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a sunday afternoon!

Last Sunday we spent a couple hours walking around a historic town nearby. I love visiting old towns…they just seem to have so much character and color. This one that we went to seemed like a ghost town…hardly anyone was around! It seems like smaller towns like that have a harder time keeping their little businesses a float which is sad! Maybe that’s another reason I love visiting towns like that…stopping in little restaurants and stores supporing the local businesses. We had a lovely time and it’s always nice to travel and see different things…even if it’s not very far :) Jay and I are heading out on vacation a week from today and I am so very excited. Anywho, time to get some things ready for a shoot tonight! Have a wonderful day!


How fun for you! A vacation :) I love these pictures! Where are your pants from?

LOVE the white house and BOY is Leland growing up! It’s SO cute how he’s looking up at you in the reflection like, “What are you doing Mama?” Enjoy your vacation. We get to take a family vacation in August for my sister-in-law’s wedding in Oklahoma… not close enough to meet you guys though. Maybe someday! =)

ilove your outfit! and your braid, of course.

This looks like such a lovely time. Leland is simply too cute! I hope you and Jay have a fabulous time on vacation girl :)

how beautiful!
such a cute full of joy.
lovely look very happy.

What a perfect Sunday! I love the happiness that flows from these pictures darling :)


Maybe takes after his Great great grandpa Roland Gilbert….Worked for the RR for years! LOL Tooo cute. Love the door reflection picture too…..Terra

Old towns are so beautiful! And yay for going on holiday :)

I love those kind of weekends, and your outfit… too cute! =D

Marla L.

I love your boots, where did you get them? Your family is so cute!

Oh how I loved this little town!! Its so vibrant!

Those boots are…well, lets just say I’m lusting over them. ;)
That last picture is perfect with him looking up at you guys.
Emily at Amazing Grapes


where is this? it’s sooo cute! I love all the bright colors!


Lovely photos! :-) I enjoy visiting small towns too. There are alwas neat little things to see and cute stores to go to! :-)


Thank you Marie! :)


Thank you Deanna! It’s in Lawrenceburg IN :)


Thank you Emily!! :) Haha, the boots are so comfortable, love them! Have a great day!


Thanks Maria! They are from Aldo Shoes :)


Thank you so much Natalie! Have a blessed day! :)


Thank you Gaby! :) Yes, yay is right!


Thank you Mariel! :)


Thank you Despina! :)


Thanks so much Noelani! Blessings! :)


Thank you Jenni!! :)


Oh my…he is growing up! It makes me so sad sometimes!! Thank you! I’m very much looking forward to a vacation. And yes, hopefully we will get to meet you all someday!! :) That would be wonderful! :D


Thank you Brooke!! :) They are actually from the Gap outlet…I think they were like $5 hehe :)

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