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cincinnati wedding photographer

When I met Aaron and Elyse last year and took their engagement pictures, I was so thankful! Elyse was one of the most appreciative brides-to-be I think I had ever met. Since then, I have met with her to get coffee and talk and have gotten to know her a bit more. She has such a sweet spirit and is truly beautiful inside and out. I had been looking forward to their wedding ever since I found out I was going to photograph it! Aaron and Elyse are super down to earth and love the Lord and it definitely shows. The way Aaron loves Elyse shows as well- so, so awesome! Their wedding took place in Ohio, north of Cincinnati. I loved Elyse’s dress, the flowers, everything was gorgeous!! I left the wedding feeling blessed- like I was a guest not just the “photographer” and folks, that doesn’t happen often. :) I’m excited to see what God has in plan for their marriage and their lives. It was hard to pick out favorites but here are just a few from the day….


….Elyse you are beautiful!!

My dad took the photo above. He mentioned that they were one the nicest group of guys he’s photographed! :)


…I can’t say I’ve ever taken a picture quite like this. The DJ at the wedding set it up- haha! :)




They *look* like sweet spirits! It sort of radiates off of them. :) Love these photos, Arielle!

My word, I love these. That 2nd picture with her veil…gorgeous!!! And him kissing her forehead with her looking so calm and content. *swoon*

Love this setting, so so pretty
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Scott and Tami Roller

Just beautiful! So thankful we got to be a part of this special day. Many blessings and much love!

stunning pictures (as always) love the evening pictures

Janet Adams

Love them!!! Wow, made me cry!

Chesla Purtilar

Arielle, Beautiful job! God has given you a very special gift. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!

Ellen Disque

Beautiful pictures – it is hard to pick which one I like the best.

Arielle you are a wonderful photographer but then you had such great subjects to photograph:) I am Elyse’s grandmother and Chesla’s mom that is why I can be so outspoken!!

Joyce Flora

Just beautiful, each and everyone of them.

Glenda Gau

These are some of the loveliest wedding pictures I have ever seen. The photographer is a true artist. Some very special moments were captured and will no doubt be a reminder of the blessing of this day for years and years to come. Thank you for sharing. Aaron and Elyse you are adorable together.


Thank you so much Emily! I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement! :)


Thank you so much Stacey! :)

Amy Redfield

Loved the wedding and love the pics. Thank you for sharing.


They are stunning! Elyse you have some great memories from these wonderful photographs!

A.C. and Uncle Dude

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl(both inside and out). What a great couple you two are.

Bob & Sharon Majewski

Beautiful photographs!!!!! but only because it was a beautiful day!! a beautiful Bride!! and a beautiful relationship!! I love how she captured your feelings for each other Elyse & Aaron!!!


What a beautiful wedding! Where was the Wedding Ceremony held? I love the contemporary look of the service.

Ellen Disque

Elyse is still a beautiful woman and now a mother of two sweet boys. She and Aaron are great parents. I am her grandmother and she has made me a great grandmother – I feel very special.

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