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it’s ok to not have it all together.

i’m sitting outside, waiting for leland to take a nap. 10 minutes go by…then 15…then 20. i hear him upstairs talking away…he’s still awake. i just got back from grabbing chic-fil-a for lunch and my hair is a mess. i am in jeans and a tank top from old navy. the laundry is piled high and backed up and our whole house probably needs vacuumed…badly. i don’t have it all together sometimes (most times) and that’s ok. i’m not trying to portray some kind of image because if i was, it would be false. i am just me, living the life of a young mom learning along the way.

so no, i didn’t eat an organic lunch or meet up with friends at some hip restaurant and no, my son doesn’t always take a nap the first (three times) i put him down. frustration with a toddler…a not-so-clean house…messy hair…lots of coffee….it’s all normal :) i am embracing these moments and the messy in life and i’m thankful for it. there is beauty in these messy, insignificant moments…i just have to keep looking for it.


I really believe there is a lot of beauty in this post. Just cause it’s your heart <3

Straight up truth right there Arielle! From another Mama that “gets it” and is looking for those moments too. :)

thanks for this!

That is so funny. I just came on to check your blog to distract myself while my son has been gabbing for 45 minutes in his crib and still not sleeping. I am in sweats right now and had pizza and chips for breakfast. No one has it all together. I know we don’t know each other but I love your sweet blog.

beauty in the messy. very true =)

I praise God that his grace is sufficient for us. And that that grace makes the mundane and the messy beautiful, because it points to him. Thanks for your vulnerbility and honesty. Love that.


i just love that picture!!!

this made me happy…thank you for posting! :)

This post put a smile on my face toay. Your posts are always so encouraging and pictures inspiring! Love the green boots btw :)

I needed this badly today, thank you!

lady! i feel the very same way, & i am having a very similar day! love your heart, and thankful for you and your words.

I love the honesty behind this post. It’s perfectly fine to not always have it all together.

This is the story of my life — just swap the toddler for a very demanding job. My house is always a mess, and sometimes I feel like a mess too. It’s also hard to have a social life on top of my other responsibilities. I may not completely understand your situation, but I do to an extent. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Honesty is a beautiful thing. Like all mothers, some days I have it together and some days I definitely don’t! Thanks so much for sharing x


I love posts like this, that remind us that we’re all just humans and we’re all doing the best we can at any given time :)

honesty and being real is beautiful! thanks for sharing that you are normal and human like the rest of us, lol!!

Good for you! I wish I had been that accepting of the way things were when my girls were little. Instead I felt defeated much of the time. Looking back I realize it was okay to be exhausted and frustrated. Being a mom never stops being filled with up and down days.

Thank you so much for this post, Arielle. This is exactly what I needed to read right because I feel so in the same boat. Obviously not with the mommy stuff, but with just life in general. I feel like I am farther from “having it all together” than I ever have been. So thank you for your honesty about your life, I sincerely appreciate it.

– Katelyn

beautifully and well said, is there a such thing as a perfect mom with awesome hair and a clean house all the time..i dont think so :)

I feel like I’m never put together either and I’m not even a momma yet. I don’t think anyone feels that way! I know I never do!
Thanks for sharing this honest post Arielle! It was beautiful to read.

Love this post. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to look “perfect.” When in fact, “imperfection is beauty.”

I think you’re marvelous. Just marvelous!

Wow, That was perfect timing, really what i needed to hear. I’m Not a mother but I have had a lot of trouble this week trying to keep it all together. With grades slipping and lots of Family stuff going on I was entirely stressed. Today I stayed in bed, reading the whole day. i was still in my pajamas when my mom came home at four, and I still hadn’t showered, and when i went into town I looked down at my trembling hands and realized I forgot to stay hydrated. point is; thanks so much for sharing this post because it helped me to see that its okay to be falling apart some days. Thanks again!


You just described my life to a tee. Thank you for this post…such a refreshing look at embracing life as a young mom. Also, I’d love to know what brand those flash cards are you bought for Leland. I’ve been looking for something simple like that for my son Oliver and have until now been unsuccessful.

Miss Hatcher

this was such a blessing… and it’s so true! there’s no such thing as perfect unless it is found in Christ alone :D


Thanks for keeping it real!

If we can’t find beauty in the insignificant then we are lost… You shared lovely, honest thoughts. Thank you for doing so.

Beautifully honest and heartwarming post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. ♥


Thank you so much Kelsey!


That’s wonderful Felicity! :) Thank you!!


Thank you Jhen! :)


Thank you for the encouragement Katelyn! :)


Thank you Noelani! :)


Thank you Ally! :) Many blessings.


Thank you Kassi! :)


So, so true. Thank you for the encouragement Mary :)


Thank you so much for the sweet words Denise! :)


Thank you for the encouragement Amy! :)

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