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it’s been quiet around here…

i write a sentence or two, then delete and start again. write, delete. write….delete. lately, i haven’t had much to say. stuck in a rut, maybe. discouraged, perhaps.  i remember a few years ago i filled journal after journal with thoughts and prayers and verses and now, things are so much different. i read someone else’s blog who is now a mom and she mentioned that her writing is more shallow now. and i can agree that i feel the same. i don’t have the time to sit and mediate all the day long. i think more shallow thoughts, i pray quicker prayers….and that’s ok. this is just a season. it’s a season where i am just being. being the mom that i need to be, being the wife that i need to be, being who God has made me to be in this time of my life. it might not be all that glamourous or adventurous but it is beautiful and i am thankful for it. so with all of that said i don’t have to much to say as of late. i do, i know that i do….but i can’t get the words out. hopefully i will soon. but for now, i am going to rest in this quiet season. sooner or later, the words and inspiration will come again.