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spring days.

we have been enjoying these spring days here, lately. we have been spending so much time outside and we absolutely love it. i may or may not have gotten a new camera last week and had to test it out ;) …so we went to a field and did just that. i think since staying at home with leland i have learned to appreciate the spring and summer so much more. during the winter, our days are spent mainly inside cooped up inside. now that it’s warm being able to go out and run and explore is just….well, so much better! i hope you are enjoying this beautiful season as well! much love.


These are just too precious!

lovely photos. and yes, i’m totally with you on loving the spring/summer due to be able to be outdoors with the little one. it’s so refreshing :)

Get out of town!!! Too cute!

Leland is so sweet. I love his joy!

you guys really are a beautiful family. this is perfect.

Love this time of year too! That picture with the quote is gorgeous!

he is too cute! congrats on the camera. I always look forward to reading your posts, thanks for sharing your talents

I love your dress. This is adorable. :) I’m glad you’re enjoying this lovely season!

i love spring, although it’s autumn here. and i love these flowers x

Lovely photos! oOo I bet you got the Mark iii!!! :D

Leland is so precious! I love how joyful he is! Isn’t it nice when the sun is shining and it is beautiful. It is hard to find a reason to be sad when it is so beautiful outside! I love the sun :)

aw, Leland is such a cutie! :)

Love these pictures!!

That stinks you have to take a break from people copying you or saying unwanted and unnecessary comments.
I hope you enjoy your break. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of you and your blog. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Love these photos- he looks like such a sweet little guy!

Love all these pictures, girl! What a little cutie you have :)


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