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smokey mountains part II.

Ok, so here is the second part of our little smokey mountains trip! Yes….we totally got dressed up and went to my favorite spot in the mountains. My oh so awesome husband loves doing this kind of thing so it’s not like he dreads taking pictures- just a little FYI :) He’s great. So yep, these are all definitely posed and whatnot but I love (LOVE) this kind of scenery and lighting. Fields, the mountains, barns, and fresh air is where I feel the most at home. Maybe throw a little bluegrass and country music in there too :) It makes me appreciate God’s beauty…I absolutely love it.

…kinda taught him how to pose haha…he did pretty good, eh? :)



Beautiful photos! :-) I love your dress so much!!

You two are so cute! It amazes me how to take such beautiful pictures of yourself! I’m assuming you use a self-timer? You should share your secrets. :)

Love love love that dress! What a lovely place to be with the one you love.

lovely! I absolutely love your dress, by the way. :)

He’s a good learner. That’s a great picture of him and that lighting in the picture of you right below…beautiful!!!

I wish I had fields like this. Oh how i do. I love that you both enjoy going out and taking pictures together. Its true, not many men are up for that.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

swooning over these pictures! You guys are such an inspiration and I love the chemistry you have.

May the Lord keep blessing your union …and the lil guy too ;)

Pretty! I love seeing your photos from your mountain trips! It’s so pretty over there! Makes me want to make a trip to the mountains myself. :)

These pictures are gorgeous. Love the mountains. And your dress is adorable. Where did you get it?

I can definitely see why it’s a favorite spot =) It’s beautiful. And you look beautiful in these. And that dress is beautiful too!

Wow, this is just so beautiful! Your dress, the place, your love! Everything’s perfect! <3

Amazing photos! Wow! Just stunning.

Arielle, you two make such a beautiful couple. And that scenery is spectacular. I have to say that these pictures are making we want to visit the smokey mountains!

When you take photos of just you, does Jay hold the camera or do you use a tripod?


Absolutely Stunning. I love your photo’s.

The two of you are so stinkin’ cute! Every photographer loves a good sport. :) Looks like a beautiful time in the mountains.


The lighting is beautiful! Where did you guys stay? My husband and I are looking for a getaway, and this looks like the perfect place to spend a weekend!


The very last picture is my favorite! So beautiful and romantic :) So glad you took these and glad you two got to get away to such a peaceful place. Now I miss Leland though :( Love, Mom

So gorgeous! This post reeeally makes me miss living close to mountains and taking weekend trips to hike, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty.

your dress is so cute! and it looks beautiful there!

the last photo of you two is so adorable, picture perfect. You can tell from the photos that he enjoy taking pic rather then dreading ;)

are you using a tripod to take these photos because they are so beautiful!

These are so pretty – I love the natural lighting. =)

This is very pretty!


Such beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing time! I would do anything to be surrounded in greenery like that right now :) xo

Arielle, your photos are amazing. absolutely breath taking.
and my gosh you are gorgeous. like I can’t believe how beautiful you are. you have amazing hair, the prettiest smile, and such great fashion sense! <3 Haleigh

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