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Leland is taking a nap, emails are just about caught up, laundry is going…so now I will write a little blog post. I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I’ve written anything! Then again, I guess I can believe it. Things have been busy….last weekend we were out of town for Memorial Day, I had a wedding last Friday (a gorgeous wedding!!) and I have another wedding tomorrow. When we were out of town this weekend, we went up to my grandparent’s house on the lake. Leland learned to swim in the lake- and he loved it!! Everyday he is learning new words…learning new things. For the longest time he would walk around saying “akoo akooooo” and I had no idea what he was saying! I would just reply “yes, two! good job” thinking he was saying “two.” Well, when he was watching his favorite show the other day (Blues Clues) he said “akoo” again and it hit me! He had been saying “A clue!” for weeks and I had no idea. So I drew a blue paw print on paper and sure enough, he said “akoo.” (My heart might have melted.) Everyday is a little adventure with him and I’ve never seen a little toddler who is so happy (though he has his moments!!) and talks 24-7. I guess he’s got Jay’s genes ;)

Anyway, I’m rambling just to ramble…. Here are some random pictures that totally don’t go together but that I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks of daily life, traveling, and all…

…playing with jay’s baseball glove before his softball game :)

…a self portrait, just because.

…exploring a little town.

…doing his model pose- HA!

….exploring another little town!

have a beautiful day, friends! :)



What lovely photos, as always girl. Isn’t it truly amazing how quickly they grow up? Before you know it, he’ll be starting preschool.

Ahh! The Blues Clues thing is too cute! What a little smarty. :)

This was so sweet – makes me excited to one day be a mum!

Oh my…your little man is ADORABLE! And I love your headband!

Glad everything is going well your way. Hope to meet you next month xoxo

I thoroughly enjoy your photos, as well as posts. Keep “rambling” and snappin’ away! :)

– Amy

I say ramble away. I enjoyed it. ;)

I hear kids say words all the time and it amazes me when the mom can answer right away and i’m left scratching my head…but now that I know it takes the mom a good 2 weeks to figure out what the words are, I don’t feel so bad I can’t understand. haha

Love your ‘just cause’ self portrait. :)

You are a beautiful photographer.

It’s so fun getting to know what baby words are. Glad you figured one out!

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