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an adventurous life.


“sometimes a mother can feel that the routines in her day are too repetitive. dishes, laundry, meals, diapers, and messes to clean seem to be the order of the day, every day. we may feel discouraged by this. yet, these routines bring great comfort, stability and security to the family. not only that, but each new day brings grand new adventures! new memories to build, new chances to love and nurture, and new opportunites abound, as we create loving atmospheres for our families. the precious moments are lived out right alongside those regular routines. every day brings with it the joyful anticipation of surprises, blessings, unforgettable moments, and the increase of love. enjoy the adventurous life in your home today.” ~m. kauenhofen

…reading  this today was such an encouragement. no, i might not be going on missions trips during this time of my life or traveling all over. i may not be doing what may seem exciting or “an adventurous life” in the world’s eyes. ….but i am teaching and sowing into a little life.  i am showing him what it means to love Jesus and his daddy. i am learning what it means to be self less and to love unconditionally. and that is definitely a beautiful adventure.