… I want my apartment to look like your booth! Haha, it’s so adorable!

if I were to go to that bridal show, I would totally 100% stop by your booth!!!! Love the little details you added!

It’s simple, yet so beautiful and it showcases your photography style perfectly! & That old camera is amazing! :)


thanks so much sarah! :)


haha thank you!! :)


thanks heather! :)


thank you faith! :) hope all is well!


thank you kelsey!!


thank you marie!


thanks so much natalie :)


thank you so much oriana! :)


thank you lacey! :)


thank you emily!! :)


thanks lindsay! same here! :)


thank you mariel :)


thank you so much stacey!!

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