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haley | senior portrait session

When I went to photograph Haley’s senior portrait session, I was so excited when she brought along some awesome outfits as well as a bike and other props. She brought along her old camera and loves old antiques (so do I!!) so I was in my element- haha! Not to mention there were beautiful fields, the weather was great, etc. It was really hard to pick and choose which ones to share, so there are quite a few! Here are a few of my favorite from the session…

…I’ve done a shot similar to this before and love it!

….love her shoes!! and her outfit, in general. and the red brick wall :)

She plays bagpipes (which is awesome) and brought them along as well. I’ve never met (or photographed) anyone who plays them…so neat!!



beautiful shots, beautiful girl and awesome locations. You never fail to deliver beauty Arielle!

These are beautiful! I love the surroundings and those last few with the green dress in particular.

These are soooo gorgeous, Arielle! I love all her outfits! :)


Really Love the bicycle shots!! Terra

Lovely shoot!

beautiful session! i just love her style and the images you created :) lovely job!

absolutely beautiful! I especially love the bike ones…because that’s my dream bike! ;)

Love her hair, she’s so pretty. I love all of these but I have to say the one’s on the bike are just breathtaking!!!

Lovely work! It always seems like you have such amazing locations to work with for your sessions. And the bagpipe thing? Amazing! I need to add that to my list of “things to photograph” :)

Gorgeous photographs of a pretty young lady. I love the grasses in the first set, how beautiful!

omw these are absolutely gorgeous! love her style and how you captured her.

Holy cow, this girl has better style than me!! Which really, anyone has better style than me but she’s so cute.

These pictures are so beautiful. I wish I lived in a location with all that beauty. I’d want to take pictures every day.

and her playing the babpipes I think is the coolest thing ever!
Emily at Amazing Grapes


Thanks so much Emily!! I so appreciate your encouragement! Btw, I will send you an email with those editing companies later today :) Oh and you have great style! Don’t know what you are talking about!! LOL


Thank you so much Hannah! :)


Thank you very much, Pam! Have a wonderful day!


Thank you so much Kaylan! I so appreciate the encouragement :) Enjoy your last few days before your little one arrives!! :)


Thank you, Stacey! :)


Thank you so much Amelia! :) Have a blessed day!


Thank you so much! :)


Thank you Nicole! :)


Thank you so much Natalie! Hope you have a blessed day! :)


Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day :)


Thank you, Ashley! Your encouragement is a blessing to me!!

Love your photos! That bike idea was brilliant! ♥ Big fan right here. God bless you!

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