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from the phone.


thank you so, so much for all of your kind words about my last photo series! it was so much fun, i’m truly thankful to be able to do what i love.  the past couple of weeks have been a bit busy. i have a wedding tomorrow and then things will settle down some until may. my time during the day is devoted to leland….then nap time and when jay gets home is devoted to emailing, editing, editing some more, sometimes cleaning (haha), getting packages together…you know, all of that fun stuff ;) mainly, the “business” side of having a photography business takes up much more time than shooting. a lot goes into it. (but anywho, that’s a topic for a whole other day!)  i hope that you have a beautiful weekend! right now leland is taking a nap and i’m caught up on some things so i am actually just going to sit outside, listen to this album (which i  love!) and take a breath of fresh air. much love! have a blessed day y’all!

p.s. i forgot to mention, the photos above are from my phone over the past couple weeks! loving spring!!