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desk space and inspiration board.

Hi yall! Just wanted to share my desk space and inspiration board ….a part of my “office” ….This past weekend we sanded down this once brown antique desk and painted it an antique white.  We roughed it up a little to make it look a little worn and I love the way it turned out! I also painted and re-upholstered the chair as well (please don’t judge my reupholstering skills, I’m not the best at DIY ;) Since I may be the only one left who doesn’t use Pinterest, here is my real-life inspiration board. Right now, it has a lot of home inspiration….mainly because I’d rather look up at that than skinny models or fashion or food- haha! But I really do love being able to put things up there that inspire me and I hope to add some inspiring quotes soon. Anywho, just wanted to share a part of my “office” (I say office but it’s really just a spare bedroom at the moment)…. maybe one day I’ll post the rest of it! First, I need to get my canvases up on the wall and do some decorating! Hope you have a lovely day!!


i love it! so cute, crisp, and clean!!

haha I don’t have a pinterest yet either so you’re not the only one with a “real” inspiration board. ;) I love your space! so cute.

Love how the chair turned out! And honestly? I would suggest not getting Pinterest if you haven’t yet. It only wastes time and adds another social media to your plate. I’m jealous and it makes me want to just delete mine!

Your space is just lovely! I’ve been dying to strip some of the colors from my space and go back to white space and fresh color! Your inspiration board is perfect!

The chair & desk are just beautiful! You did a great job! I love the antiqued white look… so simple & pretty!


I am so proud of you! For doing this wonderful DIY (i love the color of the chair fabric!!!) but also for sticking to your guns about Pinterest. I am going to delete mine as well. It is just another thing to waste time, as inspiring as some of those things are on there- it just isnt worth it. Keep being a light! :) Love, Mom

Gorgeous! The desk looks beautiful – definitely does not look like a novice job. :)

hey~i haven’t kept up with my blog role very well lately, but came back to visit you here today. your site is clean and refreshing, as is the beautiful desk & inspiration board! {we are building our home this year, and i look forward to having a real space for my desk . . . with room above it for something like what you’ve got here! mind if i “pin” it?? i only started with pinterest at the end of last year to have someplace to organize new home ideas. and it truly has been so helpful for that, so yours will go there if you don’t mind.} thanks for the peaceful, relaxing read through your recent archives. blessings to you and your weekend!

LOVELY! I like the good ol’ fashioned pin board! It’ll save you time wasted online! Thanks for sharing Arielle! =)

I just love your work space! You did a wonderful job distressing the wood. So clean, cute, and charming!

It’s perfect Arielle! I love the chair! It looks great to me.

I love your office area!
Also love the chair, it looks great to me:)

Emily grapes

Yay for comments!! haha, just teasing you. ;)

I think you did a fabulous job on that desk/work area. Your inspiration board rivels mine on pinterest. haha. the plus of yours is you’ll always be looking at it where mine is hidden away. I’m pretty sure you’ll get to your ‘visions’ a lot faster. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

I’m loving it all but the inspiration board is really calling my name! I’m think I need to make one asap! Wonderful, Arielle!

How cute! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

wow, this is absolutely adorable! Love it! your photographs are so delightful! love Katie

this is really a beautiful space… beautiful.


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